2017 Kia Optima UNBOXING Review – It’s Shocking A Kia Looks This Good

Today’s unboxing review is of a mid-size sedan we think more buyers need to know about, the 2017 Kia Optima. For those who recall, the first couple Optima generations were nothing more than boring econoboxes. There was absolutely zero excitement. But things began to change back in 2010 and today’s current genemperiod of time.

Our Optima is the SX Turbo, powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 245 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, and paired to a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Based on looks alone, the 2017 Optima looks more expensive than it really is. The interior looks somewhat Audi-like. But perhaps our biggest issue with this Optima is that it doesn’t drive as sporty as it looks. Still though, Kia has become – dare we say – a design leader in the industry lately and the Optima is proof. Driving a family mid-size sedan doesn’t have to be bland. It’s about time sedans in this class become more stylish. Enjoy the review!

Intro: 0:18
History: 0:35
The Peter Schreyer Effect: 0:54
Engine Start Up: 1:20
How Much Power Does It Make?: 1:40
Exterior Styling: 3:15
Under The Hood: 3:39
Interior Styling: 4:27
Room In The Rear: 5:20
The One Problem With The Interior: 6:59
The SXT Technology Package: 8:38
The Panoramic Sunroof: 9:18
How Does It Drive?: 9:55
The Competition: 11:05
Pricing: 11:50
What I Don’t Like: 13:32
Final Thoughts: 14:21

Special thanks to Kia Marin in the San Francisco Bay area. Check out their entire inventory of new and used vehicles at http://www.kiamarin.com


Dan Hale says:

2013 sxl owner here. I’d love it more in a manual.

dodolls chaolou says:

Question how do you clean the seats leather interior with Heater/AC built in it ?
i’m worry when i clean it the drips excess water fall in to the little hole from
the leather design it self.

GetDemGainz says:

2016 model right?

Dario Sanchez says:

Ovwrpriced car… 2017 Mazda 6 much better!

joseph sudler, sr. says:

out of all the midsize cars which di you think is the best?

Scott Free says:

I love how its angled for the DRIVER! Why would I want a car that I pay for a drive every day to be optimized for passengers??

Brian Barnett says:

Is the 2.0L turbo engine gas or diesel? I saw the GDi badging which indicates diesel with other manufacturers. Also, when the hood was up with engine running, it sounded pretty noisy, which also can be indicative of a diesel engine. Also, whats the fuel economy rating on this model? What type of warranty does Kia offer these days?

Unique Mikel says:

if u had to pick between the mazda 6 and this kia for commuting with one would you pick

Matt Park says:

look like audi copy so it ain’t new.

Neo says:

I’m thankful for kia for offering 2.0 turbo with 6 speed auto rather than a dct… Dry clutch dct/dsg etc are a pain in the a### as a consumer… Google for dsg issues or dct issues…

miss Crystal says:

i want a kia!

XP-8 TIM says:

The reason Kia can’t offer the Dual-Clutch transmission with the top engine is because it’s a “dry-clutch DCT” and can’t handle more than 200 ft-lb of torque.

floyd watt says:

Adding the Dual clutch transmission would of helped with fuel economy, on top of adding a more sporty feeling car.

eltingville81 says:

The rims are an inch too small for this size of a car.

Ansnidor An says:

Good !

Fox W Mulder says:

Fantastic car, amazing for the price. It’s incredibly good looking. I saw a video on the version they are selling in the UK and it has a 6 speed manual transmission tied to a diesel 4 cylinder engine.

derek webster says:

Real Or Faux Wood Grain trim would set the interior off. It would look near luxury then.

FiBinSaad , says:

What amazing car

FreeWave - Copyright Free Music says:

In my opinion Optima’s were the BEST between years 2011-2013. The styling is very sporty (on SX), more horsepower & torque, zero recalls to date. As well as a lot of little things they did that are much better than the 2014-2017 ones.
These new ones are nice, I just dont get why they are getting rid of the small things people love.

Van Romondt says:

A C-Class looks better in every way both inside and out and performs better and only costs 10g’s more. I’d go for the C300 over a KIA any day, or a pre-owned 2016 BMW 5-series which costs the same as that specced out KIA.

Prince Nkrumah says:

I wish you could do more with the center console.

Destiny Simone says:

How does this car compare to a 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum?

ricorob100 says:


Happy Robins says:

I thought kia was Killed In Action but after watching this video I might have to get one

1quickster says:

The design happens after Kia hire a former Audi designer. The guys name is Peter Schreyer. Now, Kia start looking like a distant relative of Audi. Now, if they can make it handle like an Audi. It would probably takes another design cycle.


I think it is Italian Davide Limongelli, that time senior designer in KIA Frankfurt, who designed the exterior optima.

Carlos Camargo says:

In my country Kia make a good discount to 2016 model, did you found any changes from 2016 to 2017 model ??

Jim ee says:

The only things im not so sure about is those wheels and the gear selector

William Kiefer says:

I have a ’13 sxl which I love. My paddle shifters are metal and have a full display gps. In ’14 Kia stopped providing a spare tire and instead gave a can of sealant and pump. My suggestion is to by a spare tire and

Nashville Kia Review says:

Great information thank you for sharing!

noctanol says:

when doing a review, you need to keep your biases off the topic. you can’t say sit like it’s the best car in its class because it’s not. that’s a bias. review the details, specifications and let the viewers decide

PenguinGoesArtic says:

I would give few years more since Hyundai/Kia hired former BMW M division chief engineer Albert Bierman to develop high performance version power trains in home soil of Germany. He’s also tuned the engine of new Stinger.

Next gen Optima and Sonata would be more better choice if you ask me.

koilk says:

when will the kia optima 2017 be released? its not available at any dealers where i live

Cindy Libria says:

Honestly I wouldn’t recommend this car. I wanted this car because it looked almost similar to the lexus is250, but my friend who owns the 2016 optima already has a ton of problems w/ it, In addition the guy working @ the dealership was really honest & told me KIA’s don’t really last long.

FudgeRevolution says:

Nobody who has the money to purchase this SX-T would want a 6 speed manual with this vehicle. It’s too big and FWD plows too much to have real fun. Even newer European sport sedans are axing the manual transmission option. Ditto for dual clutch. The DCT Hyundai Kia makes is pretty trash IMO – that’s coming from a Hyundai salesperson. Clunky at low speeds and it simply can’t handle the torque from this 2.0t, which is why it isn’t offered.

1BIGF _ says:

bravo kia…., what a good looking car

TheNecromancer077 says:

I want this vehicle or any sedan from this segment, but my house is so high that im afraid the ground clearance won’t hit it

TonyTube407 says:

My 2015 Genesis Sedan doesn’t have metallic paddle shifters either. Clearly the S. Korean engineers need to listen to us, right? LOL

Brandon Papagiorgio says:

I love my 2015 kia . but my sunroof cracked and shattered on me while I was driving down the road.  Kia payed for all the bills and repairs

HaitianHallow says:

I hate the fact that the infotainment system is faced toward the driver.

libertateaaa says:

the car is wow for the money you pay … you pay about 50% more for an A4 with the same thing but is an A4
and btw i hate the sunroof … i do not see why you need that junk

cano malo says:

For that price of 36k alot of badge whores will opt for a base mercedes cla, base audi a4 or a base bmw 3 series.They will give up all those great luxury and safety options just so they can say they have a mercedes etc etc.My 29k Sonata limited blows away my friends c300 and audi a4 in safety and luxury features which they paid over 44k for theres.

MrUga2010 says:

They need dual color interior; wtf just a black casket!!!

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