2017 Kia Soul | CarGurus Test Drive Review

After 7 years and two updates, the Kia Soul is in a class of its own. Boxy competitors like the Scion xB and Nissan Cube are dead, and although the car was refreshed for 2017, only the most devoted Kia enthusiast could spot the differences. The Soul lineup does add a new trim for 2017, and it’s called the ! (Kia says it’s pronounced “Exclaim”). That’s the car I reviewed and the most powerful Soul ever made, because Kia turbocharged the entry-level engine, upping the horsepower to 201—and the price to at least $22,600.

Still, no matter how pleasant it is, the Soul fails to excel in any particular category. For instance, Kia calls it a crossover, but all-wheel drive (AWD) isn’t on the Soul’s long list of potential options. And it has a decent amount of front and rear legroom, but the shorter and narrower Honda Fit has 3.2 more cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded than the Soul. The Soul is also lacking when it comes to fuel efficiency. I averaged just under 25 mpg in a week of combined city and highway driving, which isn’t great for such a small car.

But who cares? The Soul isn’t supposed to be a sports car. It’s supposed to be a car that toes the line between fun and practical—and it’s fine at that. Read more on CarGurus: https://cargur.us/dPkH2

*** CarGurus’ reviewer inaccurately quoted the price of the automatic transmission for the base trim of the 2017 Kia Soul as $1,500 in this video. The correct price is $1,600. ***

Presenter: Keith Barry
Producer: Andrew Zubatkin

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Sherwin Love says:

should trying to look at the Subaru Crosstrek it comes standard with all-wheel drive

Simba TheGreat says:

The Nissan Juke still exist. This competes with the juke as well….

sevimlinfant says:

Good reviewer!

gerardo aguirre says:

Someone tell me if this is a good car?

Potato Slices says:

Why do people like autos than manuals
manuals are better and yet old school and easier to fix

Rufus Geary says:

Very helpful, thanks! Your editing skills are amazing!

JDubbs07 says:

Lol @ the booted pickup truck

TheSirUno says:

DUDE!!! WTF is up with your driving position? Do you actually WANT to die in a collision? Driver’s Ed…look into it.

Ronald Coniglio says:

Thank You for what sounded like an honest commentary as opposed to a commercial.

Stéphane says:

I have a 2014 SX with all the gadgets and i love it.

cadsux says:

The Honda Fit is the only other MPV in the U.S. market which competes with the Kia Soul. The Soul is a subcompact vehicle, and should not have been compared to compact vehicles like the aforementioned Honda Civic, Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota Prius, nor the VW Golf. It’s interesting that you said the seats are too high, because my petite 5’2″ tall wife thought our old Mazda CX7 with over 8″ of ground clearance was too high, and the Soul’s seats are just right. She even prefers them over the Accord.

bendietrees says:

Does anyone know how this compares to the Scion XB? I’m looking for an alternative if I can’t find an XB.

coldlook says:

nightmare gas consumption  and cheap paint

Caitlyn Taylor says:

hi, I think u have the wrong soul, I previously drove a VW cabrio convertible and recently bought a 2017 kia soul, and I LOVE IT!!! people are not always looking for big cars, some people are trying to upgrade from small cars without going to big for their comfortability like some of the other recommended cars in the video. dirt cheap cars are in junk yards while a kia soul is multiplying all over the place on the highway because they are fun, comfortable and affordable unlike a prius or Honda (ya kiddin me they are $$$$$$). for someone who isn’t looking to spend a lot and just wants a great car to show their style, the soul is the best way to go. p.s. the reason the price is so high, is because reviewers are given every spec imagined with extra money given to them to make the car look more luxurious. I have the + and it is just what I needed and it is the best size for me.

Roxy Yoko says:

This dickhead DIDNT put on his signal light when he turned! Also Kia Soul is outdated!

goldpilgrim says:

My 2007 Civic gets 15 mpg in Brooklyn, 25 commuting to Manhattan and 39 on hway.

HW2800 says:

Cannot wait to drag race my 2014 Soul against a new 2017 Tesla S!

Ivan Vojt says:

Wait is the passenger seat height adjustable?

Blake Swan says:

on the spec sheet posted in the videos you have the wrong engine listed for the turbo. You list 2.0 instead of 1.6T


AWD?? Winter tires! Weigh less, cost less, and work better. When are these folks going to get over their AWD obsession?
VW Golf or Honda Civic? Let me explain, fella. The Golf feels like a desert inside. Boring instrument panel, just a bore to drive.
It also gets blown around quite a bit by crosswinds, why I can’t explain. The seat is also lower, Soul seat is at about 27″, Golf IIRC is 22-22.5″. Honda Civic seat is 20″ off the ground, these are all matters to consider if ingress-egress is something you are concerned with.
I liked the Civic drivetrain the best of these three by a good margin, but its on-the-ground chair was a deal killer. I found the stock Golf=Boredom, Inc. and would not consider one. Also VW reliability is an issue. A BIG issue.
KIA has the biggest warranty by a long shot, and the best access to the cargo hold. I’ve owned a Golf, two Souls, three Accords but no Civics. I traded the Golf early because window and lock systems kept going kaput, and it had a mere 2/24 B-B warranty. Bye!
Buy what you like, but this guy misses a lot in his assessment.

David B says:

This turd should be reviewing scooters, worthless.

Chris Sparks says:

Try $30,000. I just priced one out.

William D says:

This reviewer really sucks, he’s extremely whiny and is sitting way too close to the steering wheel, oh and he’s an asshole

Doupik says:

Did you just recommended Prius over Soul Turbo and mentioned “sportier handling”? WTF.

liquidsilver1941 says:

Pfft cargurus my ass. Wasted my time on the lame review.

godfatherNYC says:

Dude, move the effing seat back at least a few more inches.

Locoattack 1 says:

“Americans want bigger cars”
Speak for yourself, not everyone has to overcompensate for their small penis with a 6000lb Tahoe.


Dude, I bought my 2015 when I was 59 Exclaim, the whole sha-bang for over $27000 and the dealer paid the tax of nearly $900 and I got a $1500 rebate to boot LOVE the shape of it! Front wheel drive does well in the snow and though I don’t have the turbo, mine handles so well. Why didn’t you mention PAUSE, FF and REWIND on the Sirrus Radio on 6 of the 12 pre set stations? LOVE that TOO. If I wanted to buy a Golf and disappear in the traffic, I would have!! You are one bitter, grumpy middle-aged man. OH by the way, I don’t know how YOU drive, but I can be a lead foot on green light pullouts and I get 24mpg in town and 29 on the highway.

desdes101 says:

haha this guy’s funny

Andrea M says:

vatti a dormi’

zaid tareen says:

Good review

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