2017 Kia Soul Turbo – Redline: Review

Funky style, class turbo leading power, and premium cabin features make the latest 2017 Soul Turbo a truly unique and desirable compact hatchback. Those of you searching for an economy car that truly stands out should put one at the top of your list, just keep in mind that this is still an economy car at its roots and the ride quality and interior noise can grow tiresome for the most finicky of drivers.


Phillip Guerrero says:

Oh Sofyan! If only every car had a more premium key fob and auto up/down for all windows, we would be in a much better world. Love the review, though! Keep up the good work! P.S. I would love to see a review on the Jaguar XE or Land Rover Discovery Sport.

K McKenzie says:

I wish you would review the Mitsubishi Mirage or Mirage G4

Andy Fonseca says:

Baby ugly shoebox car

Mark Alelen says:

I absolutley hate the KIA soul. The back looks so ugly.

Brad Meyer says:

I like this orange color.

TheDrunkUncle says:

It bogs down because you are flooring it on a 90 degree turn. Your reviews are excellent but Jesus Christ stop ruining new cars like that.

alvin masongsong says:

Guys chill, we have different perspective on the car, respect their taste.

Andrew Bullard says:

What they need to add to it is rear vents as well

Joey Holthusen says:

Not everyone wants active controls over the car…. just give the system a virus, to take control over the driver ability to control it. Turbo to me is nice…

Rajveer Singh says:

Small and nice car, looks nice for girls

Devonte Mitchell says:

as a 1st gen owner when I heard they would make a turbo model was going to trade up. But they don’t offer a manual option only in base model if they gave the turbo a manual is buy it. Kia I hope you’re listening

Xavier Rodríguez says:

He knows he drives like a jerk ! lol

Theodore Vasilopoulos says:

I love my 1st gen Soul. Roomy on the inside, compact on the outside, raised driving position, room for 5 adults, lots of boot space and lots of style. The new one is even better!

Tony caffeine says:

No spare tire???

Jake Logan says:

Is it bad that I kinda want one… wtf

Mohamed Al Alwani says:

it is AMAZING car
I love it

aag318504 says:

Is this a non production model color? I only see black, silver, gray, and red as the only colors.

Clearance Ninja says:

For anyone wondering why they don’t put the turbo on the 2.0 where it belongs is because it’d turn that FWD transmission into pudding. All of us V8 FWD Impala SS owners know all about that.

Mack DU30 says:

KIA stand for Killed In Action

Tony Rodriguez says:

“KIA moving 100,000 souls” lol sounds dark

Daisy May says:

Is this a good car for a 16 year old? Will i be made fun of for driving it?

E O says:

Now this is a car I can actually see you driving

wa2k360 says:

cant help it but you should have used this song.
Totally related to Kia Souls’



this car is wack but if people like it good for kia

Paul Branley-Cook says:

Oh gord hes so picky

Paul Branley-Cook says:

He is the worst car reviewer Ive ever witnessed

Heather nonyerbee'swax says:

Pretty cool but, once again why does it sound like a lawn mower

J money t.m says:

you can just be way to nit picky i watch you for car reviews not what YOU think and prefer about the car and just in general you have way to many side comments ..you prolly treat your partner like a bf review

The Triggah says:

I see what’s going on here haha. Hyundai is gonna dump that 1.6L turbo on all their cars haha

Assia Carpentier says:

Link fun work beat damage recover format precisely.

Kenny says:

I’d be interested in this car if KIA rectified the missing cooled seats and reduced the road noise (more sound dampening). Bad highway MPG due to it’s design though is still a negative due to the fact that the majority of my driving is on highways.

M E says:

His face needs to go back to finishing school.

newb529 says:

you’re driving an eco car, stop driving it like a sports car.

Mongoose Viper says:

Wonder if this would pull a 16′ bass boat

Hazel says:


David velasquez says:

Wow a little harsh towards a compact practical vehicle that sells over 150,000 thousand cars a year LOL. I find young old middle-aged guys girls men women all compliment my car and say how much they love it. the problem with other vehicles similar to the soul is the styling they all try to hard to impress on the outside but offer less cargo space and stick a fat ass price tag on it than try to justify why it costs so much. basically you’re paying for the badge not the vehicle itself, I don’t care how good a Toyota or Honda or even a BMW is. I’m looking for something that is simple compact but still useful for a lot of different tasks. I’ve done everything an SUV can do but better. my car was under 18,000 20 bucks fills it up and I could go well over 200 miles. I’ve  had mine for well over a year never had a single problem with it. even if I did, it has the best leading class warranty of any other vehicle out there 10 yr 100,000 mile powertrain warranty can’t complain about that.

Rodger says:

I have one there awesome

Elirey31 says:

You don’t need all does safety assist craps .. people need to learn to drive and pay attention simple as that.

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