2017 Kia Sportage EX 2.4 L 4-Cylinder Road Test & Review | Camerons Car Reviews

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Powertrain Options: 2.4 L 4-Cylinder or a 2.0 L Turbo 4-Cylinder with a 6-Speed Automatic FWD or AWD
Competitors: Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson


Huihan Su says:

Its really good looking! When is that gonna be released?

Andres Santana says:

What were they thinking when they designed the front. This car needs Jesus! lol nice review btw #1supporter

mat1476 says:

Glad to see that you’ve integrated test drives into your reviews. Keep up the good work!

Darren on Cars (NoKia4U) says:

I think the overall aesthetics and design language will have to grow on me, but that still doesn’t impact how impressed I am with Kia/Hyundai’s new vehicles. I vaguely remember when they were still a young company here in the states, and boy have they grown.

That said, I really think their second generation (2005-2009 or so) was their best iteration of the Sportage. Ours was a fairly well-equipped ’05 EX V6 w/ 4WD. It wasn’t the most refined vehicle, and there were small things that annoyed me, but it was still reliable, moderately safe, extremely comfortable and exceptionally well designed. I guess they haven’t been able to hit that same winning formula again.

Perhaps when I’m ready for a new car in four or five years I’ll consider a Kia again!

Rhys e says:

This kia is amazing. I am saying this as the son of parents who owned a 2012 jeep grand cherokee, $50,000 dollar TURD. We had our time with stupid usless so called “fancy” options in cars so we got a base model 2017 sportage. Only 28,000! And it has waaaay more build quality, smoother ride…etc. Korean and japanese are the way to go.
For those who have a grand cherokee 2011-2013.. By the time we hit 130k kilometers, it had: 2 bad heads, left and right. Thats a 6000 dollar repair. So that 6 grand will take you another 4 years worth of travelling before more heads go to shit. Shitty everything… So shitty. Neve buy dodge. Kia is the way to go

therealme812 says:

Nice Review C! Glad to see the test drive in this video. The dude in the pickup was a creeper for sure…Yikes.

Kathy Fann says:

I would like the Cubic feet of back storage with and with out the seats down, would it hold a wheelchair?

Car Review Guy says:

Cameron, If you have enough time, Can you please review the 2005 Mercury Mountaineer or the 2010 Mercury Milan if you can find one of those?

Julien Michael says:

Omg that creeper tho. LoL! I love the new Sportage, the front end still needs to grow on me a bit.

New Thinking Reviews says:

I like the previous gen sportage, but this looks sexy

Vincent D says:

Love the new design! It’s a stunner! (:

DimachkaS says:

Woah, swarm of Lexus predator faces freaked me out at 03:00.

Vadym Pyatko says:

diesel sportage is even better to drive

Firas Alwakeel says:

Why the passenger door panel has different design than the driver door?

J&M says:

it looks so cheap still

Eric N says:

Porsche is pronounced Porshuh!

auto car reviews felix says:

real nice car

Reymon Nolan says:

All hail Hypnotoad!

Domenic Maio says:

Ugly and boring

Sandra Patricia says:

y en donde tiene el freno de mano gracias por la respuesta

DeadofWinter321 says:

It looks ugly! And from a distance, it reminds a lot of the Chevy Equinox (from the front).

xm0rpheusx says:

I don’t like that the instrument panels that have the menu options do not display a fuel warning light until the computer says 25 miles til empty. The kia models that run the orange lighted trip computer it warns you at 50 miles til empty. I was in my wifes 2016 Sorento just last night and came pretty close to seeing how well the range to empty worked, I had the screen set on showing my speed and when I saw the warning light came on I saw that it said 25 miles to empty. I was about 14 miles from a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Had I been warned at 50 miles I would have stopped 20 miles back and got gas.

Tom Simpson says:

Nice Review I hate the looks of the new front end on this. I may wait for the 18 to come out or go somewhere else.

Travis Cyprien says:

Nice Job liking the video. I am going to have to test drive one.

ldy dyl says:

Engine noise or wind noise (whichever it is) seems pretty noticeable.

John Doe says:

That interior is cheap looking.

jun park says:

Looks good in the vid but ugly in person. Also looks and feels cheap inside. Went to dealership to check out and found out EX was around 25k. SX was around 30k. Thats with all the rebates. No more bang for bucks on Hyundai and Kias. Go Look at CR-V Touring or Rav4 SE. Both top of line under 30k. They are cheaper and overall better car. Resale value is beyond horrible on Kia and Hyundais.

Mark Suggs says:

Did he just say buy a CR-V? The dash layout is as ugly as the CR-V rear end.

Fussinated says:

I would by this one over a VW junk Audi Q5.

DaFordKid Films says:

I saw this at the new York Auto show. I love it

Jaylen Bond says:


tigerbalm says:

The shape is good, but the front is still amateurish in design, pickachu looking childish, no strong design elements. The rear is perfect IMO, wheels are stylish, interior is acceptable but bland, gauges look flat and cheap. I just don’t understand why car companies hire untalented designers for such a high volume expensive product with so much competition out there! Either you find talented designers like Audi/ BMW/ etc, or just get input from architects who design incredible structures that are a 1000 times more complicated and beautiful than a little car! Car companies are so narrow minded and void of any passion compared to other industries…great designs=more profit than saving a few pennies!

Kathy Fann says:

I would enjoy the Celling heights as some of us are tall. Thank you so much.

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