2017 Kia Sportage Review – The Ideal Entry-Level Luxury Crossover?

Today I’m going to unbox for you this 2017 Kia Sportage. This particular example is a fully-loaded SX trim with optional all-wheel drive.

Power comes courtesy from a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder with 237 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque. A 2.4-liter inline-four with 181 hp and 175 lb-ft comes standard, as does front-wheel-drive. What’s cool with this latest Sportage is that, regardless of trim level, buyers can add AWD for less than $2,000. Nice. Along with being a general overall improvement to its predecessor, this new Sportage features even more eye-catching styling, notably the front end. Step inside and you’ll experience an interior that’s simple and straightforward, almost Audi-like. And that brings up a very good point: is it still even worth forking over more money for something like an Audi Q5 when you can get a fully-optioned Kia Sportage with many similar features for thousands less?

That’s just one thing I want everyone to think about with my latest review. Enjoy!

Introduction: 0:10
Sportage history: 0:30
A common crossover feature: 1:35
Exterior Styling: 2:10
What’s the exterior color?: 3:00
What’s under the hood?: 3:10
What’s the transmission?: 3:45
Base level engine: 3:55
AWD available in all trims?: 4:15
Interior styling: 4:40
A premium feel: 5:45
Engine start-up: 6:30
Performance: 6:50
Interior features: 7:10
Infotainment system: 7:35
Standard features: 8:35
Driving Modes: 9:25
Crossovers outselling sedans?: 9:55
Where is the Sportage in the Kia lineup?: 10:10
Front end styling: 10:50
Rear end styling: 11:00
Cargo space: 11:25
One of my favorite features!: 11:55
Driver and front passenger seats: 12:20
Any negatives?: 12:45
Pricing: 14:00
An Audi Q5 costs how much?: 14:55
Conclusion: 15:05

Special thanks to Kia Marin in the San Francisco Bay area. Check out their entire inventory of new and used vehicles at http://www.kiamarin.com


James Cilia says:

Haha oh my gosh, I live in Novato!!! ~local reviews lol

Jayme K. says:

Excellent review! Thank you.

Kapiti Paparazzi says:

I drive the 2.0 turbo diesel AWD (185 HP )  for more then 32.000KM  , an excellent car ….I has many,many  different cars before  …this one beat them all .

RoseGold YT says:

Ok I love the rear end but the front reminds me of a big Puffer Fish with four wheels..

Jaxxon says:

This is premium at best. There’s still a lot of hard plastic and they say the seats are leather but they aren’t. It’s a blend of synthetic with leather pieces a proprietary blend. Called Kia HQ and they said they are t fully leather yet they market it as such. This car is not worth $35k in waiting for it to go down $10k before I buy it. But I feel it drives ALMOST as nice as the BMW X1 but not quite.

Alan Gale says:

Our 1.7 diesel returns 60MPG ! LOL

Alan Gale says:

The UK market doesn’t get the big 2.4 litre engines, plus we also get a 6 speed manual gearbox as well as an auto option on the more upmarket models. 4wd only available on top range models as well. The most popular engine over here is the 1.7 litre diesel which gives great economy plus the good torque that is required for towing. Big engined cars over here are in the top market bracket rather than the norm .

Narcis Nicolau says:

Kia: The best!!! 7 years warranty says everything! I own the 4th generation of sportage, I just love it!!

justin e Hayward says:

Yes, just ordered one.

coolcut77 says:

I like the format of your Unboxing review. Thanks and Keep up the good work! 🙂

Techjunkiero says:

Copying Kia? RIGHT. Kia and Hyundai are the masters of stealing designs from the big brands.

Lee Vining says:

Consider resale value compared to the Japan models.

Ronaldo Roda says:

Un-boxing review?

Sharon Gay says:

Just so everyone knows Hyundai is also a South Korean company!

Albert Bremner says:

It was an Audi designer. Not WV.
He created the best…. I call it a Korean Audi now. The Sportage is.

Pepon Peponazo says:

Well done kido !!

Lee Vining says:

Some models don’t come with a spare tire.
Ya wanna check into that before you buy.

Greg Suarez says:

OUTSTANDING review! I have watched many videos about this vehicle (including one featuring a vegan German dude complaining about leather seats) and this one is by far the best. I love how you fiddle with the switches and features of the car and show the audience how this stuff actually works. As a “gadget guy,” I appreciated that aspect of the video. Keep up the great work!

Rainer says:

Ein Ami läst sich über deutsche Autos aus – hahaha. BMW-MPower forever

Nabil M. says:

Are you gonna make any future comparison videos? I believe comaprisons and ranking cars at the end of each video are much more useful for potential buyers. For example, a mid-size sedan or compact sedan or compact crossover shootout. Thank you anyway.

Turf Surf says:

For MPG, I might as well get a Jeep Wrangler…….lollll

braadado says:

Good work, thank you. One question, is it possible to change in menu from mph on km and temperature from F on Celcius ?

shawn washington says:

Jeep Cherokee is a crossover that I believe is the only crossover that offers four wheel drive instead of all wheel drive.

dito7347 says:

Undoubtedly the most ugliest car in the segment.

Franceleen Entena says:

Pls do a comparison video between Kia Sportage 2017 vs Hyundai Tucson 2017 vs Mazda CX-5 2017 🙂

Tech Defender says:

Idk why they still have the rear turn signals so low on the bumper

Kamal K says:

2017 Kia Sportage vs 2017 Mazda CX-5??

Ruben Vera says:

Wheels are to loud, and tacky? Snow flake?

7elephantastic says:

The interior of that vehicle will start to rattle in less than 6 months.

Andrew Ramirez says:

This is a great video! Nicely done. Very informative and well paced. I just bought this exact car but in the Midnight Blue. I LOVE it! The car handles great, the safety features are excellent, and you can’t beat that warranty! Something you missed is the hidden storage level in the trunk, adding a little bit more room and the reclining seats, for really enjoying that panoramic view. Keep the videos going you’re doing a great job.

cmsjr01 says:

I have owned 3 of them    driving a 2017 since June  2016

Bruno TaTa says:

You lost a little credibility using “premium” for a Kia Soul interior. It’s a lot less expensive than this.

Qezt Nest says:

owning a car/suv with a reliable name plate non luxury Honda,Toyota,Nissan and Mazda says a lot about a Man or Woman . but owning a Kia doesn’t say much … my opinion

Kia Sportage Is Ugly Korean Trash says:

The most hideous, vile-looking, ugly vehicle ever produced. There are a lot of people that can’t stand that hideous from end. What were Kia thinking?

RoseGold YT says:

Would buy the same model but in white!

DVJ Scott says:

Hi Jay, I enjoy your videos. The quality is excellent! Do you mind telling me what video camera make & model you use and what kind of dolly or stabilizer you’re using to get those amazing tracking shots? These are some of the best I’ve seen, almost looks like you’re using a high end drone but I can see you sometimes as a reflection in the car paint so I know you’re operating the camera and its not a drone.

James Spadola says:

Great review…just leased my first Kia this week…the 2017 Sportage SX and I love it. I previously drove the Mazda CX-5 and thought nothing could touch it, however the Sportage is right there. True the gas mileage on the Kia is quite a bit different but the feeling I get when driving this car is one of pure luxury. The power in the Sportage is quite amazing…especially in the sport mode. It’s like a mini rocket ..I still get the “zoom zoom factor’ that I got from the Mazda only more. This is my first time leasing a top of the line trim and I’m really enjoying it. Lots of new features that I’m learning but that’s half the fun. I actually spend an hour last night in my car with the manual learning to see what this car can do…”I know, get a life !” I’m learning to enhance technology and not fight with it. Great job Kia…you’re a player! BTW I passed the Audi Q-5 just this morning and I agree with you completely.

justin e Hayward says:

Great review.

Catlin Young says:

Awesome review! I drive a 2014 Audi Q5 and I am seriously considering going to this once it’s paid off! Like you, I also like the fact that Kias come standard with many features, such as the panoramic sunroof, that don’t come standard on your much more expensive luxury brands…such as an AMG Mercedes.

Monica Anggi says:

after many times considering and reckon the values, finally I have ordered a new one yesterday.

mark williams says:

Those sea of buttons kills it for me

Mike Teters says:

what about road noise?

Sue says:

I could never buy a car from a country that doesn’t have animal protection laws for cats and dogs. A country that brutally tortures dogs and cats for meat. Beating, electrocuting, cutting limbs off, torching, skinning while alive. They prefer to eat puppies under a year because their meat is more tender. In Korea they do have pedigree dogs as pets. Yet’s it oK to brutally kill a different type of dog for meat (a mutt) when an owner no longer wants his dog he sends his pedigree to the dog butcher… Please let’s all work together to end the dog and cat meat trade. If you have already bought a Kia car, please consider writing to your dealership ask them to please urge their Government to end the torture. If you haven’t bought one think about what it means to not buy one.

tom jones says:

Would you pick the sportage over the BMW X3

Ji99i3 says:

i was just hired at KIA as a salesmen
i am thrilled and excited and thanks to your great videos, im learning the best selling features and a few points outside of the brochures. feeling good for my next shift. youve gained a sub.

Ahmed Abdelzaher says:

طبلون العربيه عايز شغل شويه

Ministrinity VFX says:

Please do the Kia Sorento. Loving your down to earth reviews on regular cars

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