2017 Kia Sportage SX Turbo FIRST DRIVE REVIEW REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan drives the 2017 Kia Sportage CUV away from its natural habitat in order to demonstrate if an entirely new method of construction in a Kia Crossover that looks similar to the Kia Sportage it replaces .changes this Kia’s driving dynamics. Along they way, he may or may not have taken this Soft Roading Kia off roads . . . #DiscoverSportage

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Kapiti Paparazzi says:

Go for the Kia Sportage 2016  2.0 diesel turbo  version ,  a Superb…..vehicle ( engine /6 sp auto /finishing )   it leaves the RAV 2.2 diesel for dead  … yeah we are diesel people .

Csab says:

the dashboard looks like from a Porsche

scott werner says:

Another great and super informative review! I am seriously considering this vehicle. Motoman, what would you buy if circumstances necessitated a crossover/SUV in this size? I have been looking for a fun to drive, comfortable car with a high HPoint? I know a car is a more sensible choice, but my back needs a more upright seating position.

sadolin says:

mazda with their kudo design! it’s simple and elegant.

Kimberly Beato says:

I have a question…how necessary is the AWD when all new kia models come equipped with dynamax

Happy Robins says:

I think it’s a good car but the fronten is ugly, I would pick the hyundai over this

Erik yoo says:

i have 2015 mazda3 that im leasing and i already have a bunch of little annoying problems such as my back up camera only works half the time so that to me means mazda isnt very reliable. So if ur thinking of buying a car, i wouldn’t buy a mazda.

Juan Paulo says:

Hi there I am jp is there been any recalls on this suv 2015…2016 ?

Francis Street says:

I have been driving my Sportage 2017 SX AWD for a month and I love it! Nice design and features.

Andrew Daley says:

Great review.

Christian Deane says:

Really been enjoying your reviews since I discovered your channel MotoMan and this one is no exception. I’m considering leasing a SX Turbo and was wondering what your thoughts are about it versus a BMW X1 or Audi Q3 or Disco Sport? Anything else you think I should consider among these contenders? Looking for something sporty and refined, but nothing boring or conservative. I realize this is the wrong class of car for that, but I need the back seat space and utility. Thanks.

IO LER says:

My dilemma is, Sportage or CX-5. In my opinion, for what I want from a car… it’s between this two and maybe Kia is a bit ahead overall.

Helmut Stouthamer says:

Hi, MotoMan. Thanks for your great review. Just purchased an Abarth Yamaha. What are your thoughts on this car. For me it drives very well, power is good for such a small car. Are you able to do a review on this car? Keep up the great reviews.

Michael Holderman says:

Can you compare, contrast, recommend this Kia Sportage versus its cousin the Hyundai Tucson?

Gene Dobbins says:

This Kia SX T, the Audi Q3 and the RAV4 Hybrid have been on my radar for the past several months. Coming out of the Camry Hybrid in July (I am also thinking Infiniti QX30 but question MB GLA reliability as much of the Infiniti is related) I do like the Hybrid MPG and see that the SX T AWD only gets 21 mpg combined has me worried that when Gas prices go up, as they are beginning to now, I would be stuck with a gas hog. You didn’t really address the mpg for the SXT. What are your thoughts?

mark williams says:

This Sportage is growing on me. Weird headlights and all

Moonkei says:

Just picked a 17′ Sportage EX up for my wife yesterday as a replacement for my our 13′ Tiguan. Initial impressions are a whole lot of car for the price. We were really impressed with the interior layout. I actually like the new front and overall look but that’s my personal taste. I can’t speak on long term, but I think many other more well established brands need to catch up after shopping around different models.

Shionn Christian says:

Does it have the phone pad charger like the optima?

Rob Foulds says:

I love this guy – excellent review/

Rob UK

Mel W says:

Right now, I’m trying to pick between the Kia Sportage (Either Premium or SX) or the Mazda CX5. I’ve test drove them both (and the Rav4, CX3, Mazda3, Civic)…Tough choice. The Sportage is a bit pricier, since it’s newer, but I like the gadgets of this car.

RamisDad says:

2017 Sportage gets my vote for design inside and out- to my eyes, best in class. When I saw it for the very first time I was horrified. I’ve grown to absolutely love it. Two things I wish it had – one touch up and down Windows and better gas mileage. No matter, I’ll probably buy a used SX in a couple of years.

Andre N says:

Kia and Hyundai are the only car (non luxury) manufacturers that offer luxury amenities. Heated steering wheel, cooled seats, cooled gloveboxes,etc.

Lord Shin says:

Damn, that interior is sexy. I love German interiors and this one doesn’t disappoint! The best thing the Koreans did was to steal Peter Schreyer away from AUDI. This interior is soooo much sexier than my ugly 2009 Subaru Forester. Sigh.

settlebrrd says:

LOTUS-Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious!

Juan Paulo says:

Hi there I am jp is there been any recalls on this suv 2015…2016 ?

Liam Gandelsman says:

If I were buying a new car in this segment, I would go for this, the Sportage in the SX Turbo trim. I love the design and the available convenience and safety features in the vehicle, plus I really enjoy other turbocharged cars such as my brother’s Saab 9-3. I also feel that the interior is one of the better layouts in the segment, it has a very ergonomic feel to it. I’ve test driven or sat in every vehicle (save for the domestics) in this segment and I’d rate the Sportage on top (with the Mazda CX-5 in last place due to it’s use of hard plastics for the center armrest). I’m in Massachusetts.

IceDree says:

I think for me (if I was shopping for a small cuv), it will be down to Jeep Renegade or the MINI Countryman.
As for why I’d pick them, I got nothing beside they look cool & funky lol.

As for why I’d eliminate the others, I don’t like the new Sportage or the new Tuscan … design wise that is (I saw both in person as recent as this morning & I still don’t like them). As for the Escape, I never liked the Escape & to he honest, I don’t like Ford’s current direction. The Rav4? As you may remember my comment from the scion episodes, I’ll Never ever eeeeevvvvvaaaaa (in Kat Williams voice) buy another Toyota product again

As always, excellent work M!

Carlos Choy says:

I’m in Canada and I went SUV/CUV shopping for a few months, I test drove the Mazda cx3 and cx5, Honda HRV and CRV, Toyota RAV4, Acura MDX, Hyundai Santa Fe and Tucson, VW Tiguan and Golf Sportwagen, BMW X1, GMC Terrain, Ford Escape, Buick Encore, Nissan Rogue, Infinit QX50, Mitsu RVR, Subaru Forester and Outback, Audi Q3 and Mini Clubman All4. I disqualified the VWs because of their scandal and I will not be touching VW for a long time now if ever, disqualified the Q3 and X1 because of reliability, and the X1 was harshly loud in both engine and road/traffic noise – surprisingly unrefined. The RVR had a powerful engine but everything else about the vehicle was too basic. The cx3 and cx5 were fun to drive but the materials felt cheap, as did the RAV4, so they were out. The CRV felt cheap too and to make matters worse the foldable per-chair arm rests made it feel like a mini-van, so that was out. Curiously the materials in the HRV felt better but it was too anemic and not a fan of the CVT. The QX50 was very nice but too cramped and the gas mileage seemed like it would be atrocious. The MDX was great all around but being japanese, had too much of that “Transformers” or “Origami” look. In fact, all the japanese cars had japanese styling, which I don’t like much. Buick Encore was anemic and too small so that was out. Santa Fe and Tucson – were great but I’m not a fan of their styling even though they are quasi-European – but mostly they seemed very conservative in styling and my sense is that they will be dated looking soon. The Nissan Rogue was a strong contender but its handling was soft and though the CVT was well executed, that along with the soft handling was too much – aside from the japanese styling. The Subaru Forester felt like a cheap plastic bathtub inside but I liked the engine’s power curve, but I couldn’t live with that interior. The Outback was better but overall it felt more like a grandpa mobile. The Terrain felt great to drive, solid and powerful, but I’d heard of inconsistent fit and finish problems and still not very reliable. The Ford Escape was a good driver but the interior felt too unfinished and had truck-like meat head styling elements. The Mini Clubman All4 was at the top of my list but the pricing for a well equipped one was bad – and there are still too many unreliability reports…. but it was all cut short when the new Sportage arrived. One test drive and that was it, I bought it.

mark marshall says:

lol, after u watch this, go to motorweek’s channel and watch the retro review of the 1997 kia sportage, evolution baby

Gary Hartle says:

Great review! I’m getting ready to trade my 2011 KIA Sportage and have been considering the ’17 SX or Escape Titanium 2.0L. I’ve seen a good review on the Ford, and now your extensive and entertaining review on the KIA. I have to say, based on what I’ve seen, I probably am headed to KIA. I liked the 3G Sportage from the start with it’s bold styling and they have not abandoned that strategy with the 4G. I like cars with an ‘edge’ in styling, even to the point of adversely affecting utility, like the Sportage with it’s really low roofline on entry. I’m not tall but I still manage to hit it getting in sometimes. But that’s okay. Great cars don’t have to be everything to everybody. But bottom line, I will drive them both. Because after all, it’s the driving that matters.

John Fenton says:

Too much language to explain the simplest of things. I’d like to see a performance comparison against 2.4 liter model (if it’s worth the extra money).  2.0T is coming in at around the same price as a base BMW X1 or Infinity QX50.

robocopleith says:

Hi, I am in New Zealand and the KIA Sportage options, motor wise are different for us. We have the choice of a 2.0 litre 2WD in three trim levels, LX, EX ,LTD. A 2.4 litre AWD In three trim levels EX, LTD, GT and 2.0 litre diesel AWD. I didn’t test drive any other cross over SUV, basically because of price and style. I personally liked the the look of the older Sportage and liked the newer model even better. Biased I suppose, but when you have to drive a car everyday, its more enjoyable if you like how it looks inside and out. My personally opinion, based on style and what you get for the price, the Sportage is way ahead of the Japanese mid SUVs. I stayed away from european cars. The Sportage is 25% cheaper than the Mazda CX-5 here or other Japanese equivalents, at the moment. I did compare the new to the old Sportage and the handling of the new one was more refined, more planted on the road and the engine and transmission management was better, compared the old one. So we bought the New Sportage.

mark williams says:

I like the turbo charged engine numbers but I wonder why the Kia didn’t get the dual clutch transmission like the 2016 Tuscon?

Juan Paulo says:

Hi there I am jp is there been any recalls on this suv 2015…2016 ?

James says:

Moto man, can you please review the 2017 hyundai santa fe sport 2.0t ultimate. Deciding whether or not to purchase the 16 or 17 and want your opinion on the design, drive, interior etc.

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