2017 Kia Sportage SX Turbo TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan takes another look at Kia – this time the first vehicle that was redesigned by Peter Schreyer at the beginning of Kia’s resurgence – the Kia Sportage. For 2017, it is a totally new Crossover Vehicle, however like the Kia Optima, Kia has elected to keep the familiar shape but has completely changed the method of manufacture which can have a huge impact everything from the interior to driving dynamics. MotoMan goes on a deep dive of the details in this TECH REVIEW in advance of the FIRST DRIVE REVIEW . . .

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David Cuccia says:

Yes, plenty enough change. This looks like an attractive, main-stream, and potent vehicle with a pleasing interior. I’d also think that the interior design was a trickle-down from the Cadenza first, and then the Optima.

Heather M. says:

Great review! I’m thinking about buying this vehicle.

MR JKE says:

I’m English and live in Italy with my Mrs(Italian), looking over my shoulder she likes the looks and my father in-law drives the Nissan Qashqai, we like the Fiat 500x, what I’m trying to say is it is a viable option to put in the mix and I’m sure it will sell well over here.

McLaren 맥라렌 says:

The previous one looked better imo. And first:)

1guyin10 says:

I haven’t really decided whether I like the looks or not, especially the front end. Overall though, the Sportage looks to be a nice package. I really like what they did with the interior. USA here.

Evan Johnson says:

I love the design, going to purchase a SX turbo either in red or black on June 🙂

Paul Edmond says:

Another day another geat preview, great j o b as usual, you’re the man. I’m on the used car market for a 30000$ suv, 2014 kia sorento sx fully loaded vs snatafe 2.0 turbo almost w/o panoramic sun roof. What’s are you thoughts one theses 2. No edge because too expensive. No gmc terrain/equinox too much plastic and no panoramic roof.No outlander or journey look crap.

LIllyman JPL says:

MotoMan, Fashion police, beware, specially in  CA. LOL

SuperWHIZZO says:

If those helicopters are the shoe police , be very afraid .

Richard Nyirenda says:

You cant deny the fact that it looks like a porsche cayenne.

Michael Lui says:

HI motoman, can you review Mclaren 570s. thank you

InfinitR says:

Shelter Island

Ishmail Shaik says:

I don’t know, looks odd from the front, don’t know

Zelin Li says:

The front light looks so cool

Dj Wolf says:

I am looking forward to trying the UK spec diesel, although I’d find it hard to go back to a regular ICE car after the Outlander PHEV. The big question for me as always is how easy it will be to get a wheelchair and two dogs in the car.

Ed Kelly says:

I remember when Mercedes came out with their rounded car designs,with those bug eye headlights. At first I disliked the design,then it grew on me. Then everyone else copied Mercedes. I think this has that potential. The look is growing on me,and I have not seen it in the flesh. Time will tell, but in my opinion,it is not ugly.

Cesar Hanson says:

Not a good looking cohesive design. Like they just thought about cool shapes and added them randomly.

Peter says:

Hey Motoman, I thought you would only review Bentleys and AMGs…….good that we get some review by you on something that most people can afford.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

K to the I to the A…

Chosen Architect says:

teases you when he walks to rear then turns back… boot space? back seats? back design? 😀

Micah Isham says:

Review the Evora 400!!!

Wael Elgebaly says:

I prefer hyundai tucson

Ansr Max says:

Most automakers only make incremental design changes if a car is selling well. I think Kia did enough here. Especially considering all the engineering changes.

Whole Witt says:

I’ve watched both parts to this reviews and some others and none tell me about the safety tech. Does this have Adaptive cruise control? No mention of auto braking or rear cross traffic detection. No view of the rear camera and demo of parking assist. Maybe less talking about adhesive and more demos. Does this have adaptive cruise control and will I ever know?

charged says:

I have no interest in crossovers, but the exterior design of this one isn’t half bad. It looks a bit like the pudgy, Asian, baby brother to the Macan.

Average says:

i’m starting to like the looks of it.

Jose Thomas says:

Definitely is not a full new model design but it looks refreshed. I have one of the past version in it still drives very good. Now i buy a 2016 sorento and damn that’s a real total package bro…

scott werner says:

Absolutely this is enough of a change from the 2015 Sportage. The influence of porsche is a welcome addition to the Kia design language. I am seriously looking at this as my next vehicle. I have driven dozens of cars and crossovers this last year. My favorite was the X3, but the cost and BMWs reliability and cost of service has put me off. I will be curious to see if you feel Kia has created a poor man’s X3/Q5 for us middle class folks.

Tully3674 says:

With this Kia it looks like you’re over-thinking this design. It’s a good package but not inspiring. Also, I feel the previous design had more character.

TheKingkingg says:

another awesome review, ideas sounds good, still anxious to see your new ridgeline review

ProShotz says:

Does this man know what he wears?…

PJ J says:

that is ugly.

Sir Galahad says:

I think the new design is fantastic, just like all the other recent Kia designs. Didn’t the lead designer come over from BMW? If so, it makes sense why these cars are looking so good. I’d rather have this crossover than the X1 or the GLA, because loaded it would be at least 10 grand less or more.

Marius says:

The front if the car looks so disproportionate, and there’s just something off about that grill. But it’s a pretty nice car for a family with younger kids I guess.

Dancer810 says:

This one is right up my alley! Just what I’ve been waiting for! My choice is the SX trim with front-wheel drive. I think I’ll be treating myself for my birthday this August! 🙂

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