2018 Kia Rio First Drive Review In 4K UHD!

The Kia Rio has a difficult, and oddly conflicting mission in America. As the least expensive Kia, commuter shoppers demand a car that’s basic, reliable and inexpensive to own. On the other hand, a full third of Rio buyers say they are interested in premium features wrapped in subcompact sheet metal. The result is the designed-for-Europe Rio which has the interior and driving dynamics to compete with the Fit and Yaris iA, yet also offers a “stripper” model that hits Nissan’s Versa head on. The result is what the British would call “cheap and cheerful” with a long warranty, a dollop of style, and a generous cargo area. The Rio may not set your heart on fire, but it’s a solid subcompact buy.


howlingwolf125y says:

Love the more traditional dashboard layout – with a touch of euro style. Dash/controls are very simple, clear and easy to use. Good job Kia!!!

sic22l says:

So what’s the mpg?

Matt P says:

Roll up front windows? Are you shitting me? Even my old Mazda2 does better than that. Wth.

planedudea380 says:

Manual windows? k…

victor bozzo says:

Since you mentioned the Honda Fit in this video, do you intend to do a new review of this? They refreshed it for 2018 and added a Sport Model and Android Auto and Apple Car Play integration. I would be curious to hear your impressions of the updated version.

JC4 says:

I mean, what else would you ask for 14k ? I think is a nice first car for youngsters

The Car Crazy Guy says:

Alex, currently with discounts you can get a Versa S for $9995. Would you still take the Rio over the Versa at this price?

Denis Frolov says:

Hey Alex, do you have any plans to review 2018 Kia Sedona?

MrPanzerDragoon says:

I wish VW would sell the Polo here in the States. I would get it.

Turf Surf says:

this interior is way better than the Tucson’s

anajay78 says:

No cruise what the hell?

Gabe Pettinicchio says:

IMO, with every update, cars just keep getting fatter & fatter. Everyone wants to try and build the perfect car in having enough storage space to transport a horse. I also think the Gov. “mommy” laws for safety are taking their toll on looks and performance. Alex is right, the Rio is taking on a cross-over look. Some of these new sub-compact hatch’s are looking like “micro” minivans. Since sales are poor with these small cars in the US, car makers are making sub-comps into comps and comps int mid-size.

Alf J says:

Stop cutting the video.. Soon people will cut at every word. Sigh :/

Miguel Angel Medina Rise says:

Wow this tiny little budget car has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While Toyota sits on their ass.

EvendimataE says:

like the volkswagen that simple body design is very pleasing to look at…..unlike the overly designed body of honda civic that gives me headache


Hey Alex, I didn’t hear you mention the fuel economy was it embargoed?

Gabriel Señires says:

This is a very good and super thorough review! I love this!

Thank you for this video. Excellent review!

Paul Ramos says:

Fiesta bigger than tne fit?

680ecks says:

I like it alot . Clean sharp,can add leds if youwant them. I like that you dont treat cars yhat are cheep as junk buy still do a good review while comparing it to its competition. Your reviews are long and i always watch them all the way through i think you do a great job .

Ali Junaid says:

Its not fair to be Harsh on KIA, end of the day Rio is a basic vehicle that takes its target customers from point A to B in a peace of mind for with a cushion of 10 yrs warranty. It has an air conditioning, relatively comfortable seats, a sound system and offcourse a spare tyre…atleast its better than most of the expensive American vehicle who have a “transmissionphobia” for most of their life

Gabe Pettinicchio says:

Didn’t the last gen. Rio have a soft-top dash in top-trim? I don’t recall.

Maggie Blackhall says:

can we talk about that manual crank window?? Kia, its 2017 now

TheTruthCanHurt says:


Christopher Calder says:

Looks great, clean and sober, unlike Toyota cars, which look like a bad acid trip. The only problem with the Kia is the low MPG. A car that small should get 40 MPG on the highway.

LGwasherFan says:

It also happens to be the deadliest kia in the world!

mountainhobo says:

So no telescoping steering wheel with manual transmission? Bye bye Kia.

SDav21 says:

This car is horrendous for the price (at least in countries outside the US. It’s so dirt cheap in the US like all cars there). Kias still have that plastic and glue new car smell unlike the more normal new car smell of European and Japanese manufacturers. The Polo is a vastly superior car in engineering, refinement, technology and quality. Not to mention the new Polo just came out making this Rio look like a car from the 90s. In some markets this car still comes with the most pathetic and lethargic 1.2 litre naturally aspirated engine and even the 1.4 is terrible. While everyone else offers turbo models from the basic model, Kia doesn’t. Then they still top it off with a cheap plasticky interior. They should really offer cars like the Renault Clio and Peugeot 208 in the US. They cost the same as a Korean car but have the German car qualities and are always packed full of standard features and have great engines. What a shame that there is this, the Polo (which is good but expensive) and the rest and no French alternative. The French should re-enter the US market because then people will see what kind of car Kia and Hyundai money can actually get you. Kia and Hyundai honestly have a nerve to sell their subpar cars at high prices especially if you have the chance to sit in, for example, a new Peugeot 3008 and then compare it to the pathetic Sportage and Tuscon. The US will never know what car can be had for similar money. This is perhaps less of an issue in the US where Kia and Hyundai somehow are still a bit cheaper but not in most other countries anymore. Drove in one and was highly disappointed and irritated that this person bought it over cheaper and vastly superior competitors. Probably a bit of an irrelevant comment here but just saying and adding that the French manufacturers could be a real threat to Kia and Hyundai in the US.

David Malinovsky says:

I like the way this looks. I would buy the sedan because hatchbacks don’t have enough cargo space below the window. The interior also looks more comfortable than most

Roman O says:

I think this is the most decent looking cheap car in the US.

SDav21 says:

“Like most subcompact vehicles the dashboard is made from hard touch plastics”….not in a European subcompact like a VW Polo or Peugeot 208. The Polo puts vehicles in the class above to shame.

Dennis Dowd says:

Thanks, another great review.

rbielarski says:

Nicely styled sub-compact. Like the change to the front end/hood. Would hope with the restyle it will do better in the IIHS small front overlap crash tests,,,,2017 scored marginal.

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