2018 Kia Rio: His Turn – Her Turn™ Car Review

2018 KIA Rio

The all-new Rio

World-wide best seller, #1 best seller in Europe for KIA.

Exterior is more dynamic with a more geometric look that is more stable and agile.The vehicle is longer, wider and lower than the outgoing model. The front end now looks like the rest of the family, with the signature Tiger nose.

Interior is modern and sculpted that is more spacious with upgraded tech. KIA has continued the thoughtful convenience and small storage areas.

This 5-door car offer utility with flat load floor, wider lift-gate that offers a low lift over height. Great for loading luggage. The sedan offers more storage too.

Technology: floating touch screen interface, rear view camera, UVO3 infotainment and telematics with 19 services at no charge including curfew alert and parking minder. Standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

All new driver Assistance Systems.

Powered by a 1.6L GDI 4-cylinder that is returned for more low end torque and better drivability and responsiveness. 130hp, backed by a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

MPG: 29 city/ 37 hwy / 32 combined (for both transmissions)

Completely new suspension design and geometry resulting in better stability on highway drives, this reduces highway fatigue for driver.

Sedan – $13,990
5-door – $14,290

Automatic is $1000 more.
LX, S and EX trim levels

On dale fall 2017

Bottom Line: Value, craftsmanship, efficiency and convenience

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Car Courtesy of Kia
Destination: Baltimore, Maryland
Aired: September 6, 2017
Music: by AudionautiX.com, all rights & licenses purchased
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Jose Fernandez says:

Would you recommend the Rio over the Civic?

VoltecRules says:

I have a 2017 Kia Rio 6 speed manual. It shifts so good and very smoothly. So fun to drive. I am averaging 37 mpg driving 70% highway.

Brycen Oen says:

Nice review! I actually like the looks of this car, the hatchback one though. Not really a fan of the sedan. The only thing I don’t like about this car are the rims, those need to go and become a five spoke design or something like that. Just one question, how’s the power on this car? Is it good on the highway and going uphill?

Harley Rider says:

My 2013 Rio LX has 60,000 trouble free miles. Just yesterday I was averaging 39 MPG here in central Florida. I have the automatic and installed the cruise control myself back when I bought the car new.
I plan on running mine till after 200,000 miles. I change oil myself using Mobil One 5W-20 and Mobil One filter every 5 thousand miles due to being a direct injection motor. I use only top tier fuel, mainly Mobil when available.
I also have transmission and cooling system serviced every two years which I think is important living in a hot climate.
So far so good. I’m looking forward to 200K plus with this car and maintenance plan.

As for the new 2018, nice. I recommend that you follow my plan if you plan on keeping the car as long as I do.

I also own a 2015 KIA Soul plus. So far so good no problems.

Frank Honeycutt says:

Great Video, I believe His mic lost signal. Was hard to hear him.
So I have had a 2016 Rio Sedan Sx Turbo, (GT) in Korea, for a little over a year now and tbh I really wish I waited another 8 months to buy it because I am in love with the new style with the body and the interior. Very nice upgrade, I am a little jealous =)

Now with the 2018 they do not offer a Sx model yet so it doesn’t have the small thing that I love such as projector headlights with all LED lighting as well as the LED tail lights, tipped tailpipes, and the stiffer suspension. The 2018 has about 20 hpr less than the non-turbo model so the power loss is a bit of a boooo, but it does get better gas millage, personally I would wait till they came out with an Sx trim level with a Turbo system, I love my power to jump into traffic ;0)

Over all they are very great cars, def a bang for your buck. Kia overall has come such a long ways over the past few years!

erik schelfaut says:

Lauren, you have a fan in Belgium.

Adnan Amin says:

I own kia rio, I prefer owning a car which is affordable and economical, mentanance cost is very less, which means more peace of mind, and that’s the most important thing, peace of mind

Dizmurth Dazruilga says:

2018 kia rio EX, 2018 honda fit EX or wait for 2018 ford fiesta ST ?¿?

Abe Bueckert says:

Love this little car!

Sandra Mccoy says:

This little car looks great

Ontario Andrews says:

I do not know how to drive a manual transmission. At this stage I don’t care to learn how to drive a manual transmission. And I’m not saying I’m old, but I’m no spring rooster either. 🙂

Ontario Andrews says:

Not everybody has seen The Princess Bride. I have not seen The Princess Bride. And I don’t want to see The Princess Bride. 🙂

Ken Hunter says:

Check out the 2018 RAM POWER WAGON

amsterdamgeorge2 says:

Looks to me like the Rio has the same gauge’s as the new Forte. In a value comparison Kia beats Honda and Toyota hands down in my opinion.

Billy Sou says:

How are the crab cakes in B-More, Paul?

victor bozzo says:

Good job on the review guys. Lauren, good job on the appearance discussing flooded cars. One thing mentioned in a different review but not mentioned here was that the car lost some power due to tuning yet went up in curb weight. Not sure how I feel about that. :/

JamesEarlMoans says:

I’ll no sooner buy a manual than I would buy a car without power steering, a/c and power windows.

Peter Bengston says:

Since you asked for comments about older Rios, I own a 2013 EX hatchback and I love it. It feels solid when I drive it and the engine is peppy enough to easily climb hills. I”ve had no problems so far.

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