2018 Kia Rio Review

The stylish Kia Rio has undergone a number of important changes for 2018, all designed to make it more refined, upscale and high-tech. A few of these changes seem a bit puzzling at first, but an in-depth test reveals that the subcompact maintains its status as an affordable and stylish hatchback.

Kia doles out the goods for every Rio buyer out there. Things like air conditioning, power locks, and a touchscreen infotainment system are among the long list of standard features for base models. It might seem like all cars these days have that stuff, but competitors like the Chevrolet Spark and Nissan Versa don’t come standard with a lot of those features.


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MotorCity J says:


FriscoFlo says:

Will there be an SX model

Nabil Matar says:

KIA keeps raising the bar and giving its competition a run for their money.

Josef Griveas says:

Kia stepping there game up!

ForeignBorn Patriot says:

130hp LOL

Justin Horman says:

KIA with German design language!

EvendimataE says:

plastic interior is better….will look brand new forever since its easy to clean….just dont scratch it

Luis E. Santiago says:

This car looks really good!

Kevin Alan says:

It’s void of design character much like Audi and VW so it sort of looks upscale. Not always a plus for an entry car. Mazda and VW have solid cheap offering that come off too upstream and I honestly think it subconsciously plays a part in how budget minded shoppers perceive the car. I think these cars sell better when they look the part of an affordable cutesy/energetic entry car.

John Appleseed says:

Good job there Kia.

Eliot Sanz says:

This one or the Ford Fiesta sold in Europe??????

Shawn Walton says:


Derrick Kimsey says:


VoltecRules says:

I love my 2017 Kia Rio with a 6 speed manual transmission. I am getting 37 mpg average. I paid $11,300 new.

Why would they make the new 2018 Kia Rio heavier, less powerful, and have drum brakes in the rear? Not acceptable.

HUNTER says:

Kia is amazing now

Chance Thoroman says:

They ripped those daytime running lamps right off the current golf/gti and threw it on their rio. Didn’t even try to make them look different.

A Motorist says:

Good review. It’s definitely a solid car. The last generation was good too. After test driving an LX and an EX, it was the EX that felt really good for a subcompact. This new Rio is likely to be the top of the class.

mountainhobo says:

2:45 “Two transmissions, automatic and manual” — Is manual available with all trims and options like automatic? This is important information for some buyers. Manual available on all trims is big news and a solid factor in buying.

Honesty Counts says:

I absolute HATE cars with CVT automatic transmission. I want a small Asian-brand hatchback ‘CAR’ for the fuel efficiency but ability to pop open a hatch, but I want a conventional automatic with GEARS in it, not a CVT. And I want a car that has a manual parking brake lever, not some button. Nearly impossible to find these days. Toyota = the Yaris has a 4 speed, and the Corolla hatch has a CVT. Honda has the Fit with a CVT and parking button. Nissan has the Versa with a CVT. Subaru has the Impreza with a CVT. Only the new Hyundai Accent hatchback, and the Kia Rio hatchback offer what I want, so that’s what I will be getting.

MrMagnificentMedia says:

Yeah I really like that interior.

Rajveer Singh says:

Striking red colour though, looks fierce

Benjamin Francis says:

This is just too slow.

Anykinds Matthew says:

I’m definitely sold.

r2stik says:

no heated windshield? warranty?

Autos Fan says:

Canadians do appreciate those heated seats. Wish more automakers would make that standard for us.

Andrew K, Northern Ireland says:

Great review. Very informative and nice looking car. You look like Wil Wheaton (actor) :-))

Ramen Rider says:

This car isn’t available in homeland korea

Sandra Mccoy says:

Nice looking car

김형민 says:

프라이드 후속모델로 국내에서도 만날 수 있으면 좋겠네요.

azlan mahmud says:

This car in my market comes with only a 1.4L petrol engine with a 4 speed autobox. Underpowered as hell

Jose Saavedra says:

Great review, love the car, hate the lisp. So distracting.

05Forenza says:

Seriously good looking car.

Nodak81 says:

I can’t believe my ’03 Rio is fifteen years old now 🙁

badboy 25 says:

People will hate it Because its a kia.

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