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Simone checks out the exciting all new Kia Stinger GT whilst at the Frankfurt IAA Motorshow. The Kia Stinger is obviously one cool car. It borrows a lot of its looks from some of the best German cars and is said to have had its driving dynamics tuned by some of the best German engineers. But there’s one thing that is different – the price! Nothing is official yet rumors have the Stinger pitched will below it’s european rivals.

Could the new Kia Stinger GT be just that good? Stay tuned as we will be doing a full driving review of Kia’s Stinger back in Australia.

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pisowiec fan także peło kodu sld bula i nowoczesnej says:

I’m here only for a boobs 😀

Tiko Davenport says:

Are the headlights & tail lights LED standard?

pepsishaker says:

Blows the v8 Chev’s to shit ,,add boost and exhaust bigger intercooler 10second car..missile with 7 years unlimited klm warranty

Demi Liaver says:

So they have just stollen a whole heap of ideas from European car manufacturers and put it in a Korea shit box and are now telling everyone look at our brand new car but everything in it is stuff you have seen before. Just 50k in Australia well people if your buying this car I suggest you trade it in quick because in a couple of years it will be like most kia’s you see cheap and ugly.

R R says:

Saw it at the LA Auto Show and it was a show stopper for sure

1quickster says:

Peter Schreyer really made an impact as a car designer for Kia. Peter use to design cars for Audi. Kia, have you notice they start looking like Audi wannabe.

Rich Abe says:


djmocok says:

Honestly I’m not feeling this car.

kim harris says:

best car !

Amit Kumar says:

Hey! Where is Jenna??

tasmania909 says:

I had to pause this video several times to make sure my spotify wasn’t on autoplay in the background! If Simone has gone to all the trouble of flying to Frankfurt to show us the new Kia Stinger don’t drown out her voice with shitty background music.

넘잼 says:

I love stinger. Its resonable in all respects

Cristian Moreno says:

Interior looks like a Mercedes and audi had a baby

MOTOS.PL - Akcesoria samochodowe says:

Kia Stinger – best choice for 3.3l V6 BiTurbo engine in relevant money ever 🙂

김만인 says:

yes damn hot!!! i mean the girl.

Shay D says:

The only thing i don’t like about the stinger is the 3 air vents inside.

Nathan Fielure says:

Much nicer top than that ghastly t shirt.

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