2018 KIA Stinger GT: Start Up, Exhaust, Walkaround and Review

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Today we check out the all new 2018 KIA Stinger GT!! Twin Turbo, Brembo Brakes and RWD! All in a sleek KIA!


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This is the brand new Kia Stinger GT. KIA’s take on a luxuries performance oriented sedan. Twin turbo v6 and an 8 speed automatic are a great combo for powerful driving. The interior is very nice with premium materials and nice leather everywhere.

Overall this is one sweet looking car inside and out!

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Forest Doughty says:


Jose J Cortes says:

Too many better options overthere for that price tag

dragthemouse123 says:

Bunch of badgewhores here I see

deztroyer76 says:

Great car looking car. Weak exhaust note.

Roshaan S says:

I’ll just wait a couple years and get one for less than half the original MSRP lol

Randy says:

44k? For that korean crap?

Abul Azad says:

Allah the first my house world wide president Mr tomash s monsoon please need to belive. What’s power he have nevar more than my lover allah

Yeldarb Semaj says:

The Poor Mans Panamera

Philippe Dupuis says:

maybe awd

Jessie Slaughter says:

no yes…

Alvaro Macedo says:

Iam interested in the gt2 rwd in black more fun and faster than the awd version. Just wondering how the gt1 rwd ( no slip diff in this model) driving dynamics compare to the gt2rwd /gt2 awd. For 43k fuly loaded with black/red interior looks very sick not a bad deal.Let us know what you think ? Thank you

Abul Azad says:

Allah the first dear honorabale ownar you please no need to jealous with I jesus

freak777power says:

Better than overpriced shit called Mercedes and Bmw

Md Sahil Kan says:

What is the price

Red Sport 400 says:

Anyone with 48k to spend will not opt for this car don’t expect this to be sold in mass numbers for 48k everyone will opt for benz audi bmw ect…

Abul Azad says:

Allah. The surviving. Eyes. Dear. Her. Honorabale. Babi. Patthla Khan. Lane. 32. Dhaka. .bangladesh

Carlos Acosta says:

Just get dodge demon

Chuck Knerr says:

What camera did you use to shoot this? It did a great job.

Austen Manzani says:

Take off two doors bump up the horse power keep the price and make it rival the mustang and camero and i feel like theyll sell a ton of them

Willie Wang says:

Great review man, every time I had a question about the car you somehow knew and answered it!

Bsrounciec says:

Dude im very impressed with your review! Good job on the editing to! Nice and bravo! Compared to the other reviews i seen. Lol

Jose Rios says:

What’s the point of selling this car if you still gotta pay like $45k to have it. You are better of buying a Lexus, Infiniti or even a M3. KIAs are not really trustworthy and it might not last.

rif355 says:

заебатая тачка

Abul Azad says:

Allah witness the snowing heavy. Cold. The snow rainday. How you honoring his excellencey uncale. Mr David billey. Whom pepole know him. Home blesspepole

Abul Azad says:

Allah most high deArest. His. Honorabale. His excellencey. Dear. Unknown. Arab. Sir

miguel jr says:

Might as well buy a srt charger in my opinion lol

Josue Reyes says:

what is version kia stinger

gabriel siria levario says:

Esta bellisimo, saludos desde la habana

Yaniel Fumero says:

Kia + sport cars = garbage

Abul Azad says:

Allah witness dear uncale Mr Todd. Jones I have been. Told. You plese where I am. Trust. I am

Abul Azad says:

Allah most high top is the all dear. At and t. His honoroble Maine ownar sir madam. Please. I wish world wide travel plese with my e mail plese. Vz

tlt40s&w 70 says:

The interior is plain and the cluster is outdated. Everthing now is digital and being a GT you would think it would give you more than just a tachometer and odometer. Those seats are plain Jane with no side support. The KIA Optima with the V6 is a ways better option. The stinger is not worth 40+knkt and have just a basic outdated car.

Dan Daman says:

Thanks for the review! To be honest, I came to hear and witness a twin turbo kia, in action – no test drive? No burnt rubber? Thats no fun …

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