2018 Kia Stinger & Kia Stinger GT V6 TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

After a yearlong wait, MotoMan finally goes on a deep dive of the 2018 Kia Stinger 4 Cylinder and the Kia Stinger GT Twin Turbo V6. He starts things off with a very un Kia like engineering detail and then goes on a technical tour of both the 4 Cylinder Turbo Kia Stinger and the Twin Turbo V6 Kia Stinger GT . . .

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cadsux says:

Wet Concrete. Cement is an ingredient of Concrete. It’s the adhesive agent in concrete, like flour is to cake. You wouldn’t want a slice of flour would you?

Grady Klein says:

I want a wagon version of the GT. Mmm baby that’d go nicely alongside the polestar v60

David Hill says:

battleship grey .

Flusterette says:

In Canada, the colour is listed as “Ghost Grey” –I like that just fine

Mark Edwards says:

Navy Gray

Samiur Rahman says:

*Battleship Grey*

Michael Gordon says:

Better build quality than Mercedes

Christopher Villiers says:

I bet the kia stinger had a v8 engine with twin turbos then you have a motor car that has more grunt than Jeremy Clarkson under ware.

Omnis says:

It’s quite clearly Polybutylene Grey. Looks just like the disaster plumbing pipes from the 80s.

Im upset that we’re not getting deep chroma blue stateside…

Cornbread 70's says:

Motorman, you hit the nail on the head @ 2:36!!! I was waiting for someone to say that the interior was better than the exterior! The interior is a gentle mix of Audi, Benz and Kia. Simple, clean, restrained and best of all….unexpected. Car of the year…

B Bee says:

Maybe the power rangers should fight the kia puttys. But, it’s the same color as high school pottery clay..so CRETE..short for concrete

hillcsi says:

Cosmic Spectre Grey!

Something Something Dark Side says:

Clay Gray

Ken Lai says:

How about C-4 Grey?

cagilber says:

Can’t wait for the G70

elusivellama says:

What kind of AWD system is this? I know it’s based on the HTRAC system, but is it a planetary gear or some kind of mechanical system to send power to the front axle, or is it like a Haldex-type with a clutch pack that can be fully disconnected?

Jonathan V says:

Wet cement

Gary Thomas says:

Steel lilac

cuban boy says:

Warning: automatic version is strictly for fags.

chitterlingsrtasty says:

Needs a manual

Richie Chou says:

Nicely ripping off Mercedes and Audi’s interior design without shame. And for the entire interior too. It’s hard not to hate on it when its so blatantly obvious and just shows the lack of creativity. Yea Kia’s come a long way.
Would love to see genuine Korean car designers/heads make Kia/Hyundai great instead of ripping off Teutonic designs and stealing German designers for their departments (those of you out of the loop, they had to buy out the ex head of BMW M and Audi/Lamborghini’s head designer to invigorate the company, and if I am not wrong recently, another BMW head of design). If Japan can creative original ideas with Lexus and Infiniti without resorting to copycating/buying out foreign designers, I dont see why Kia/Hyundai cant.

Sami Khan says:

Cum stain grey

Antsa Wahlrus says:

mouse gray, that’s it is

LokiDaFerret says:

Fax hood vents… Why? What were they thinking? Either remove them or make them functional!

b s says:

moderately wet cement

Tim Youm says:

Correction, Kia Stinger is not a FWD. It’s a RWD based platform which can enabled with AWD configuration

Jeremy JS says:

so right on toggle switches and unified controller (absence of). I hate the ‘blank wall’ approach to interior design currently in vogue with European manufacturers. Back in the day, I had a 911 with a random rear screen wiper switch hidden under the dash. Brilliant ! Built in theft protection – you couldn’t steel it because you couldn’t operate any of the controls unless you had lived with one for years ! Makes a car individual and fun

gabriel siria levario says:

Hermosos autos

Julie Tarver says:

Wet cement

MSi GS70 6QE says:

shoes like 16 year old…

Kshitij Shah says:

Literally looks like wet cement, but maybe ‘Smoke Gray’ would be a more appealing name?

ARich says:

Wet cement is a catchy color name.

Howard Hughes the 2nd says:

Metallic cloud grey

Netanel adar says:

exterior looks bad

LokiDaFerret says:

Gun metal gray

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