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Not since the Toyota 86 has there been a more anticipated car for the Australian market, than the all-new Kia Stinger.

The Korean brand is set to deliver a rear-wheel drive, turbocharged, practical family sedan at a time when all others in the segment have waved the white flag – but is it a case of too little too late, or is Kia about to reinvigorate the segment?

To find out, we flew all the way to the Green Hell, perhaps the most infamous race track in the world, better known as the Nurburgring. The venue needs little in the way of introduction, except to say it’s perhaps the most dangerous track on earth, with zero run-off areas and exceedingly high speeds.

Just another day, then.


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Supreme Etnel says:

Shortest Car Review I’ve seen on YouTube.

Mark Bivens says:

I like to see how the kia stinger and the 2017 SS Chevy compare?

Spandan Shrestha says:

great review…. said no one ever. That was a waste of time

renewer says:

No manual?

djdario8309 says:

Too short ,it is not like a review, that is not satisfying. I think you can do better than that .

OzzieTech says:

I wouldn’t call this a Review more a PreView 🙂

Chris Grigoriou says:

Car advice that was a joke. Really… Who ever signed off on uploading that video should be sacked.
Do you honestly think that was a good idea uploading that slideshow?

David Langston says:

Nice car KIA but I don’t like how low the seat is …. steering wheel sits up too high

antonio dicarlo says:

this nice car replace kia forte 2017??????

Del Johnson says:

Tells us FA

MrJewripper says:

no manual? only cvt?! yeah nah

TURBO Pepper says:

Take this video down. It is misleading. Not a real car review

madrx2 says:

It’s just so fugly.

Handbrake Skidmark says:

Why V6…..where’s the V8? Sounds like a Corolla and this review is shit. Go back to sleep fucktard.

Quinn Slattery says:

Did this guy really just use kilowatts and newton meters to describe the power of the car?

Jeff Keith says:

At two minutes i wasn’t expecting much, but … I was overly optimistic. Alborz, I appreciate what you’ve done with CarAdvice, it’s my favourite motoring channel. But gees you do some nonsensical stuff. No images or commentary as you drove the track. And you recommend ticking the box on an option that doesn’t exist yet. How do you know it’s going to be worthwhile?
The whole thing smells of junket to me. Sorry.

Anthony lawrence says:

back looks like the doge charger tho

Blake Swan says:

ugh not him

tasmania909 says:

So you flew all the way to Germany to record 2 minutes of fast moving footage of nothingness, car advice going downhill, Fast!

Miles Burden says:

Can’t film on track = wasn’t allowed it actually drive it I bet.

robcig says:

What”s the release date and anticipated cost in Australia?

Bob K says:

Review was useless as tits on a bull, why bother?

DML1122 says:

Waste of my time, this isn’t a review

Die rote Pille Philosophie says:

Jeez is this channel ran by a high school gamer? That was so amateurish putting out such a dumb video

Denzil "DJ" Johnson says:

KIA …. your like the Dark Horseeeee! these guy are stepping up there line of vehicles

Papa Husxy says:


Alborz Fallah says:

Sorry folks. I literally had less than 10 mins in total to make a video and no option to shoot will driving. This is the best we managed todo

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