4K Review: 2018 Kia Stinger Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

A sport sedan by Kia? Yup! The 2018 Kia Stinger is powerful and capable on the track, combining power and space with its turbocharged engines and 5-passenger sport back design.

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Brian Lawrance says:

It’s an ok car…but I’d rather get a V6 Camry or Accord. They are so much more reliable. Ive heard too many horror stories of engine and tranny problems in these Kias before even reaching 100K

pedro fernandez says:

People who buy brands won’t touch this, but those who buy cars, will.

fununcle says:

If they lowered the price of this car by $10,000 at all trim-levels they’d have a real gem on their hands.

Z Mich says:

I test drove the G90 with this engine, and even in that boat of a car it flew like a bat out of hell. I can’t wait to try it in the Stinger, and I’m even more excited to try it in the new, smaller and lighter G70.

mattn5160 says:

This looks like a very compelling package, but I can’t help noticing the huge amount of body roll and bounce in the chassis in every video review that I see. Can’t wait to test drive one.

XP-8 TIM says:

When you said the ride was brittle, was that in the stiffer sport mode setting or the comfort setting, because it does of electronically controlled dampers that change how the ride feels depending on the mode it’s in.

Steven P says:


bikebudha01 says:


anotheran says:

What’s important is whether jake thinks this a legit competitor to the Germans and whether Gabe would choose this over a bmw

Lou says:

The Toyota Camry XSE v6 2018 all day!

Michael Schneider says:

+1. .. Nice primer on the KIA Stinger … A suitable daily driver car? … Say the 2.0I . . . .

Dwalk22 boss says:

For the Kia haters try doing some research on reliability first before making a comment. Kia is in the top 5 most reliable cars according to consumer reports. It’s not Toyota reliable but it’s pretty good

manifest 73 says:

I would wait a couple of years before buying it save yourself about $10k.

Right Lane Hog says:

It is very bold of Kia to release this when sedan sales are tanking. It should provide a boost to their brand in the near term and then fade away in years 2-3.

carpuppy says:


Sheriff Adekola says:

Good job

XP-8 TIM says:

Multiple sources have achieved 4.6 second 0-60 times

95thRiflesOCI says:

Once again a Turbo just to give an extra 30 HP over a standard slick V6. Most manufracturers that want to stay true to form are putting in standard V6’s that offer satisfying power at all levels of acceleration.

N P says:

KIA has put the German imports on notice. The Chevy SS came with a gas guzzler tax. KIA is better engineered car. The Mazda6 for 2018 will come with an optional turbocharged 4 that will produce 250 hp with premium gas and 227 hp with regular gas. Torque will be a whooping 310. Once again the Asians car manufacturers are offering better value.

rabit818 says:

Manual transmission for me.

Christian Ardito says:

Did I see that correctly? $50 K for the “top of line” GT2? You realize that you can buy a BMW 340i with BMW’s legendary in-line 6, and despite complaints that BMW cars are getting “softer”, I bet a 340i would mop the floor with anything from KIA. Not to mention deliver a better infotainment, better appointments and materials all-around, and just for good measure, it’s a BMW, not a budget brand. Yes, the former designer from Audi may have made a car that looks the part but it’s still a cheap car made of obsolete bin parts. There are much better options at this price point if you think BMW’s are for snobs…

Ademola Morgan says:

1st here also.

Robert LeBlanc says:

The fake aluminum plastic trim in the interior looks cheap and dated, and I’m not a fan of the front nose styling, and it seems to be too firm to be a comfortable daily.
Otherwise, Kia seems to have a winner if they can iron out a few things.

ewilliamsz2099 says:

Nice review but that background music was killing me please don’t do that again. I feel like my head was about to explode.

aayonce4 says:

I would get this in a second!

넘잼 says:

I’d never thought want buy Kia. It is first time to want Kia. 3.3 is gorgeous

HW2800 says:

For around $10K more, I go for Audi A5 Sportback! Fully load S5 Sportback is around $74K!

Maxfli82 says:

This is going to be the most underrated car of 2018. Just because it’s a Kia. But it’s going to be a game changer for Kia as a brand. Schreyer and Biermann have created a beast. Thanks Kia for caring about driving and bringing this machine to market.

acidnut says:

I test drove the Stinger GT RWD last week and man was it amazing. Acceleration is top notch for the money. Exterior styling looks better in person and dat brembo tho. Interior pretty decent. I own a genesis coupe 2.0T and that thing is no comparison to the stinger GT in raw power.

SHANE says:

I design drones for a living in the Netherlands, so I think I know one or two things about design, and this car is stunning. Peter Schreyer is a genius, and Kia is even more genius for “stealing” him from Audi a decade ago. With that said, boy some people commenting here don’t know squat about cars. The Stinger was created to be “UNIQUE” among high performance sports cars. This car is a true sport Gran Turismo with the practicality of a large four door sedan. If you noticed how the trunk opens and how big it is, almost SUV like? Now name me one sport car you can possibly think of have the same functionality wrapped up to a beast engine with over 360 HP? NONE, you americans just love to bash the brand, and that’s your loss cause Kia is one hell of a company building solid, high quality cars.

Phos9 says:

I’d like it if you guys could mention that 35 profile tires have too little sidewall for peak traction.

Realtime Reviews says:

This is how sedans should be made from now on with the lift back to compete with SUVs! Otherwise sedans are useless

Blake Swan says:

Car of the Year right here. Not one CR subscriber will buy it. They only buy fwd Camrys

pedro fernandez says:

Some morons would prefer a CLA over this, just because it’s a Kia

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