Car Tech 2010 Kia Soul review

Although unimpressive to drive, the 2010 Kia Soul Exclaim offers practical interior space, a cool exterior, and a very capable stereo and phone system.


Brandon Shelton says:

Lol. When he said well, I’ll be damned, I laughed so hard.

Michaelis Salvatore says:

@alexzz10145 Kia had bad reputation in the 90’s but that is past.

menofat1 says:

id buy it for those sweet ass speakers with lights

VNasty70 says:

lol lil wayne , i miss my dogs.

uncoverbrother says:

seems like kia really held back on the first edition of the soul. i’d wait a few years to see how they improve on it.

Cory Skinner says:

@aaidenkardashian Im getting one like that!

elchicoboy says:

@ryanlsj it is sexier.

SouthDFWrep says:

I get the feeling this knuckle-head likes the car, but can’t bring himself to say it without haveing to do a back-handed slam.

brscth says:

Wow, they spend more than half of the review on the stereo. I wonder why anyone would by this other than to be hip and trendy.

kittaboo says:

omg cant wait until i get mine!

tom11zz884 says:

Kia Soul is outselling the Honda Fit, Nissan Cube, and Scion….Go

Lucas says:

@250Trojan You’re not driving it so why do you even care so much?

Chotchskey says:

The one car he doesn’t rip a new one is the one I own!!!!

bigT8214 says:

shoulda put a six in it

hydrofobik1 says:

Spent way too much time on the stereo. And who in their right mind would “skip” an auto for a standard?

JrSAR101 says:

0-60… eventually!!! Love it!!

TheHornyHomunculus says:

Kia used to suck but theyve improved. Theyre still not amazing but for the money you cant go wrong tbh.

chunky1x says:

Soul is a car that makes you happy just like the beetle was minus the hippies .

dejayreal says:

pink shirt , buttons undone , rapist beard n tash ……slightly camp

by the way , houndstooth looks gross . and do u hear the tick of that engine LOL

Emily Peterson says:

@victoriawillardx i checked on this car website and it was great for first time drivers. its got an award for safety and isnt that costly.

vipermoon64 says:



Jon Heck says:


not too good
0-60 in about 11 seconds, and kind of slow,

Lucas says:

@hydrofobik1 Standard is so much fun to drive though!

ChaksQ says:

Great reviewer, make me laugh! I don’t own one of these yet but I want to. Sat in a Soul Sport at the NYC autoshow not long after they came out and fell in love. One of the best interiors on an affordable car I’ve seen since the early 90s.

AwkwardPSN says:

now if it had speakers on the outside with the lights, would make more sense

TheCoutureCloset says:

I have one 🙂

Terry Crews says:

im pretty sure that bmw is his lmao XD

Dee Jay says:

drive by cable? engine looks anitque

uncoverbrother says:

moral: wait until the 2nd or 3rd generation of the soul. cute car, tho

jcer93705 says:

0 to 60 eventually AHAHAHA.

eddiedko says:

that lighting sound system is so cool! i want it!!

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