Car Tech – 2012 Kia Rio SX
The 2012 Kia Rio might look small but it packs quite a few tech surprises inside. CNET On Cars Premieres August 31st!

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Tomdomification says:

LOL 3:45. Nice sound 😉 Cool review.

Philip Arzaga says:

i like to drive my all new rio kia sedan car. the power to surprise. kia means rising in asia.

Gangstabob716 says:


pointlee says:

I will wait out a year or so for a used one, would it be better ?

lmg10ny says:

haha, u better hoe!

Jamal Productions says:

Here goes the VIN to the KIA since I know everything. KNADN4A36C6048104

B-MAN says:

COME OOONNNNN NEW CHALLENGER 392! I really want to know what they think of my car.. since I ditched getting the 2012 mustang GT.. damn getrag..

Trevor Horton says:

piece of shit lol

TerryFilming says:

GDi technology is loud.

Master Blubber says:

A nice honest car reviewer, Love it 🙂

Slimecrazy234 says:

It is very relevant. People buy RIOs because they’re cheap and within a tight budget. If you have $20k to spend both new and used you can get larger nicer cars.

Frank Bruce says:

I’d get it for my daughter …. Maybe.

lmg10ny says:


fariqaiman says:


Hari Kari says:

protip: cars generally depreciate in accordance with their base price. If you really feel like paying nearly twice the base price for a korean subcompact, be prepared to keep it. It’s going to lose a ton of value in the secondary markets, despite all that extra money you paid for the gadgets. I feel like spending that much (especially over what base is, yeesh) defeats the purpose of what the Rio is supposed to be.

oswald vazquez says:

can you please do a review on the new VW golf R pls! thank you

Mike Goodolds says:

It has two extra doors. Push button ignition ?

Dark0blivion says:

The issue is that the car market is serving new demands. It wasn’t that long ago that luxury features would only appear on gas-guzzling luxury cars. Now people want small, fuel-efficient cars that also have some bells and whistles. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that.

Slimecrazy234 says:

Yes but the reviewer is saying how the car feels upscale for an “inexpensive car”. He is in a $20k RIO which is not inexpensive. I don’t think the $13.5K model would get the same appreciation.

Ben Bence says:

all good

toasterbread75 says:

re up

luvmbooty3 says:

You can most likely buy a 2013 Honda Civic LX (a/t) around $19K or a 2013 Honda Accord (cvt) around $22K. So be careful when spending your hard earned money on cars just to get the options you desire. The LX trim is definitely getting your moneys worth…the warranty with the LX is worth it alone and LX still comes with satellite radio and bluetooth! Rio EX isn’t worth it. Spend $1K more for the Civic LX so forget about SX in my opinion. But iI do agree this is a great car in the LX trim. 🙂

umar luxat says:

I learned a lot

felp23 says:

I have it and I love it

WorldOfIvillis says:


Empie says:

reupload??? loool

afterstars says:

Well you could get one of these base around here for about 17, 800. or an SX for about 21k. For a few thousand more you’re getting a lot more toys to make you happy over the course of X amount of years that you’re going to spend everyday in. To me it would be worth it when you spread the difference over a multi year car loan.

Riswan Ahmad P. says:

Keep repeating at 3:46

blacuraRL says:

4:29 – 4:37 LOL you hear the car revving, yet the bicycle wins.
Bike – better mpg
Bike – faster
Bike = win

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