Car Tech – 2014 Kia Soul

The quirky, fun Kia Soul has been a hot seller, beating its competition. CNET’s Brian Cooley takes the 2014 Kia Soul for a drive to see if the new model lives up to its past.

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Bravo21 says:

The Kia Soul is also very practical as a daily driver and people mover. It does what it does very well indeed, and at a very reasonable price.

ATOMU says:

I have 2013 KIA Soul 2.0 litre. Its faster than my Honda Accord 2002(tuned up) for 0 to 60 mph. I always tend to accelerate my car at the entrance of highway right in front of my house and my KIA I know for sure is so much quicker than my Honda. SO I dont know why this man utters such a lame judgment on it.

Grimlock1973 says:

Kia Soul ! is the “best” bang for the buck vehicle you are going to get in the US today. Awesome review as always Cooley!

Brandon Swanson says:

He forgot to say there are fold in mirrors!!!!

pr says:

The looks are deceiving. As a typical Korean car, it has lousy engine and transmission. The most important parts of any vehicle.

Openfacefont says:

I love that they play Cnet videos at Target

Turab Hasan says:

This car has taken over the market share void left over by the Chevy HHR

Hector Naquiche says:

I’m having seconds thoughts about this car, thanks Cooley

Byls Hatsofun says:

Is it me or did they say “HIV” headlights

dygardion 91 says:

38 is eh? well damn lol

Keith Smith says:

Just bought the 1.6 liter. 15k for the base model, plus tax and gap insurance. Ran me 17k. Absolutely love it. Its light, nimble and feels quick. Not a lot of power, but you should know that already. The manual shifting makes this a fun car. I thought i needed the 2.0 liter, because that’s what they promote, but keep the $2k in your pocket, spend the money on upgrading rims, or intake, exhaust, or whatever. You will never miss the 30 extra hp. Plus, if you have a tablet, just connect it through blue tooth and you’ll have all the options that they want you to purchase with the exclaim version. The only thing I’d change or want is the panoramic roof.

Keith Smith says:

Yeah, I have three kids. Two in highschool and an 8th grader. The Soul suprisingly has more room inside than appears. I’m 6’4″ and fit just fine. Plenty of head room and leg space. But, I will say this, if you have a full load of passengers, the dynamics of acceleration and breaking are very noticeable. Nothing to get excited about if you get my drift. But, All in all, I Iove the car.

hnnotyy says:

Driving one for a rental now, not bad but the suspension needs work along with steering..

Andie San Dimasplooge says:

Eff you.   I wanna Canadian review.   Scre you American.

Cheryl B. says:

Sick man’s urine, f*ck you, pal

Grant Albrecht says:

I like what they are doing with it with all the features for the money, but it does look like a joke car. Why can’t they put all of those features for that price into a normal car that looks nice, the Forte for instance.

YU TIAN says:

eh! Haha, Cooley is awesome.

nanochase says:

While the top trim is a bit expensive for what is still an economy car
I see an oppotunity for Kia to expand into the luxury market
Upgrade the interior trim, real leather, better paint and accents and put a turbo on the engine and you could have a really interesting and quirky luxury car
that does not exist in north america
I would definitely sell better that the k900

brnd19921 says:

Hey Cooley, highway MPG for the Kia Soul is actually 31, not 38. 

That’s why I passed on the Soul and got the 2013 Hyundai Veloster instead (37 highway MPG).

Hector Vega says:

Been waiting for this review, thanks Brian!

Pinksnowbirdie says:

The 2015 Sonata looks pretty good, I wonder what the MSRP will be for a spec’d out model. I also wonder how CarPlay will work out for them… 

ChipzsTube says:

I want this car so bad!

JB Choi says:

Best in its class, no doubt!

Tim Joseph says:

The Kia Soul begs for an Applause. Eveytime I see a Kia Soul commercial comes on, all I can think of is hamsters and music artists, such as Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and Axwell.

UberTech says:

I’m driving one of these as a rental this week and I can say that its a great car. I do wish there was more trunk space, my RSX has better trunk space. But power is sufficient to get moving quickly if you want to, its not as bad as Cooley mentions. The MPG is meh. I’ve done mostly city driving and after 1/2 a tank I’m only 22 mpg. But what I love is the headunit. Everything is responsive and it just works. I think it looks good and I see it as a better executed Scion Xb.

Andie San Dimasplooge says:

This guy is a douche.  

Statimtek says:

Sick man’s urine? Yikes! Anyone with urine that color is not human.(Alien 2, get it ?)  Now the Solar Yellow paint, that  description fits  What a hideous color . Not sure which is worse Solar Yellow or Latte brown. Piss or Poo? Hmmmm. Kia should follow Honda Fit’s example and offer manual to at least mid level trim.

kozodoev says:

ugliest car ever

pcushen1 says:

“Sick man’s urine” This guy cracks me up. Critical in a funny way.

Eddy B says:

Lol ” the color of a sick man’s urine. Cooley tells the truth about every car he reviews not many people do that.

Nikhil Kashyap says:

Color of a “””Sick man’s urine”””. Cooley surely knows how to taunt.

Julian Morales says:

who else loves the commercials for this car

Gk says:

“0-60 , Eventually ” 😀 😀 Awesome review as usual 

ruzzell907 says:

I think Kia gets their processors from Intel maybe that’s why the navigation’s touch screen is so fast

whiteandnerdytuba says:

price considered this is just as bad as the other models he compared it to, small and small with a touch of slow. i laughed when he mentioned windows phone support and fell out of my chair when he mentioned no blackberry support

Dpark says:

cool to see kia have a little bit of fun with the naming of the packages.. the whole shebang. compare that with Ford’s package names like 502A and it shows that kia is actually trying to be more youthful

Dez Leighton says:

6:02.. Rated at 38 on the  highway? I don’t think so.

Adam Griffin says:

No Blackberry support?! I’m out. 😉

jon368100 says:

the problem with the Soul unfortunately is that it gained a bunch of weight with this redesign. that’s why fuel economy is not very good and neither is acceleration. I wanted a Soul for a while until I found out that it just does not get good MPG, especially compared to something like a Mazda3i hatch, which costs about the same.

Scott K says:

It’s called “Exclaim”, not “ehh” (!)

mattmc mc says:

0 to 60 in the Soul with 2.0 is 8.1 to 8.5 as tested by Car and Driver , and Motor Trend . These are respectable times for this class . I’ve owned three Souls , the third being a 2014 Red Zone and the Soul has plenty of pep

Andy Jung says:

Kial Soul….EH!

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