Car Tech – 2014 Kia Soul
The 2014 Kia Soul is the surprise of the 2013 New York auto show and a hit of the “box on wheels” movement, plus it comes stacked with some nifty tech.

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evilpeach2 says:


Isham Whittington says:

I want to see a head unit that has a good high powered CPU and runs full android. 🙂

craig2web says:

Just hope the MPG sees a big improvement – the current one gets substantially worse highway mileage than the Optima, and the Optima is significantly bigger and heavier.

Dee Jay says:

XB has a cult following from Gen1 and just better design. lol…I think Soul cult following are fat chics.

TheR4C says:

Oh c’mon just stuck a iPad mini in the front and u’ll have a quite nice setup which will work with all the iPhones these Kia fans have 😀

Peter Florrick says:

I am as tall as u

The Trumpian says:

Cool little ride but its overpriced. It’s not fast it doesn’t get super mpg it should be a $15k tops.

Omar Alomari says:

That not the point I was driving at, you CANNOT physically sit behind you.

James Hayes says:

Then why do XB’s outsell SOUL’s 1/4 to 1?

Jacob Mund says:

im going saturday CANT WAIT!!!!

Catelynn Marie says:

I want a Soul so badly ):

bigcrowfly says:

Looks like they also added a cargo cover in the rear.

bliglum says:

Attractive little car.. Kia sure has come a long way since the Sephia days!!

Mike Smith says:

KIA just replace that old fashioned emergency hand pull brake with a mechanical switch KIA I know you ca do better!

gil zur says:

Looks like a fiat

marc couturier says:

The new rear end is a WIN!

gil zur says:


lordlupine says:


chipsandcheesecurlz says:

I was actually in the red Soul ! which Cooley was in and it must have not had a firewall (wasn’t a production model I believe) because the glove compartment was so fricking deep you could literally fit a microwave in it.

Michael Wang says:

I was at the Auto Show yesterday.

highfivecortez says:

Yeah the old Soul was tiny on the inside glad they improved it

josef959 says:

This guy or Molly for car tech

Omar Alomari says:

“I could sit behind me”, I would like to bet that you can’t lol

Bencoe Reviews says:

I can’t stand how ugly the car is. Great informative video Though!

jacky jack says:

il est super ce kia soul . j’en ai un de 2010 .des que celui sort en concession je l’achete amen evangile selon jacky

Edgardo Amado says:

Cool cars

jeremylinfan says:

I’m 6’1 and i went to the auto show today and did the exact same thing. he not lying, there’s a TON of room.

Eddie Roberts says:

To die in a horrible fire.

VideoHeadII says:

I think for videos like this, it might be helpful to show images or footage of last years model, so we can get an idea of what’s changed. just an idea though.

PussMag says:

this car only needs a soul

Sandra Le Vett says:

I have the original Soul titanium diesel auto and love it..people are surprised at how roomy it is..I am glad they have enlarged the boot as that was our only niggle. I will possibly upgrade as I have had mine 4years now..! And so far…(dont want to tempt fate)…so good..!

Dee Jay says:

An XB can look really good if it’s souped up right but KIA is just plain uncool . Who the hell wants to drive a KIA other than your average Yuppies with no sense of style…you know who you are.

jeremylinfan says:

The inside of this car really has to be seen in person to fully appreciate it. It feels so much more premium than you would expect of a $14k car. The leather is really soft (i sat in nearly every car there, and the seats felt most like those on an escalade) and comfy and the trunk space is decent. It also has a REALLY strong new car smell, stronger than usual, but i liked it, it made the car feel even more comfortable. He also fails to mention that this now has a beautiful panoramic moonroof.

YOHOHOto says:

looks a bit like a modern Mini …

Daniel Park says:

Really nice car…. Especially the rear

João Victor Medeiros says:

Yellow version is amazing!

TechXSoftware says:

refresh a car???? I can’t even affort 1 car

TheRealAdamT says:

Put your tablet in your car like I do. My in dash unit is a Galaxy Note 8.0

zir786 says:

hes a really good presenter

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