CES 2018 – Press conference day

Video starts at 6:33
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Get ready. Monday is press conference day!​ And we have you covered with 10 hours of continuing coverage from all the big tech companies who will announce their big news. Here’s the lineup of scheduled pressers: 8 a.m. PT – LG, 9:00 a.m PT – Toyota, 10 a.m. PT – Panasonic, 11 a.m. PT – Hisense, 12 p.m PT -Valeo, 1 p.m. ET – TCL, Samsung, 2 p.m. PT – Samsung, 3 p.m. PT – Hyundai, 4 p.m. PT – Kia, 5 p.m. PT – Sony.

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Robert Leach says:


Kongolox says:

where’s the rest??


this is so boring

Schmetterling says:

hello everyone welcome to cnet *Live* (voice crack) 2018

Neo Hideo says:

this year conferences were very interesting, Akio Toyoda selfie was fun 🙂

Shambalili says:

cringe Cloi.

Deltax5 says:

Are they adding that hdmi 2.1 tech the tv’s yet.

Eva Martinez says:


g Thing says:

What’s up with Amazon tried getting some gpu’s they jack up the price by $149 in 2 occasion in 15 minutes? Is this the future of Amazon less competition online higher prices?

梁冠永 says:


Zhiping Song says:


Shawn Snow says:

LG roll up TV… he said 50mm rolled up. That’s less than 2 inches, not as big as his head like he said. That’s way more impressive.

Gamer Voice says:

time stamps please

LOL - Skin - Montage Combination says:

sub me pls

alphasxsignal says:

Starts up real soon

Random Stuff says:

This is gay as Shit.

scooby snacks says:

how are people living without wifi ovens and fridges ? or an assistant that ignores me.

Wei Wang says:

very long

King Kowen says:

A agree exactly with what you guys think about the LG ThinQ, including the no need for another assistant.

ReClipped Videos says:

need timestamps? check out &
use reclipped

FlipermanRog says:

lg AI i learn to spy you better 😀

izzettoro yilmaz says:

hi, I have unlimited data on my phone why I have to pay extra for video call on Samsung call please do not tell me about skype or Whatsapp this is Samsung video call option like FaceTime on iphone

Michael Jelves says:

Come on guys, you can talk to one another at the end of parts instead of just looking damn awkward in the jib shots

Zion Holmberg says:


og bro's says:

if you give me 5 likes I give you 10
if you give me 10 like I give you 20
if you give me 20 likes I like all your vids

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