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Mai Le says:

double clutch tranny? costly to service at 60k miles

John Donaldson says:

Bummer. No spare tire = no sale for me. Otherwise it looks very interesting. My money is on hybrids that have a space for a spare, or a spare. This is a starting point. If a car has a spare or room for one I’ll take a serious look at the other features and cost.

Michael 0788 says:

This is pretty impressive for the price point. I actually like the looks too. Modern without being cartoony looking. Toyota could use a few pointers on some of their vehicles (HRF).

Rob Evans says:

I like the bigger cargo area of my Prius V. If this had a bigger cargo area I would buy one today!

Jeff Morse says:

If it can’t be had with AWD or 4WD its not a CUV, SUV or “Crossover”. Its a hatchback. That said, I like it and would consider it.

Michael Holderman says:

With its lighter weight (due to being a hybrid) and only being FWD, Is this something you would feel OK driving in Washington state? I live in the snow belt in northern Indiana and was looking at a Sportage when I heard about this and the doubling of the MPG of that vehicle. Maybe sacrifice some MPG in winter by getting a slightly grippier snow tire 4 months a year? Appreciate any response you can supply!

Angel Niebla says:

Can Yall Do A snow test on the (Toyota Sienna) AWD like and comment if u agree

Nick Muggli says:

wow, great video add usual. I had no idea the Nero was going to be only slightly more expensive than the Soul. I’ll have to seriously think about this as my next car.

MJP Silverman says:

Is it above or below the Forte?

Mark Norman says:

Looks cheaply made

courtney Vegan says:

Your audio is great for my smart phone. That mic must be top of the line .

CyndyKated says:

any concern that the battery and gas tank are next to each other? : /

VocalVirgo says:

I don’t like cars. I only watch your videos because I like to stare at your face. #ImCreepy

Nicholas Avis says:

How tall are you? The car looks tiny with you in it

spythe says:

Torn between this and the Ioniq, leaning on the Ioniq because Hyundai and the MPG.

But the storage space in the Kia is nice for my line of work, not sure which one to go with atm

Eleanor Massaro says:

I’m surprised it doesn’t have the panoroof like the rest of the lineup

Doug N says:

Did Dave mention if it has fully independent suspension? The Ioniq does have independent all around.

Peter T says:

I Dave. My wife drives a cx5. As a mountain biker, dog owner, shooter, I love the utility. As a commuter, I wish it got better mpg, even though it is really good at 25mpg mixed. If I like the dynamics and space of cx5 will I find similar stuff in niro but with vastly superior mpg?

Vlad S says:

Nice review, Dave! Keep ’em coming!

Kia really stepped up lately.

mk phelps says:

how would this compare in size to a ford escape????

Alvaro Isais says:

Welcome to San Antonio brother

Teighlour Swyftte says:

Seems like a great car, but I don’t like how kias have low seating positions and it feels like you’re sitting in a bucket.

TheMirageowner says:

Thank you for the review, Dave. I currently have an older hybrid that I used for my work commute. It regularly exceeds the EPA’s mileage estimate but I do feel that the car sacrifices some comfort for the numbers. The Niro looks to be an obvious choice for my next ride. I like the the fact that Kia/Hyundai kept a conventional 6 speed auto rather than a CVT in this setup.

Turf Surf says:

Everything these days is a crossover……lol

BlackTower says:

I’m looking at the specs on the KIA website and it says 22.4 cu.ft trunk volume seats not folded…. explain?

Danny Nguyen says:

hey now. he’s listening to Howard stern

tigerbalm says:

I still think that the MOST important feature is an auto liftgate for when you have bags of groceries and cannot use your hand to open the door! This happens to me several times a week and it’s very annoying when I has to put stuff on the ground to open a door. My Jeep’s glass opens with remote, but still I has to lift a bag pretty high to get it in the back. I never understand designers don’t realize how drivers appreciate such a feature! I keep telling myself, “My next SUV/cross WILL have auto liftgate” and no excuses!

Robert Murray says:

Kia stinger

ecoRfan says:

Really need to test drive one of those. Looks real impressive.

chad haire says:

This is NOT a crossover SUV–it is a station wagon–the federal DOT classifies it as so–look at the window sticker….

T Urb says:

Do the second row seats recline??

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