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frameshade says:

Kia: We include a proper AC socket to the car. Everyman: Pff, would have been nice to see a usb here.

Dang Thao says:

the press launch was in texas, so is the kia niro texas sized?? LOL

Lucy Alexander says:

I have the touring and I average about 39MPG and I’ve been getting about 480 to 490 miles to the tank here in the NOVA area. It’s been a little cold here so I think that could be affecting the MPG. The engine starts over the battery when it’s cold and when the car is warmed up the EV mode kicks in. When it’s warmer, the EV mode automatically kicks in. I’ll take it over the 300 miles to the tank I was getting with my 2009 Ford Escape Limited. I LOVE this hybrid!

Helvi Hautala says:

Where is it built? I understand that Kia has a plant in Alabama.

NoteAndroid says:

Had both Prius and Prius V, and I’m looking forward for my 3rd hybrid. Niro maybe the next. But again, MPG is always on my mind, oh no not because the money saving. It’s the technology that fascinates me on how much higher MPG can a regular consumer can get these days on a mass market offered vehicle. (Did somebody said Tesla~? No I can’t afford that~! Tesla is not mass market “yet”. I’m waiting for T3) ) My 2008 Prius=37-39ish MPH on a good day and 2013 Prius V 33-35ish MPG on a great day. Niro looks a bit smaller than Prius V (not the 5th package, it’s the “Veee” for Versatile station wagon). But the good thing is Niro is a bit taller, and I can see further forward, which I like especially I live in one of the most aggressive and dangerous driving metro.

Allen Boyer says:

Having lunch here in Hershey, Pennsylvania watching you with your Niro and your dog, Hershey! Twilight Zone moment! LOL

Ike Phipps says:

oh I love the Niro also, don’t see how anyone can pick the Prius over this

Xsoul1000 says:

I was sad for a second: under the impression you were ending your blogs. Thanks Dave.

Yasir says:

hey Dave, why did you stop doing 0-60 videos? you have the car for an entire week, might as well.. just 2 runs in opposite directions, keep it simple.

Cory Morgan says:

Hey Dave, will you be getting your hands on the new 2017 Mazda CX-5 anytime soon?

christopherwgee says:

i’ve had my LX for about a month now and driving from Thousand Oaks to Burbank( a mix of highway and local with traffic) i’m getting about 50mpg over four fill-ups so far. lowest is 49, highest is 52. ride is pleasant, there is some sensitivity to cross-winds.

aag318504 says:

That mpg is disappointing, but maybe it’s the combo of winter fuel and cold weather. Our local news had one for a week and they were exceeding the EPA numbers.

Doug N says:

This is a super smart vehicle for Kia/Hyundai to put in the market. Along with the sister vehicle Ioniq, its a perfect Prius challenger but without the GeeWiz appearance.
I would definately buy one of these.

Mr Nobody says:

I’M excited to watch your video of that grand Cherokee

Clark S says:

Looking at this for my next car. Great to know my Felt will fit in the back! You should test the tri bike fit in all of your reviews!

Teighlour Swyftte says:

If you can fit a bicycle in a vehicle, then you can pretty much know that it has some good cargo space.

john ennis says:

Dave love your show however most folks can not afford top of line models. Please review lower trim lines cost less and possibly explain which options they can purchase and which ones they can not . thanks again .

680ecks says:

Im getting 36-38 in my 05 prius its cold and i live on a mountain. It is also much uglier and smaller inside. I like the look although in person it looks more like a small wagon than suv.seems like a good value at mid 20s. Im going to look at one to see how i fit.

Nick Eskridge says:

Recently bought the LX trim, best car I have invested in by far. I have averaged 49 mpg thus far with 1500 miles on it. Our household now has a Nissan Leaf and a Niro and I must say, our pockets are INSANELY happy.

1205shinky says:

Recently purchased a Kia Niro. So far we have 150 miles averaging 51 MPG. Not bad! Lots of cargo space, good looks, great gas mileage.

James VanAlstine says:

As usual, a great video. Thanks for posting.

Guy Tower says:

Nice job, Dave. I have one too. Regarding the low mileage you show, it’s one thing that intrigued me in this car. Everytime you fill the tank, the mileage is rset, to a low of almost 25 mpg, and then gradually goes up as you drive, si you might have been in that stage. I contacted the Kia dealer to find out how I could read my total mpg (i.e. since i purchased the car), irrespective of refills. that info is not available. I love this car, but there was another feature that was strange. in my previous cars, I would start the engine, and the music will by default pick up where I last left it, usually Meida music coming from my iPhone. In this Kia, the default is always Radio, which means that everytime I go into my car and start the engine, I have to bypass the Radio default and press the Media button, silly waste of time. I was thinking of maybe locking the Media button down with some tape, so as it becomes the default, but that would look nasty..

gsxellence says:

What’s the name of your dog Dave 🙂 Cute

Tommy Siro says:


sj892 says:

I own a 2016 Prius Two. I get about 61.5 mpg average commuting 80 miles a day on I-5 in stop & go traffic and 80mph sprints in the PNW. We have lots of hills here and cold/rainy weather. I expected better fuel economy from the Hyundai/kia “Prius killer”. The Niro definitely looks better that’s for sure. I do like my Prius interior better though.

twinklesunrise says:

got worried at 2:49 bc of where your hand was when closing the door!! love all your reviews they’re the perfect balance between thorough and concise. 🙂

MrSh0wtime3 says:

The standard features on the base model are just unbeatable for the money. Kia has brought hybrid to a larger market IMO with the features, prices and looks of this model.

Saillens Dumay says:

1.6 GDI motor.

G JM says:

Leased a Niro a week ago, we love it,

Ike Phipps says:

wazzzzzzzzzup Dave, I just wanted to say that lol

J Segal says:

I had a Lincoln that had an exit seat that crushed passengers. It could be turned off in settings. Kia really does the upscale features, tho.

Phrancis5 says:

Everyone reviews the nicer looking, but pricey lower mpg Touring version. I’m interested in the 52mpg “FE” version and I would think many others who are looking to buy a hybrid would be too.

Golden Retriever says:

The bike test sold me. Where do I get one?

Mitchell Pritsker says:

The taillights of the Kia Niro looks the same as the Jeep Cherokee.

Michael Anderson says:

very well done review i just subscribed

Gene Naftulyev says:

Did you say “Trash Control”????

Ivan Vojt says:

Avoid the Touring trim if you want better MPG’s.

sportsMike87 says:

actual looks pretty good for a hydride

Igor Florez says:

I´d just buy one today thanks to you. Monday I´ll be driving.

Knuffy025 says:

I Have the Toring in the Same Colour

Iris Gross says:

I wonder how the February car was red, and this car is white?



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