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turbotommyguns says:

No driving it?

Marcio Giesbrecht Souza says:

car seat for the kids, if a adult can seat in the middle of two baby seats

Marz says:

Kia has come along way.

girlsrockurboyz says:

It needs neck plugs and name it franken vagen…

Hammer Home says:

I’ve lost interest in your video’s , geek of the weak intro’s

Bb Vv says:

I have just bought 2016 Kia Soul at end of year sales so basically new.  The gas gauge readings are wonky.  When I fill the tank it seems like I get more mpg than if I’m just driving with 1/2 tank.  Have you noticed anything weird with the gas gauge and mpg?

1989deyaa says:

Thanks, Dave, for not changing seats configurations during the review so that the true space inside the vehicle is displayed. This is something that other reviewers, for some reasons, do not do.

dinh says:


Eric Xavier says:

i really want to see this review!

strikezero01 says:

better this than Suzuki Jimmy. But still Soul and Renegade are still head to head in my brain.

missangie29 says:

I’m an avid Kia Soul fan, I’m in the UK and I pick up our third Soul in January can’t wait love it so much! Great review

tom jones says:

Dave that hat looks awesome on you

joseph llanas says:

test drive and 0-60 speed test

George Bastuba says:

Would to see how a set of golf clubs fits it this car. Really, I’d love to see that on every car you review: a regular sized golf bag with regular-length driver IN THE BAG.

Henry Lee says:

Those fog lights are rock pebbles’ magnet.

Copernicia Alba says:

so this isn´t a car for terrible streets at all?

Holden says:

Does it have adaptive cruise control? If so, could you give us your impressions on how well it worked and at what speed range. Thanks!

Joshua Smith says:

We have a 2016 Soul + and I’ve been extremely pleased with it! It isn’t a luxury car by any means but it’s comfortable and practical for every day use and has a lot of features that you will spend upwards of 40k to get on a BMW or even a Toyota. I’m disappointed they decided to put a dual clutch in it tho, I just got rid of my 2016 Tucson because the transmission was so bad in every day driving. I wish they would’ve stuck with a traditional auto and maybe offered a manual in the turbo.

Simba TheGreat says:

I want a Kia Soul ! Turbo, or Kia Forte Koupe turbo…

Mark Goodridge says:

I pray that you and your family are blessed blessed for the new year (2017) and that you channel keeps growing! Happy new year!!!

Carol Hernon says:

I’d like to know about the smoothness of drive. My 2014 Kia Soul + is not very smooth, to me. Esp speed bumps and driveways. Kind of a truck-like drive.

The Advisor says:

Hello handsome, what a nice hat!!! It would be nice if you could answer my previous questions about the 4runner, will you? I would appreciate it…. Krdgs, The Advisor.

molarois morais says:

man.. Dave you could said buya again.

deadmeat1240 says:

Is there a spare tire or a fix-a-flat?

Chrisell says:

I would like to see the illuminated speaker surrounds in the doors, I have a 2015 Soul and mine are terrible, you almost can’t see them when their illuminated.

Doupik says:

During my test drive, I had only one bad impression: steering wheel feedback in the center. It seemed too lose, too sensitive, so potentionally dangerous as being too responsive to minimum inputs aronud the center. Can you comment on the deadzone of the steering in the full review?

azulrevolver says:

So that’s what they did with the Veloster Turbo engine.

antonio dicarlo says:

nice car

dquangt says:

$27k for a kia soul?? damn that’s a lot.

chapds says:

I’m actually looking at a Soul now. My lease on my Ford Transit Connect Wagon is almost up and the Ford Dealership I got it at, has some good people, but the techs suck. Customer service is a huge deal to me and if you don’t do a good job, I move on.

For the price, you cant beat the Souls. I’ve been reading reviews everywhere and most people who have, love them. I don’t need the turbo, but wanted to perhaps get one and lease for a couple years before the AWD Kia Trailster comes out. That sucker looks awesome. I like to go to the mountains and snowboard as well as hit the beach and surf. Only thing is sleeping in this would suck. That is why I leased my van in the first place, as with the seats down, it’s a mini camper basically. But my Ford dealership didn’t do there do diligence with me, so out it goes.

Here’s an article on the AWD Trailster. Looks awesome… https://www.kbb.com/car-news/all-the-latest/kia-trailster-concept-soul-awd-hybrid-ready-to-roll/2000011699/

LSX KING says:

Hey Donnie Walhberg look alike, how about a an engine shot or test drive!!!

Neil Vermeulen says:

Got the 2015 flavour. Diesel though. Very impressive to have lived with this car for a while. Everything is effortless. Nothing is trouble. It does what you want it to do without any hesitation. Love it.

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