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Kia Pro_cee’d GT
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aspiringdrummer17 says:

They’re not, otherwise people wouldn’t buy them. The new Clio is the best car in its class and the i20 is a joke on wheels.

benanderson89 says:

Did you fail GCSE Mathematics? The Megane RS is close to £26,000 – its 30% more expensive than the PCGT!

TheStressD says:

Im not going to lie its one of the best looking hatches sold to date.

mamba109 says:

While in the US, all we have are ugly sedans =(

myleftearful says:

Otacorp that’s rubbish.  The GT has Ncap 5 star safety rating so shut the duck up!

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

Kia and Hyundai have really stepped up over the past 10 years and this car just shouts their intentions as ‘serious contenders’ even louder. More handsome than a Golf with virtually the same power but for less money. It’s a brilliant first attempt! The other car makers should be worried. The Koreans are coming!

GameAdmirer says:

Peter Schreyer is doing a good job facelifting Kia

adidasaddict says:

All looks a bit of a try hard fake GTI to me.

drsnowmon says:

This is the best looking hatchback in it’s budget class IMO

BaeZZiSoccer says:

+Guanghao Lei You bloody chink being jealous of not having such a hyundai or Kia motor?  Go to suck Chery 奇瑞 Chery Wuhu, Anhui

Kh Wong says:

the side window beside driver’s seat looks quite long lol

AHMADF93 says:

I didnt see this guy sitting at the back. Comfortable ? Im not gonna believe him for that point.

웅 Seven says:

Kia bring this car to the U.S. I will buy one that’s a promise. And unrelated to this video but VW bring the Scirocco And Scirocco R to the U.S. I will buy one of those as well.

John Bollinger says:

Too expensive in my country. $37K for a Kia Pro_cee’d GT or $39K for a Ford Focus ST. There is no more value in driving a Kia or Hyundai with these prices.

DeVon Carter says:

like this car and wish it have a 4 doors, also here in America so people can buy it 🙂

Francois Botha says:

pulled that one out of your ass


This guy drives like an old lady, he is too close to the steering wheel 

interceptor213 says:

Can’t touch the Megane RS

Josh Uddinn says:

Its still a kia lol

3dkiller says:

bad review its to short

BaeZZiSoccer says:

Otacorp / Hyundai + Kia is far better than your chinky (Chinese) car.

Filipe* says:

Renault?? Renault is a fucking shit

adidasaddict says:

Better looking? No accounting for taste lol

benanderson89 says:

Why sod paying 20k? Its cheaper than any car if its size and class by several thousand £s with far more standard kit and finish – or do I need to remind you that the “meh” Golf GTI costs a cringe worthy £27k?

Barry Wanders says:

Looks like a try hard gti ? Its only you rat charles and stevie wonder that things that its a gorgeous car and i think itll do well.

Mark Atkinson says:

wow, I can’t see one hint of a GTI in this, it’s far better looking to my eye.

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