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Kia Rio hatchback 2014 review:
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The Rio is Kia’s entry in the supermini class and a cheaper alternative to the Ford Fiesta. All-new for 2011, it continues Kia’s march upmarket and benefits from smart, contemporary styling, generous space inside and an appealing engine range — two diesels (1.1-litre and 1.4) and two petrols (1.25 and 1.4).


benanderson89 says:

The 88mpg figure (73mpg US) is for the 1.1L three cylinder Diesel engine with a manual gearbox in the UK. The 1.4L engine with a manual gearbox has a real world return of 41mpg (34mpg US). We get the 1.6L engine in a much larger car called the Kia Cee’d, and that (again, manual gearbox) returns 43.3mpg (36mpg US).

If you are getting 26mpg (31mpg UK), blame your driving habits and automatic gear box. Put it in manual mode and change gears around 2.5/3k rpm for max efficiency. 2k for a diesel.

Toni HCDU says:

kia rio or suzuki swift

CarCrazy says:

from the back, this car look-a-like seat cupra

eternalhalloween1 says:

I don’t deny that I was impressed by this car. It’s cute and it has a lot of nice things about it.

But what would stop me from buying it is that Mat pointed out that rear visibility isn’t so great.  

John A. Sabha says:


Badr Alshaer says:

Can you make a review about the Kia Cerato/Forte please 🙂

Peter Sims says:

My old best mate had one of these. He used to call it the sewing machine because you had to get the pistons going up and down very quickly to make the power. I borrowed it for a week and having had owned a Mazda 2 (and loved it) I found the car had some incredible blind spots. The dash instruments are nice, its quiet, warranty is nice. The brake assist is more of an annoyance for someone with good clutch control. The 1.4L 6spd was gutless. Good car but if fun is your thing, it’s not for you.

Attractive design says:

what the f
different between kia rio and pride

Heinrich Redelinghuys says:

Bought my Rio 1.4 Tec about a month ago and I must say I am very impressed.
The extras you get as standard are really awesome. Park distance Control, Electric Wipers, Electric Lights, Bluetooth, Climate Control, Leather seats etc… And it gives me 5.5litre / 100km (18.2km/l). I was completely sold when I found that the new Kia range were done by an ex-Audi engineer. And I can see that in the quality of all the finishing as well.

Lastly, when I compare the price with other competitors, in South Africa, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta & Mazda 2, are between 10% – 15% more expensive. So the choice was obvious.

PeeVee says:

I’ve been driving a Rio for just over a month and could’ve not been more pleased.

bassem gamel says:

L love it

prometheus994 says:

a cheaper alternative to the Ford Fiesta..? maybe no ok…? =)

Voltikz says:

i actually already own this car, my first car and i must say, i love it, i have driven the Ford Fiesta and the Renault Clio, but i dont really like them, ok granted the rear window is a little bit of a problem same with the A pillar, but that being said, i find it harder to park in the other two, its great to drive, but dont expect the 88mpg, i drive as smooth as i can and cant even get that on the motor way, but i do get the high 70s in the 1.1 diesel, you get about 400-500miles of range in the tank, depending on how you drive and where, but be aware there is a few more problems with this car, for one, when you put the wipers on you get a very bad chattering from the drivers wiperblade at the bottem, and the worse one, is sometimes you cant put the car in reverse, you have to select first, and then reverse, the lip in the boot is high, BUT for me, it isnt so bad, i keep my daughter pram in the boot so when we go shopping, none of the shopping falls out and i do keep the pram in the boot when we go shopping, the back is actually alot bigger than you think, my 6ft 4 brother can actually sit in the back with room to spare, his head does graze the roof but nothing that he isnt used to, you do get some major noise when going over a rough patch on a road but no more than any other car, over all, its a really good little car, nice and easy to drive around town and on backroads, a little bit more noisy on the motorway than id like, but a good car

MrKikoboy says:

at the moment there is little difference in diesel vs. regular gas here in NA ( pennies ) – I don’t understand why they won’t give us the options here….

Istvan Homoki says:

Good and fair review.

Al says:

sorry i am taken

Stain Dell says:

I am driving Kia Rio (LX+ Automatic Rio5) about a year and half but I am getting overall 22-26 MPG also one of my friends having around 24 MPG. I don’t understand why the car makers tell such a LIE about the MPG. It is not even nearer to their claim 88 MPG.

Teribus13 says:

I have a Kia Rio much like this one. In fact, it is the same 1.1 diesel model, in 2 trim, and in the same colour. In fact my registration number was only a few letters away from the one in this video! (got a private plate on now)

Al says:

I want that car!

Mark Lloyd says:

Just got one days ago and have fallen in love with it!

defandj says:

my mom is gonna buy that car 😀

Karan411 says:

kia rio 1.4 or vw polo comfortline(1.4)???

Ray november says:

Just bought one… Fantastic car… Very stylish… Comfortable… Economic.. Well made… I just can’t believe its Kia… Really love it

DB3 says:

Dangerous driver eyes on the road mate

MRB says:

type not tipe

Ediana Capps says:

I love my kia rio hatchback! 🙂

Bambang Wahyu Utomo says:

I just bought this car and the result is very satisfied…it’s been my dream car since 2012. Praise the Lord.

juan def says:

don’t buy a Rio from new. buy a 5 year old one.
I made the mistake of buying one of these. 2 years later and low mileage with FSH. its worth half of what you pay for it.
£2200 for a 5 year old one…
fuck buying a new car ever again.

kosar mustafa says:

Looks great i might get one in white or cherry red

connor harris says:

did you go for the diesel or petrol?

rezboy90 says:

88 miles per gallon? I think he meant 88 kilometers per gallon.

TheMaleforce says:

I’m in the states just now and note here that the Kia Rio comes with a 1.6 liter 138 HP engine and a 6 speed auto gearbox, if anyone from Kia reads that how come in the UK we get a 1.4 107 HP engine and an old fashioned 4 speed auto.  Oh we also only get the option of hatch back where the USA gats the sedan too, please explain why we pay the most but as usual get less choice and specs.

Theo Harrison says:

We’re getting one soon.

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