Kia Stinger 2018 in-depth review – better than a BMW or Audi? | Mat Watson Reviews

The Kia Stinger: a car that takes the Korean brand away from the sensible and affordable, and against some genuine performance cars. This top spec GT model gets a 3.3-litre turbo V6 engine which places it very much in Audi S5 Sportback and BMW 440i Gran Coupe territory. So can it compete against the premium rivals? Find out in my full, in-depth review.

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Bhaskar Bisht says:

Is this even a review video…seems more of a comparison!

George Mavrides says:

Get that Audi, BMW and Merc and cry when the charges start coming in after the warranty expires.

Luis Alves says:

Review of new kia optima

David Lees says:

Stinger GT-Line with 2.0TGDi for £319 + VAT with Kia Contract Hire!

Future Flash says:

whatever it is, im still gonna go for a Golf R mk7.5 .hahaaha

Mr.Mister says:

It looks quite nice but Kia seriously need to rework that badge because it just screams cheap. Maybe Kia could do something like Toyota did with Lexus.

ᄋᄋᄋ says:

I dont know cars very well and Mat’s reviews were great guideline to learn more about it. Never seen him shaking the car so bad like this review lol. Well I felt Mat as my good teacher whos teaching me the world of cars and today, I am very disappointed… I don’t know about stinger but i just don’t feel like this review is objective….never felt this way before when watching other reviews done by Mat…

Gi Han says:

Carwow please hire another car reviewer this guy is more biased than any other car reviewer I seen. Redline Review is so much better.

Lol this guy is so retarded. “What if you have a phone that is not Apple or Android?”. Are you kidding me? Every phone is either Apple or Android. And consumers these days want Android Auto or Apple Carplay. Enjoy spending $75 a year on your BMW subscription.

vxm525 says:

Very biased review indeed. BMW & Audi have their flaws…cost & reliability. Kia was able to build a really nice car for a lot less & likely fewer problems & fewer maintenance cost over time then both BMW, Audi or Mercedes.

Brett Tinder says:

Some of you identify with cars, and are taking this review way too personally. Calm down, take a deep breath. The car isn’t perfect.

EZZAM SE says:

Stupid review

Tariq Kiani says:

Mercedes-Benz is more better

Vas Me says:

Looks they compy mercedes inside. And a bit of bmw outside.

Brendan Tong says:

I’ll say the quality of a car oughta be judged by how durable it is rather than how wobbly. I dun mind it wobbling cos I dun go wobbling it, I’ll b nuts if it comes off tho.
Also, there’s plenty of us out there who prefers to enjoy loud exhaust from our sports cars without annoying everybody else.

MatWatsonCars says:

Hi Mat Watson here. To all you doubters of my integrity I’ve done a short video wobbling some other cars’ centre consoles to see if they flex as bad as the Stinger’s

Major General says:

A lot of butthurt K-pop fanboys lol

Alex Rudaj says:

*lets be fair here, noone will buy a fuckin kia before an audi, all of these haters are just broke and probably cant afford BMW and Audi even if they sell their houses* so no matt, kia will *NEVER* beat eurobeasts…

vikash74 says:

Mat stop mocking the Stinger…it has better build quality than the shitty Jag.

junaid375 says:

This car is disrupting the mafia of overpriced german junk…hence these “experts” are trying to find ways to downplay what Kia has acheived here…

Liam Kim says:

The worst review I’ve ever seen. It seems like he shot this video only to criticise this car regardless of the truth. The truth is Stinger is more reliable and cheaper car without any compromise in quaility. What a shame on your beloved German cars. I am dring Audi and I was quite satisfied with it until this car came out. I no longer want to pay way more to buy overpriced german car any more. There is no wonder that german car is good, but there are other car brands that can make cars with similar quality (and better in some ways) for a reasonable price.

john sun says:

Respect Matt for not fallowing the hype of this car! Too many blatantly sponsored reviews of this crap already.

권현철 says:

You are not qualified to review cars.

Gavin Nash says:

One dislike for Matt and One like for Kia.

Gabriel Du Toit says:

Interior isn’t as good as bmw and audi

Joseph Stalin says:

The interior is ugly

Jack Barrett says:

That’s Audi A6 money..

Will Yang says:

My ride’s an MB CLA and I have lots of cheap and hard plastics throughout the cabin. And before anyone says “it’s just a CLA,” I’d like to remind the brand conscious that it still carries the MB star and I’m part of your “elite
Euro car family.” Have to say that owning an MB has been a lot of hype and quite disappointing. I definitely can’t say the German 3 are superior to other marques in any absolute sense.

Kudos to Kia with the Stinger. I think it’s a very good car and I wish it was available when I got the CLA. Maybe Europe will get the Genesis G70 one day which should be more to Euro tastes.

Kóté Geri says:

I’d go for an alfa giulia

PT Aviation says:

Nice review overall! Thankfully Matt is actually being fare with this review and doing its job like it should be done! Unfortunately many car journalists out there already decided that the car is absolutely brilliant even before testing it and just skip the bad details about it. This is not a biased review Matt is just showing its opinion. If you don’t agree with him, please explain why you don’t agree with him instead of just saying that this is a biased review. Matt made some really good points about the Stinger and he is comparing it with its German rivals like it should be done.

Brendan says:

Very biased & unprofessional reviewer

Stephen edwards says:

lolol wait untill the paint starts flaking off

Simon Lim says:

This type of review is a waste of time as Mat prejudiced against the car to start with. May be because it is made by Asian.


kia gooooooood ♥♥♥

Ricky Anthony says:

It’s funny how Mat showing the wobbly bits of the interior put me off this car so much, right at the start of the video.

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