New Kia Pro_cee’d GT sneak preview – Geneva Motor Show 2013

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Kia has a long automotive history and yet it has never produced a hot hatch – until now that is. When you take a look at the new Kia Pro_cee’d GT it is hard to believe that this is the Korean manufacturers first hot hatch as the sheer sportiness of the car is outstanding.

The Pro_cee’d GT builds on the standard model with new styling tweaks and a punchier 1.6-litre engine that delivers 201bhp – which is around 68bhp more than the standard hatchback model.

We found out a bit more about the Kia Pro_cee’d GT at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.


superfilipino says:

they should of done this to hyundai elantra gt it reminds me alot of the elantra gt except for the fact its 2 door which i wanted hyundai to do that with new elantra gt for awhile as a new type of concept design and i guess kia did it first.they need to do this to elantra gt i know the stock engine i believe 1.8 liter not 1.6 i had the older elantra gt 2005 and it was 2.0 liter.and i like the older elantra gts.cause you can swap 2.5 liter engine from the older tiburon’s.i like the fact kia turbo

Car Keys UK says:

Yes me too, got to admire what Kia has achieved over the last few years. Hopefully they will be able to get the Pro_cee’d GT right when it launches 🙂

Car Keys UK says:

Absolutely! Looks slick and affordable

arfer says:

I expect the boy racers to be all over this……great styling.

Car Keys UK says:

It is a great looking car isn’t it. Do you think it will be a good competitor against other hot hatches?


Reminds me of the Hyundai Veloster without the 3rd. door.

Aresnalmotto says:


DarwinBlaine says:

It is a great looking car and has decent hp but because it’s not as fast as other hot hatches (and probably isn’t as well balanced) it needs to be a lot (yards) cheaper than its mainstream rivals to succeed in having a following worth mentioning…I hope for the best, go Kia 🙂

Tony Guerrero says:

ima trade my optima turbo as soon it comes out

Mark Blu says:


fortunate son says:

Looks nice, but kia lacks the efficiency on the engine.

Car Keys UK says:

Haha I am sure Kia wont disappoint, both in terms of low price tag and of course driving fun!

shanebrain says:

Im in love with KIA and i was a VW fan when i had my golf 4 but i got the KIA cerato…and since then i have been in love with KIA…mite not be the fastest but i love the style…This car is close to my dream car…the Audi R8…and in a sense its not so far from that…i hope its at a bargain price.not more than the new optima ex 2.0

김준 says:

kia is the God thesedays!

rudie akong says:


janrdoh says:

Might not be the fastest hot hatch but just look at it.Take my money now.

Niraj G says:

When is the release date?

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