Off-Road: 2016 Kia Sorento AWD on Everyman Driver

The 2016 Kia Sorento builds on everything we already like about Kia’s midsize crossover SUV. The new Sorento is bigger, but not so much so that it sacrifices the old Sorento’s maneuverability. The 2016 Sorento also has more high-tech features, offering things like adaptive cruise control, an all-around-view camera, and Siri Eyes Free for your iPhone. You have a new engine to choose from, a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that splits the difference in performance and fuel economy between the standard 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and the upgrade 3.3-liter V6 engine. The styling inside and out is sharp and spot-on, and the driving experience is also markedly improved. We’ll put it this way: If you liked the old Sorento, you’ll love this new one. New Sorento buyers have a choice of engines, but it gets complicated. Standard in L and LX models is a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder offering up 185 horsepower, 178 lb-ft of torque, and the best fuel economy – 29 mpg on the highway. The standard engine in EX and Limited Sorento SUVs is the new 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, with 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque.

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tonka says:

its 240 hp not 260,thats torque

Pedro Teixeira says:

Get som Xiaomi Yi. Same quality as a GoPro but 1/8 of the price!

Suraj Divecha says:

Dave will a Volvo XC90 review be coming anytime soon?

997speedy says:

do more challenging hills like in you previous videos

SystemRichie says:

Dude you definitely did NOT skip leg day LOL

yahhello says:


OMAutomotive says:

#askeverymandriver dave when will you start going through some of the ponds again that was the best?

ahjwille says:

Hey Dave, SInce you did the same drive on the Honda Pilot. Which is better Off-roading? Pilot or Sorento?

Matt A Garcia says:

thank you so much! I have been waiting for a video like this one. I really like the Sorento!

Aidan Sandy says:

in T&T there is an option for a 2.4L turbo diesel.

Ramon Carter says:

The Sorento is a good looking CUV rear end somewhat look like the Toyota Highlander it’s LED taillights but overall better CUV from Kia.

Mark Mangus says:

You teased Mudfest with Sorento, but don’t see a video of it.

Carlos Pereira says:

the kia sorento is the only decent looking kia, i just can’t see me getting a car with a kia badge though, just can’t do it. honestly i will get a toyota sienna before getting this just because it has a kia badge. maybe kia can change their name and maybe come around in a few years.

Nguyen Do says:

Thanks for the videos, very informative and great quality. One thing about the off-road tests, you should make a comment about the stock tires on the vehicle, and how well they grip (or don’t). Also, the road trip video with the Sorento was very well made too. Gives a good impression of the real-word use for many of the more advanced features of the vehicle.

mrwanted175 says:

Do a Toyota Highlander off road video

Fishy says:

Damn, your legs…

Victor Milani says:

you got the horsepower and torque figures reversed but informative review

Richard Tanton says:

Nice video. Gives the feel of being there. Very relaxed, but informative presentation.

Luki W says:

Great off-raod review.

Ramon Carter says:

Kia and Hyundai are doing so well with their lineup. Most of their vehicles looks luxurious and affordable making best bang for the buck.

snazari1994 says:

How much do you squat Dave ?

Younis Alboloushi says:

First instrumental name plz


I thought that was an acura

tonka says:

its 240 hp not 260,thats torque

DC Johnson says:

Although I wanted the Hyundai Santa Fe and still kind of do, I opted for a Kia Sorento. I have a 2013 LX AWD 4 cyl. While it is, so far, miles more reliable than the Jeep Liberty I traded in, the 4 cylinder engine’s 175 HP leaves a lot to be desired. My initial thoughts were that it was adequate for acceleration but as time goes on driving the car it’s kind of a chore when passing and merging onto the highway. I have been thinking about test driving a V6 Sorento.

I originally thought this 2016 revamp was hideous and definitely looked too much like a minivan without the sliding doors. Though seeing this off road review has slightly altered my views and may actually grew on me LOL. As usual a very good and well thought out review.

Austin Cordero says:

Honestly I’m not feeling the off road reviews anymore. There’s is a good chance that the people who buy these SUVs won’t be using them off road. Can you do more real life driving? Like regular city traffic and then some highway miles as well instead of every other review an off road review

airobyou says:

so much slip 8:45….

Ken Watt says:

When your talking ground clearance of these vehicles ? How come you never talk about Subaru Outback and the Forrester ground Clearance ? It’s right up there with Kia , Dodge , Volvo, Hyundai. Have you done a test on the 2016 SUBARU’S ??

hconn says:

Can you try it in regular mode (without any offroad features turned on), then try it again with all offroad feature enabled in future offroad videos?

WayywayyH says:

Where is this park?

Adrian B says:

I actually bought a sorento v6 awd 2 months ago, took it to an ORV Park here in northern California and it did 10/10 I was very happy with the way it performed, climbed about 25 hills,a ton of terrain types ,no issues. had some problems with clearance but the awd system is brilliant.


WORST test-drive ever!!! All you did was stay flat and drive in circles…. What can this VAN do??? Yes it is an AWD VAN!! Not a SUV.. Put some real-tires on it and see what this VAN can do!!!

smurf131cr says:

It would have been better if you tested the v6.

Egan Fo says:

I love the Gauntlet portion.

drink15 says:

I was just going to ask when you are going back to the 4 cam setup.

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