Review: 2014 Kia Sorento on Everyman Driver

Having undergone a more extensive update than its mildly refreshed exterior would suggest, the 2014 Kia Sorento is now an even more appealing package for tech-minded shoppers who want 3-row flexibility but not the bulk of a typical midsize SUV. But the Sorento is also available in a 2-row configuration, making it a viable alternative to 5-seat SUVs like the Ford Edge, too. In either case, the 2014 Kia Sorento offers more features for the money – including a leading-edge infotainment offering – with little to no compromise in overall refinement. Similarly sized competitors include the Dodge Journey and Mitsubishi Outlander, but the Sorento is the clear winner in that race. That’s why we named it one of the 10 Best SUVs Under $25,000 for 2014. Kia says more than 80 percent of the parts in the 2014 Sorento are either all-new or redesigned. The net result is an SUV that looks a little different but feels significantly more refined, and offers an impressive set of convenience and infotainment technologies, including the new UVO eServices system.

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Rajendra Adhikari says:

Thanks for the review. Did you guys get a chance to compare it with the EX model which has 18″ wheels? I am considering getting the SX model, but I am not sure if the 19″ wheels will lead to a rougher ride quality. Any suggestions?

alkeli78 says:

Great review guys! All reviewers should take note of what you guys did and how you covered so much.

Rajendran Thabendran says:

what is this music, can anyone tell me

Jay Ho D. says:

oh yesh, I’ve hit the Subscribe button, really into your reviews , find it pretty informative and nice filming too. Your welcome!

bitkahuna says:

first thing guy in cap says is it’s a 2013.  so which is it guys?  fogs look like ’14.

mostmosk moskmost says:

have noticed the ghost at 7:00 ?

Yohan Perera says:

Love the music selection 😀

santos Ventura says:

Great video

Domine Koritnik says:

What about CHEVROLET Equinox, CHEVROLET Tahoe, Cadillac Crossover, Cadillac Escalade, RANGE ROVER Sport, DODGE Durango, … they are best quality, best prestigeous vehicles, while not owning one kia sorento will give you satisfaction. We vote: ‘no kia’.

janson key says:

You must be a Jap car dealer or something so Hyundai/Kia hater,

longucd says:

It’s nice that you guys review so many cars. It’s bad that you guys are the ones reviewing it.

kinggzz says:

WARNING!! DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE FOR ANY REASON!!! battery constantly goes dead WHILE DRIVING!! had to coast to many parking lots and replaced 4 batteries in 2 years. dealership basically rolls eyes and throws up their hands. been told is some kinda computer malfunction and they cant trace it down. DO NOT PURCHASE, you are putting your life in the hands of this pos while driving on the highway.

Domagoj Kovačić says:

I suppose we are driving mostly children on back seats 🙂 I’m personally 6 foot 1 inch but person behind me 99% of time wouldn’t be taller than 5 foot 8.
Anyway, 2015 Sorento is bigger than this one, test it., Although it seems to me this one is prettier outside. at least for me.

Cristian Principe says:

guys. it’s not a minivan. If you want more space, buy a Sedona!!!

Fr Va says:

Love your reviews. Leased this vehicle about 3 weeks ago, after watching your review. We were looking at some of the other more expensive SUVs, and none of them can compare when you start matching options. Everything is standard in this vehicle, cost extra in the other vehicles. The price may seem high, but it has everything. We are really pleased with our SXL.

shaho sheakhany says:

how can i turn front fog lights for Kia sorento

TheGabriel116 says:

Good review…

Ethan Martin says:

“Its amazing what another inch can do” LOL

OneNewOpinion says:

Neither korean, nor japanese cars are not engineered according to western standars. So please, don’t be disappointed, if you falsly bought one. The better, wiser and responsible buying desicion is to choose one vehicle, such as: Fiat Chysler Group, Ford Motors, Chevrolet, General Motors, Lincoln, Cadillac, Jeep, Dodge, Land Rover, Range Rover, Bentley.

fandi1770 says:

9:25 – That’s why the button is created so that you don’t have to manually close/open the trunk door…

Stephen Hendricks says:

Have the last generation Kia Sorento (2013).The Sorento is often criticized unfairly for interior space because it fails to provide the same 3 row space of CUV’s like the Mazda CX9. Yet the KIA is 16 (!) inches shorter than the Mazda and only 5-6 inches longer than the RAV4 and CRX, neither of which offers a third row. It’s true that the third row is viable only for children or short trips for 7 adults. But the KIA is a COMPACT CUV with extra space and utility, not a midsize CUV lacking space.

TheGeniusNoodle says:

hey people im so confused about the kia sorento sx and the lx….. while the lx has a small screen in the interior while the sx has a bigger screen plz help

Everyman Driver says:

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stalain2000 says:

Alex another “inch” you guys are awesome and entertainment. Probably there best online reviewers so can we see the latest and greatest Chevy traverse, and chrysler town and country please. The 2009 model of the town and country had an interior table that came up and the second row seats were reversible to play cards with the third row seats on the table!!

Harvey X says:

Long term tests are my needed…

Dave Hooker says:

hmmmm 2014 kia built in 2013?

TheOkeyone says:

Please don’t hate me because I’ve had three KIA’s. Now the Sorento SX makes four. Great car, great price, and great warranty. If you don’t like them…..then don’t like them  but don’t hate me because I have one. 

peter b says:


Allen Yee says:

6 years bumper and 10 years on engine/transmission

Marty G says:

I own a 2013 sorento love it but I hate the new tail lights shape looks to weird

Donny Ausby says:

I’d rather buy the honda pilot touring

Minccioshawott says:

this looks ugly sorento 2014, it shows very fat. The 2012 and 2013 versions look better

Everyman Driver says:

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hnnotyy says:

9,345 Kia Sorentos equipped with 2.4 liter engines from 2014 recalled for a manufacturing issue that may cause the right front axle shaft to shatter.

Donny Ausby says:

Da fuc did I type



MakeSh00t says:

people comenting about space strech legs. 

danny g says:

I bought a 14 sorento limited with everything exept the polished wheels on October 2013 and I absolutely love it. I was actually looking at the 14 acura mdx which it was 45k w no rebates and it didn’t have the same amenities than the sorento which was 38k but got it for 34k with 3 miles on it. My fav thing is the push start and the pano roof, down side is it only has a 14 gal tank and it could be a little quieter.

nancycsp10 says:

Just purchased one yesterday and already noticing the difference coming from a Jeep Liberty. It is much smoother and a lot of the features are perfect for my kids. At 30K it’s become acceptable considering all the features I am getting. Definitely happy. KIA has done a great job on this vehicle. Props to them.

Tom Anderson says:

Awesome car owned for 1 year the best suv for the money.

Terry says:

If this was comparison with the Ford Edge Limited who would win?

Everyman Driver says:

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PaxhaWho says:

Good review

liddlebopeep says:


omg101man says:

i would rather buy a Mercedes m class suv. 

Arcticarc1 says:

But what feature would you get in those luxury cars at that price? Nothing even close to that. Would cost like 65-70K to get that in a benz, bmw, etc.

KillaBLP says:

Grocery getter? For 40000 plus, I’d say it’s not a grocery getter.

NOLAItsNotOva says:

@OneNewOpinion Do that and watch your repair bills rack up

JustLucky says:

go kill your self hater

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