Review: 2015 Kia Sorento on Everyman Driver

Kia gave the Sorento SUV a thorough makeover last year, enhancing its chassis, engines and interior. For 2015, the Sorento continues with only a few minor improvements designed to make it even more appealing to tech- and fashion-conscious buyers. The Sorento’s 7-passenger flexibility makes it ideal for growing families, but Kia also offers a 5-passenger option that allows for more generous permanent cargo space. Although the Sorento scores big in the areas of power, safety and fuel economy, its biggest attraction is the amazing amount of features offered for the money. Because of its flexible seating, the Sorento can be cross-shopped with a number of popular models, including the Ford Edge, Dodge Journey, Toyota Highlander and Nissan Pathfinder. Because the 4-cylinder engine isn’t markedly cheaper or more efficient than the V6, and because the V6’s 290 horsepower is a lot to feed through only the front wheels, we recommend the 2015 Kia Sorento with its new V6 engine and all-wheel drive.

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Abdullah Zaghloul says:

Thank you very much! It was very helpful!

richarderic1984 says:

He means “Oh-Shit” handles. I imagine not very many kids watch these videos. It’s okay to say shit!

Bekim Krasniqi says:

What? what happened to the 10 year 100k warranty? 

vitalsignus1 says:

Few problems to mention-3rd row seating they added took away the additional hidden storage that was formerly behind the 2nd/backseats, which was deep enough to accommodate the windshield wiper fluid jugs.  Those jugs are a necessary evil to carry around with you because 1)the dispenser for windshield wiper fluid is SMALL.  And 2) WIndshield wiper fluid motor tends to freeze in the wintertime because it is located behind the passenger side front tire (close to the snowy ground).  I have heard several complaints about the push-button start on the Hyundais and Kias not working because of a problem in the braking sensor.  Its easy to bypass if you know to press the start button twice and then hold it down the 3rd time until it bypasses the brake and just starts but what everyday mom is going to know this?  Both Hyundai and Kia have stated they ‘cannot replicate the problem’ meaning it doesn’t give off an error code so they will not pay to fix it.  I myself have a 2011 Sorrento and haven’t had that problem since I only have regular key start but it does make me nervous if I wanted to purchase a model above my EX. 

Everyman Driver says:

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Mahmoud Medhat says:

Wondering how much is it in USA, it costs 660k pounds in Egypt!

Scott J says:

Is the 2016/2017 models worth the price in terms of upgrade to the 2015 model? Debating between a used 2015 SX vs a 2016/2017 EX.

JM76Miller says:

I’ll keep my 07

Robert Prechter says:

excellent review, until it came time to talk about the gps system, and then i was like….wut

Skyler91 says:

In europe we get 7 years. DAMM YEAH!

(lol, nobody really cares)

clobbyhops says:

the same gas mileage as the the Hyundai santa fe, same horsepower too????

H Short says:

It might be appropriate to discuss the electronic speedometer needle that is very difficult to see on sunny Days.  I have a 2014 that Kia refuses to address the illumination issue or acknowledge the presence of a sensor to dim the instrument panel in bright light.   My 2012 Sorento was one of the best cars I have had, the 2014 the worst…..from what I see the 2015 is very similar to the 2014.   Kia’s service and response has been less than poor…will never buy a Kia again.

J kK says:

What if you don’t have kids or “small people” friends????  These vehicles aren’t built for adult comfort…they’re all about style and looks.  Small SUVs are a joke.  They are nothing but renamed station wagons that you cram yourself into.  Back in the 70s, they started out as trucks with caps on the bed and they morphed into the present day SUV.  They are designed to drive off-road but most never see any thing worse than a Mall parking lot.  They still  tip over very easily and are responsible for thousands of roll-over deaths each year.  The auto industry loves them because they can charge higher prices for them and they know we will pay it.  As for gas mileage, vehicles in Europe are getting 20 miles per gallon more than the ones we buy in the US but the industry doesn’t want you to know this either.  Cars built in America back in the 20s an 30s were getting 30+ mpg so what’s the big deal with 28 mpg today????

Mua bán xe Ô tô giá tốt says:

It’s not 2015 Sorento 

Ross Hash says:

Haha “Oh blank handles.”

J kK says:

5 Adults and 2 midgets…LOL

Nyahbinghi says:

Hi Dave, you compared this Sorento to RAV 4, how does it compare to the Highlander?

손창민 says:

아니시발 수출하는차정도만들어라…제발

Fast81Z28 says:

Thanks Dave.  Best review of the Sorento I’ve seen on Youtube.

Earl Matthew Avila says:

+Everyman Driver & +Everywoman Driver, please do test drive & review of 2015 Kia K900. Thanx!

ahjwille says:

RAV4? You mean the Highlander?

jimmy saah says:

I have a question, its kinda stupid, but when you turn the car off do the 12v power outlets turn off too? My current car is a 2006 Jeep liberty and the outlets stay on, i really hate that!

J kK says:

That’s the mileage I am getting with my 2008 Kia Sedona.  Gas mileage isn’t improving much.  For those of you who are educated, you can thank the  bad gas mileage on Ethanol.  That nasty little additive the federal government forces use to use now.  It also destroys engine parts and components in your engine over time (but they don’t tell you that either).  Do yourself a favor and do some  research on the subject.  Ethanol robs you of at least 10% of your gas mileage.

CanadianCarReviews says:

We own a 2013 Santa Fe and I see a lot of the same parts. Are the two CUV’s sisters?

JM76Miller says:

I want a real suv / truck.  I just carried a 14 gun fire safe in my 07 Sorento.  Did fine.  I like a small to mid size suv that has a frame and can work and has the ability to go off road.  That leaves my 07 Sorento and my old 02 s10 Blazer.  I don’t want to go to a full size pick up.

Charles allen jr says:

I test drove the Kia Sorento LX and EX models (2 row) Both vehicles drove great and surprisingly drive quiet. Wait until you the 2016 Kia Sorento. It’s even better. You can’t go wrong with either 4 cylinder or the V6.

toddgabweg says:

I am waiting for the review of the 2015 Kia Sedona minivan- curious how it will compare to the Odyssey and Sienna… our family needs a minivan.

vito libido says:

God for bid someone actually reviews the base model and not the top trim

Ivan Vojt says:

The 2016 is suppose to have a larger 3rd row.

Noconz0727 MC says:

Hey Everyman. I keep coming across your videos. I like what you’re doing. Keep up the good work!

Graudlandre says:

the ford edge is not a competitor of the kia sorento. The ford explorer, with also a 3 row, is its competitor.

cassmanio says:

I would wait for the upcoming redesign. I have a 2013 with the older 3.5 engine and I am getting 22 in the city 27 hwy. I think the new one will have more gears which should help with hwy mileage.

Charles allen jr says:

+Everyman Driver Car Reviews I test drove the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport2.0T and the Kia Sorento LX and EX (4 and 6 cylinder versions two row)Even though Kia and Hyundai are mechanically built the same. I’m leaning more toward the Sorento because of the better steering and interior. Kia is more the “upscale” version of the two. What do you think?

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