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mfmf100 says:

If you don’t need as much space, you can get the same engine is more comfortable, sporty package in the Elantra sport.

Ivan Vojt says:

“don’t spin” = “no trajectory”

Jason Boydston says:

Nice review, I have a 2016 Soul 1.6 and like it a lot. Looks like you are in Kellogg, how well did the turbo work going over 4th of July pass?

Ginette Gagné says:

Good review! I got one (Sx Luxury in Canada) or Exclaim with Tech package, Roof, etc… I really like this car…

Gilberto Solorio says:


LSX KING says:

Hey Donnie Walhberg look alike, another review without driving …wtf dude!!!!

H. J. Babilonia says:

Hi Dave,
Is there a way to get in touch with you to send you a set of drawings regarding an existing Kia concept? I want to propose some “edits” and would like to get feedback from you before sending the proposal.

SimpleGamer says:

It would be better if the rearview camera was more hidden that way it’s not easily exposed to dust and all that. I do love the steering wheel though.

Travis Cyprien says:

Sorry to say i have always love the 1st Gen Soul The Second gen just doesn’t have that surprise effect like the first gen did. The first gen refresh was very surprising to me and i have always like it. First gen refresh is the 2012 and 2013 Soul.

Frank Elyar says:

Dave you stated 49.5 cubic feet with seats down. Darn car has shrunk lol. My 2014 soul has just over 60 cubic feet with seats down.

Andrew Dhulst says:

you’ve got more miles on your ’17 than I have on my ’16

Clay Joh says:

i paid less for 2016 WRX

Charlene Jaszewski says:

Would have been nice to have footage WHILE you are driving, so we could hear things like road noise, and how loud the engine revs when speeding up.

K Zayas says:

Are you sure it has no spare tire?Did you check under the hard-foam thing that’s under the carpet in the cargo area? Because mine is there.

Dwayne Ogilvie says:

I know I keep saying this, but how is it that this vehicle has better hood struts than a 50k explorer.

Marlene K. says:

Enjoyed the review Dave. Wow, the 2017 Hamster seems smaller than my 2011 Soul+ titanium grey ride. Wish mine had a backup camera though. Does the 18 inch wheel size make a difference in winter time driving?

SimpleGamer says:

How was the DCT? Any good? I have the Kia Forte 5 as one of the cars on my list and it has the same DCT. Would love to know how it is. Thank you!

Chummy Chime says:

Fit vs Kia? Base vs Base? which one would you purchase with your hard earned money?

cance7984 says:

Only one USB port? That’s inexcusable in a 2017 car.

James Guischard says:

Hey Dave I watch all of your videos!! I work for Kia, the backup camera on a Soul is different than the other models. Example a Sorento or Optima moves with the steering wheel, because it has rear traffic alert (senors in the bumper). Hope this helps. Thanks excited for what’s to come.

theshonen8899 says:

Turbo and a dual clutch…but no paddle shifters?

Alan Dominguez says:

There is a spare tire, it’s under the 3 bin compartment. I also thought it didn’t have one but I lifted up the compartment in my ’16 and there it was!

azatecas says:

I want an awd model

K03sport says:

FYSA, the lower round red thing on the rear bumper are reflectors…how did the projector lights do? any visibility issues at night? were the light up speaker rings a distraction when driving, especially at night…what did you think about the durability of the interior bits – dials/knobs/switches – the things you touch daily…last thing, other than the trajectory lines w/the backup camera, usb and seat backs, is there anything else you would like to see changed or updated to make the experience better? what did every wowan drive have to say/think about the Soul? This or the Honda HR-V EX or Fit EX?

Statimtek says:

Gee, has the Soul shrunk? My 2015 has an advertised 61.3 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded down. The Turbo is a nice addition, even though my 1.6 is peppy sometimes it’s a little slow.

Justin David says:

When do you plan on reviewing the 2017 Honda CR-V?

KS_2015 says:

Pretty good video, Dave! Will you be doing a 0-60mph test at all? I’d LOVE to see how this compares to the previous “generation” Soul’s 2.0L NA 4 cylinder. I have a 2015 Exclaim in Cloud White with the Umber package and would love to see the differences between mine and the turbo. Thanks!

Stéphane says:

i love my Kia Soul SX 2014 (Montréal, Canada) , now with a turbo yesss, but i would love to have a AWD version. thanks Dave love your reviews i am a fan since 2012, keep going

Liveshmun Mohindee says:

Great video man!

Chris Sparks says:

The gas mileage in average driving is no different than what I get with my 2012 Kia Soul. They were suppose to come out with an AWD version and I thought a 2.0 Turbo. I guess that won’t happen.

This Guy says:

Backup camera lines are probably an option you can change?

Nicole Kroplewski says:

Actually i disapprove your argumentation about the line when you reverse; I like them as they are.

sfludd says:

Gotta admit, Dave. You seemed like you just wanted to get through this video LOL. Good job, none the less. I had a good laugh.

Ivan Vojt says:

Also a shark fin antenna, a backup camera that pops out behind the Kia logo. I didn’t see the means of dropping the seats from the cargo area. 60 / 40 /20 would be nice. Getting 3 in the 2nd row, ain’t gonna happen. I do like how Kia is getting back to the splashes of contrasting colors. Wasn’t aware of the lack of a spare tire, I wouldn’t lease one because of that. I read AWD was in the works, I guess not. Kudos on the power passenger seat & heated and cooled seats. No 2nd row vents and just 1 USB port. You can keep those seat inserts.

Joe Palmer says:

Hokas huh!!! Nice

Pete Trebesch says:

My issue is the front end look. It is a bit chunky from the headlights down.

acche2 says:

Soul needs a good independent suspension at the rear.

Jeff Horton says:

How did they like that California license plate in north Idaho!!1 Lived there in the early 60’s.

Shawn g HD says:

Range rover mini. Nice

therealme812 says:

Hey Dave. These a pretty funky looking vehicles. This is one I would rent for weekend. I don’t know about buying this when Kia makes both the Sportage and the Sorrento

darkmyst00 says:

I like the Soul, wish they had an option for AWD for snowy roads. Would be way on top of my buying list then.

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