Road Trip: 2016 Kia Sorento on Everyman Driver

The 2016 Kia Sorento builds on everything we already like about Kia’s midsize crossover SUV. The new Sorento is bigger, but not so much so that it sacrifices the old Sorento’s maneuverability. The 2016 Sorento also has more high-tech features, offering things like adaptive cruise control, an all-around-view camera, and Siri Eyes Free for your iPhone. You have a new engine to choose from, a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that splits the difference in performance and fuel economy between the standard 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and the upgrade 3.3-liter V6 engine. The styling inside and out is sharp and spot-on, and the driving experience is also markedly improved. We’ll put it this way: If you liked the old Sorento, you’ll love this new one. New Sorento buyers have a choice of engines, but it gets complicated. Standard in L and LX models is a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder offering up 185 horsepower, 178 lb-ft of torque, and the best fuel economy – 29 mpg on the highway. The standard engine in EX and Limited Sorento SUVs is the new 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, with 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque.

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jagroop singh says:

haaaaha good dancer ha! haha like your dance man

Jowazi says:

Thanks for the detailed video! What is your pair of sunglasses by the way? Looks cool ::D

chapsparanormal says:

Which model is tested here?

neil Yang says:

Great video I’ve ever seen. It is really helpful to get the right car for me.

Effram Coleman says:

more about the vehicle how did it fell were the seats driving in the rain

Ryan Nap says:

Loving the blog style. been shopping for a new SUV and you’re my first stop for reviews. thanks so much!!

turnergor says:

Very informative! Thanks. Upgrading my old Sorento and the new Platinum is on the short list along with the Prado and Pajero. Tricky decision, but you’ve shown me aspect of the Sorento I didn’t know. 😉

chapsparanormal says:

Awesome vids Dave, Been debating a 2017 2.4 AWD Santa Fe and a 3.3 6cy Sorento. Back and forth no idea. Do lots of commuting, Santa Fe seems most prudent choice but heard the are shaky on rougher roads, which I travel a lot.

GR3YD3ATH says:

like the travel blog, need to do the kia optima hybrid or hyundai sonata hybrid. go hwy 2. 🙂

Vinh Dang says:

nice car. so what the name of this great song 🙂 thank at 08:05

humanityisislam says:

super video

T Mac says:

Your videos are great, probably my favorites. Would like to hear recap of cabin noise, comfort, overall general handling of the vehicle while on the long drive. Keep up the great work!

Gadnager 85 says:

La mejor review que he visto de Kia Sorento, Saludos y Adios!

Robert Devoy says:

Thanks for the video. It appears the highway gas mileage stinks, which is very disappointing. I’ll be retiring soon and I’m looking to buy something new that will be great for long road trips, but gets closer to 30 mpg highway. I guess I’ll be crossing the Sorento off my list of possibilities. I’ll bet I could get better highway mpg with a new Ford Mustang GT or a BMW M235.

Yippie says:

Hope you’re not drinking 5 hour energy drinks also with all of those Starbucks stops.

malbisco says:

please continue with the road trips!

force legend says:

More like these please, great quality.

This Guy says:

For fuel economy run, should’ve had it in Eco mode instead of Normal.

Rick C says:

love the road trip video.. just wish you would of taken your pet! 🙂

JCA says:

Road trip is a good format for car review. In particular for vehicle that is built for road trip… keep it up.

floyd watt says:

These mpg videos are extremely helpful for me and others since the estimated mpg which car manufactures claim aren’t always the most accurate.

Artorius says:

I love Portland OR

Chris Lentz says:

How was the comfort level with the seat after being in it for so long?

Conspiracy Theorist 84 says:

Do more road trips!!

Oscar Rivas Morales says:

Bueno video ole amigo mio gracias por tu aportación.desde ESPAÑA mil gracias.

Greg Joop says:

do more road trip video’s

Paul Giannamore says:

More of this…it is more reflective of what makes us love or dislike a car.

Jerald Gwapo says:

no heads up display?

Deep 'n Tha Lab Music & Philthy Basement Productions says:

Felt like I was in the SUV with you. I would like to see more like that

Israel Estonina says:

Very cool video. keep on it! road trips vids, i really like! Thank you!

Stanley Powell says:

Dave, I love this style of video blogging. Sorry it took me so long; I had meant to say that the first day you posted this video. Please keep up the good work.

Katherine Szewczyk says:

Great video I appreciate the details. I would have liked more info on the interior size of the vehicle such as 3rd seat option? Im looking at this for a rental car in Costa Rica but needed to make sure there will be room for all of us and the luggage. Keep it up!

Zac says:

Enjoyed your reviews. A pity the Sorento in Singapore aren’t up to spec!

Gabriel * says:

I really like these style of videos, very entertaining

Christopher Brown says:

This video is both making me regret leaving Washington and making me want to buy this vehicle.

jwchoi721 says:

This is the best style because it’s different than every other car reviews.

Mario Lozada says:

Great video, is v6 o 2.0 ?

DroverChicago says:

Is this the new house? If so, I’m digging the new neighborhood. Looks much more established, matured, and woodsy.

Peter Wilson says:

Good video but for a road trip what about factors like seat comfort, ventilation, ease of use of controls etc,the small details that seldom get mentioned.

kevin lee says:

definitely do another road trip again. why? because unlike other reviewers, they talk about mpg based off on the paper but your review is actually the real thing. you put it to the test and its what make your review unique from other. probably go over the car more (idk if you did that on your other video) but great video amd sexy looking sorento

Lee Beato says:

Love it. Not boring, do some more!

Leong Chee Yung says:

Absolutely like this. Some drone shots would be nice too.

Randy Hartono says:

Like your videos, but add some car specifications bit more… Thanks Dave

morg4620 says:

Love the road trip video. Was stationed in Washington back in my army days.

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