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Joe Medrek says:

I love the steering and maneuverability of my 2014 Kia Soul +.  The comfort mode for the steering is my personal setting.


So I’ve got a 2015 Kia Soul…does anyone else have one? If so, I have a question…the fuel economy is 24 city/30 highway. Well my meter is saying I’m getting 37.2 average for this current tank of gas. I’ve consistently had higher fuel economy. Does anyone else experience the same, or is my meter not reading correctly? Thanks!

TishaElle says:

I’m sold on this car ! I want one so bad

Ariel Cordero says:

Love this new Soul Exclaim! But also love the Kia Forte. Can’t decide on one or the other.  🙁

Joe Medrek says:

My 2014 Soul + is called Gus Gus

Statimtek says:

I concur with the gas mileage  complaint. Low to mid twenties on a 4 cylinder B segment car? That is  not acceptable.

MidnightFUn12 says:

Kia soul or hyundai tucson?

MortimerEsq says:

One of the selling points of these, if one is sitting on the fence between Honda, Toyota, or Nissan, is that these come with a 10 year, 100K power train warranty, which really matters after the honeymoon with this car is over.

Impala Daily says:

If it was awd, no doubt it would kill the competition

Owen Devlin says:

Love cars! This one’s my favorite. 

Super Stealthy says:

if you want better mileage get the base standard. getting 45 mpg

MeanGino says:

Bought a 2015 base model on Fathers Day. I love it! I got the base model because it has a stick. It’s only got 130 horses, a turbo would have been nice, but hey, it’s all good….

InfamousCrimes says:

I wonder why this video is interlaced?

Vin Ramirez says:

MPG needs to be better. I get better MPG on my 2011 2.4L Accord

Connor Tasker says:

I’m so confused what to buy looking for my first car I want a Nissan rogue which is a little bit bigger than the soul but also costs more yet the Nissan gets better gas mileage.

Quantay Peoples says:

How reliable is it for long term travel? I want to drive cross country…

Stu Rose says:

Hey Dave, I sell Kia’s and the Alien Green is our number one seller out of all the Souls!! Lol Just an FYI.

Everyman Driver says:

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Perry Litton says:

How does kea soul perform in the snow

what iz the real says:

I just bought the 2015 Kia Soul base model and I’m getting 33 MPG combined in Albuquerque. i really like the inside of the car and it handles much better than you expect. I’m happy with my purchase.

JDM Toyota says:

I don’t get why people want AWD on cars. In Canada it snows about 2’feet in the winters and its is about -25 degrees Celsius and my dad is fine with a FWD 99 corrola.

Giorgio P says:


Andre Lefebvre says:

Leg room in the back – when you have to twist your feet inward, that’s not enough room. Imagine a 5 hour trip, you want to stretch a bit more and not cramp up… 🙂

Head LIne says:

I rented, accelerating very slow too much gas the basic things no good
I live in Toronto, need good acceleration in signals
I got horn every signal

Alexis Mol-Hdz says:

Soul or optima?

JHobe says:

I just got a 2016 Exclaim with pretty much the same features and I’m loving it so far. It didn’t come with Melissa though and that makes me sad. 🙁 Otherwise, great review, pretty thorough and practical review of a car that fits more people than most would admit.

Д., Янчaн says:

This car is better than any other competants 

al liuk says:

2013 sportage seat belts faulty fire department had to cut 2yr old out seat belt would not release belt got tighter and tighter

eriksic says:

That voice sells it….

matty protano says:

i just bought one brand new, i got the exclaim with the sun and sound package (all options, including the huge stereo display, minus the HID lights and leather seats) all for a total of about $20,500. what a steal! on the kia site i was looking at almost $27,000 for the same soul exemplified in this video.

Captain Jash says:


spunkmonkey jones says:

I used to make fun of these. Then I went shopping for houses and rode in one with my realtor. I can honestly say I walked away totally impressed with both the build and ride quality.

kevin77111 says:

the only bad thing about this car is the poor fuel economy

nick golden says:

I’m 6’5 and I fit with some extra room in the back!

Jarvis Mitchell says:

I bought a 2015 Kia Soul Base Model. Got some 20 inch Chrome Blades on it now. Love this little ride.

One Man’s Vintage says:

not much legroom?? I’m 6’3″ and I can sit behind myself. Overall you’re not going to find a better package, priced UTE in this segment. 

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