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Simon A says:

Out of all the car reviewers on YouTube, you are by far the greatest! I appreciate everything you do, cheers brother! Just curious to know what’s your go to car ?

Happy Trails says:

Have a 2014 Kia Optima and love the panoramic sunroof!

Lyndon Berkley says:

I think you and your wife need to do more of these. You get information and you two crack me up

Tedster NV says:

Can you do a review between the 2016 Subaru Legacy and 2016 Kia Optima, I’ll be waiting.

Imatechguy says:

love yall chemistry great video

WMW0 00 says:


David Zavala says:

very nice review Dave, one suggestion I got is to test the bare bones, basics model. not everyone has the cash to get the top modules, so is always good to see how much do you get for the least amount of money. The heated seats, we’ll I live in Socal so it’s something that I would never used, now ventilated yes but they always comes in the highest trim. Also speedometer should at 100mph max, everyone has 160 and it’s just waste dashboard space since I will never go past 90, tires won’t even take you past 130, that’s why I like digital dashboards, your customized the way it better suits your needs, like I’ll get rid of the tachometer. Mugs, we’ll kia/hyundai always have had issues with this, so when looking at mom’s I always look at the city and minus 1, that will be your real mpgs.

Chris Monroe says:

Just bought my first Kia! I should be happy….. but I am not. The car is garbage. VERY UNRELIABLE! Save your money! DO NOT BUY A KIA!!!

DigitalYojimbo says:

12:00 lol thumbs up.

ekskog15 says:

Nice video! I love the idea of PiP combining in-car view, showing Melissa and you chatting as well as road view. Nice and interesting. Great job, Dave! Best greeting from faraway… Poland 🙂

Min says:

hot car

Ethan Moreau says:

This guy is incredibly handsome. Damn, please fuck me. I’m 21 latino male, slim, top, but I would love to bttm for you.

AdvancedPerson says:

He really does sound like a Weather Forecaster

rooboy69 says:

whats melissa’s youtube channel? 😉

mkkeable says:

You really need to clean your e-mail. Over 1000 messages?

Patrick jobin says:

kia ??!! wow the 2016 model is so great !!

Tony F says:

how is the wind noise and road noise in the 2016? My 2012 SX is horrible and i’m looking to get rid if it.. I’ve heard that the new 2016 is better built and suspension is nicer and not and rough.. My 2012 is horrible in all aspects of wind, road noise and i feel every bump with suspension…

canonlybeme4life says:

Hey Dave! I really like this car…Great review…Keep them coming!

Aaron Jumani says:

The video appears blurred, I’m a fan of your reviews though, keep them going!

Mauricio Palma says:

Great job Dave, I bought this car and it is fantastic. I really like your videos, greetings from Mexico City.

Mike says:

Great review as always. I recently traded in my 2011 Optima LX+ for a very lightly used 2015 Optima EX Lux just before the 2016’s came out. I absolutely love the interior in the 16 especially with the quilted Napa leather. I noticed how the driver information display in the cluster is the same as my 2015, but now features a digital speedometer, a feature I really wish the ’15 had. I feel like Kia did really well with the upgrades and changes with the car overall. The styling is rather toned down and definetly nowhere near as striking as the original, but retains a handsome look. Now, if only their dealership service was up to par with their products….

bcoop85 says:

looks exactly like the old design

Emspirit says:

6:44 Does the car notify you that you have over 4,000 emails in your gmail inbox? LOL

TheMegazak says:

и в конце он у нее спрашивает: “Что ты там сосешь?” ржачный гай

Finn Custom Knives says:

FYI down by the aux and usb inputs the bottom of the compartment is a wireless charging pad. New android phones work without anything being done at all but iphones need a wireless charging case. My Note5 charged on our test drive.

These really are incredibly nice with features like laser guided CC, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, wireless charging, quilted nappa leather, 8″ navi, massive panoramic sunroof, 360 cam, heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated fronts and heated rears, harmon kardon sound system, adaptive headlights, etc. Crazy any, let alone all, of those features being packed into a Kia.

We are still torn on it because it is a lot of money at $37,000ish. However our local dealer is offering a literal lifetime warranty with no mileage cap. So it makes the idea of a $500+ a month payment seem alot more digestible.

Josh Sanders says:

Random, but how does the horn sound? I had the 2013 SXL and the horn and alarm were embarrassing to say the least. Just wondering…. Awesome review btw!!!

Eric Oberhaus says:

NEVER EVER a mistake to have Melissa involved. She’s a great co-host for you.

Gravecb7 Accord says:

I seen this car yesterday someone was driving one like it I was parked at the side of the road and they were driving on the opposite side it really stands out from far the LED lights and the front end looks lowered

Bart Mazur says:

I never thought you had a sense of humor. This video changed my mind. You’re a cute couple! Yeah, the Optima is the best looking sedan in its class in my mind. However, I’d still probably pick the new Camry over this because of its bullet proof reliability and a higher resale value. But if I was to ever lease a vehicle again, it would be the Optima with the 1.6 engine.

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