Top 9 New KIA Cars and SUVs that Will Outsell Other Brands in 2019

Disregarding the pushback that South Korean car manufacturers have been getting throughout the years, their automobiles confidently solidified their position throughout markets all over the globe. In today’s video we wanted to focus on the new models that are being brought by the Kia car company in 2019 and 2020. These cars and SUVs are characterized by rich standard packages with superior driver’s assistance and safety features, affordable prices and modern looks.
Regardless of whether you are a fan of this automaker, enjoy the lineup of newcomers and subscribe to our channel!

00:41 #1 2020 Kia Telluride

2020 Kia Telluride is a classic American 8-seater SUV that is designed in Irvine, CA. It will be manufactured in West Point, GA.

1:51 #2 2019 Kia Forte

The new Kia Forte is among the best looking affordable cars on the market. Its Stingerish nose makes you look very aggressive on the road and the safety is unprecedented for the price.

3:01 #3 2019 Kia Sorento

The al-new Kia Sorento is a large 7-seater that comes with some polishing changes in 2019. It will even feature a diesel engine in the US.

4:12 #4 2018 Kia Stinger GT

You are correct, Kia Stinger was released in 2018, but its debut made the world accept the fact that Kias are here to stay and that they can compete with the performance leaders of the market and even beat them.

5:22 #5 2019 Kia Ceed

The 2019 Kia Ceed is the first representative of the 3rd generation of this 5-door hatchback. Your family will be happy to drive daily in this car.

6:32 #6 2019 Kia K900

This premium sedan is expected to challenge the leaders in the segment Mercedes Benz S Class and BMW 7 Series. Kia K900 also known as Quoris is cheaper but as luxurious as the competitors.

7:42 #7 2018 Kia Niro PHEV

Even though not all new for the 2019, we still wanted to feature Kia Niro PHEV due to its superb characteristics and amazing feedback from drivers all over the globe. It is arguably the best plug-in on the market.

8:53 #8 2019 KIA ProCEED and ProCEED GT

2019 KIA ProCEED is a new 5-door sportswagon that belongs to the shooting brake territory.

9:42 #9 2019 Kia Niro EV

The Niro EV get very impressive electric range and rather affordable price. It will be competing against other cheap electric cars like Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Kona Electric.


Daniel A. Camacho Corral says:

Mexico wants Proceed now! #KIA

Sam Ko says:

As far as Kia keeps the price tag low, can dominate the market.

Justin L says:

I personally think hyundai cars and SUVs look a lot better, with the larger grills and more aggressive styling.

Jose Ledesma says:

If the Kia Niro EV does achieve 400 kms on a single charge as per review by Bjorn Nyland, this and the hyundai Kona EV will dominate the EV market when people start to take notice of the sticker price and range. If only Kia and Hyundai can keep up with the demand.

Claire Kennedy says:

Kia proceed is nice

RobloxMaster 123 says:

KIA SPORTAGE???????????WTF DUDE EDIT:2018 – 19

Anrak Spumante says:

KIA Niro EV is the absolute best EV at the moment! Moderate price for a high end Range (485km WLTP) 🙂 Nice Interieur an a lot of space, we have ordered one 🙂

Jaffar Abdul Baqi says:

You forgot the 2019 Sportage. Like the Sorento, it will come with a good facelift.

1170008416 says:

go go kia

Automotive Territory: Daily News says:

Kia is taking the global markets by storm! Check out the lineup that they have prepared for 2019!

Kenny E & Mr. C.G.O says:

That Telluride is no joke. Should compete well with Volvo and others

savage 069 says:

I don’t do Korean cars and furthermore the name Kia just does not sit well with me

Chevy Rupleix says:

Kia Stinger GT <3 So fun, I'm loving it~!

im miata mike says:

That new Kia Forte might be my Toyota iM replacement. I hope Kia has a decent manual trans. I’d like it that way. Make my Chicago commute a little more fun.

bbyrd06 says:

This guy’s voice was soooooo annoying

Michael Aaron says:

I’m a proud owner of a kia optima S sweet black Ebony color fully loaded.

blakutnuj says:

Kia easily beats American manufacturers these days!

Darnjem says:

Is the review done via robotic voice… it’s horrendous. The cars are amazing though

tv노네임 says:

Sorento have 8 speed transmission^^

Kenny E & Mr. C.G.O says:

But Kia is not playing anymore. They can easily be called High premium/Luxury brand if they continue killing the competition. Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and VW take note

maxpesh says:

Kia Niro EV gonna be the best seller !

Joshua Guevara says:

That budget Panamera at the end looks great! I hope they don’t get sued or something lol

M W says:

The Proceed kinda looks like a Panemera

FiveOh says:

It’s crazy how far kia has come. I’ve driven so many different cars by all Major manufactureras. The quality is better than it’s direct competitors. The interior on their top 2017 trims and up are top notch. Kia just need to update there badge to something more modern. Problem is most luxury cars like Audi, BMW, Infinti, Lexus, interiors look dated unless you step to the higher models.

__CaliBoy__ says:

Your music sucks ass

CiTY_HuNTeR says:

Just need a pickup truck now

Y D says:

They should redesign their Car Badge, atleast in the US..

Terence Connelly says:

Nice cars but could not understand the majority of what was being said.

ugly asia car never not buy says:

we hate chinchin car. not buy

TerryComo2010 says:

the heck is the Optima?????

Keyur Parikh says:

Great looking models, but the names need a little bit more better names. Looking forward to seeing those models in dealership in the US.

Mark Ring says:

To each their own I guess

Racer Champion XD says:

Kia has evolved so much before its unreliable in early 2000’s but now I cant remember that Kia is the reliable company in early 2000’s

Rafael Penaflor says:

KIA sucks they have to many recalls mine is at the dealership with 5 recalls is all ready 30 days and there’s no solution for the air bag

Kamuela P says:

where was the sedona..

Derek Roach IG: durek_roche says:

Bring the Proceed to the US and take my money now!!

renecanalespr54 says:

The sorento needs at least 100 more hp. The proceed gt would be great if it had the same engine output as the stinger gt.

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