3D Printing: Titanium, Carbon Fiber, & The One:1 – /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

The world of 3D prototyping and printing has changed the automotive industry. Christian von Koenigsegg explains how his company takes advantage of the new 3D Printing technology, with where he feels the future of the industry is going..


JARLS blogg says:

What If KOENIGSEGG did make a carbonfiber VW bettle type of a car super simple but high tech . To sell The to mass  it would be success i think. Super simple and super strong and nerver rust. I would buy that!

Kjell Inge Kleppe says:

What an Amazing place to work and get to do what any Car nut would love to do. Love your way of thinking. Keep up the amazing work.

Sylroe PS4 says:

My name is Sylvester C Franklin Jr, I am a self taught atomotive designer. I have tried to get in with automotive companies to not get in.. So I decided to work on starting my own car company designing and building Hyper Cars. One of the methods I looked into is using 3D scanning and printing. I took CAD and Solidworks with focus in Rapid Prototyping. So far what I am running into is the price for scanners being so high. If I could get my hands on a scanner the things I will build. I will not give up I will succeed.

Park SouthK says:

He is one of best company owner. He knows everything in his industry,
That makes koenigsegg way more authentic. And he doesnt mind to show what they do . Other company would say company secret bullshit

Arcangelo Barone says:

You are Tony Stark.

Keyur Monpara says:

I respect Mr. Christian von koenigsegg & Bugatti Production.

Isaiah Beeler says:

so what printer was used?

Derek Fricke says:

Carbon fiber is awesome and the reverse engineering process is something I provide for companies. If I only had the contacts Christian had when he started out.

Maly Pivo says:

I think if he started to build jets, he would be the leader in the industry of jets:)

Rob says:

Thanks for sharing, your presentation was excellent

Carlitox b says:

Tony stark koenigsegg

1ls376 says:

Awesome. Pure passion.

murexz says:

would love some of the cars to appear in assetto corsa

41ace says:

this guys is like a god.

iller ikill says:

What does hitting the exhaust piece with the flame do?

Seyedmorteza Ghaffarishahri says:

What a load of high school crap fitting the uneducated ones!

MrJusjones0110 says:

why the fuck make a video that talks about the printing of certain materials and not show to process happening… SMH>

John Anderson says:

3D printing is so slow, why doesn’t he use metal working machinery?

Lerbyn says:

he sounds really swedish

kickthedonky says:

3:45 did he say “printed an aluminum tool”? Was that what he meant becouse that would be really cool 😀 probably milled the tool from Al

Aisha Love says:

What are they talking about when they say “1 to 1” scale? Aren’t all cars 1-1?

Charles Raimbault says:

I hope the nest parts will be using graphene in very near future 3d printing polymer graphene and graphene metals mix

GlennnD says:

Probably one of the most unique car company around the globe. What a fantastic engineering !

Jason Strecker says:

KOENIGSEGG Let me work for you.

Roger Underhill says:

Nice. I especially liked the surface treatment of the titanium part at about 6 minutes. For some reason, perhaps with the music too, it was a very beautiful moment!

Sebastian says:


chronok says:

oh the heat anodizing was a bit cringy.. bad technique and the surface wasn’t pristine clean

Nelson Kugle says:

@ 5:26, Is that Stars Of The Lid playing?? Anyone? #starsofthelid

Josh Goode says:

Damn. At this rate you’ll be able to 3D Print a whole car.

Dudueddeccjdurdxdt ecuraBertti says:



I love the opening, Christian says it like a movie opening!

Dudueddeccjdurdxdt ecuraBertti says:


The Professional says:

Amazing technology

fuelbasti says:

You cannot print fibres. But I am exited what Koenigsegg is planning.

Frank De Ruiter says:

Isn’t that guy also the world dart champion from 2014? He shure looks like him 😉

Jaxx Brat says:

This isn’t much of a 3D video..

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