Christian von Koenigsegg explains the breakthrough wing design for Koenigsegg’s new car, the Regera.


tigran shakhnazaryan says:

anyone know the intro music?

Nick M. says:

I love these vids but fuck the 1 minute intro on a 3 minute video

Jason Clark says:

Man I wish I could work for this guy! I wonder if he has plans of going into General aviation. I can only imagine what his designs would look like if he did!

Albert Kelly says:

Apart from the ancient CCX, is there a review of a Koenigsegg out there anywhere? I cant find any at all. I would genuinely love to see one!

Is it possible this is the most overhyped car brand in the world today?

davidrd85 says:

Will there not be more episodes?

Ping Pong Il says:

this is the type of person I have huge respect for.

jh5kl says:

top mounted wings all ready existed, i think just not in production cars

Rafael Corujo says:

Very nice…

bios31 says:

swiss licence plate at 0:12?

Cm Hamsi says:

Wow its very nice………

Rambi says:

30% of the video was an intro, Gj boys

Mohd Hafis says:

He should built aircraft next !

mbulelo gumede says:

The only hypercar i like

REASAND5 says:

3:15 the cameraguy in the back tries to look professional lmao

Muhammad Raj says:

I really don’t think there is a car company that competes with Koenigsegg in this day and age. Cant wait for the regera to come to the market. Koenigsegg is the culmination of pure creativity and brilliant engineering.

speedwave says:

Koenigsegg Regera’s wing/spoiler system.

Galvatron says:

Modern day Enzo. He will be revered in the future.

Barrie Wright says:

Genius just shear mechanical poetry. 🙂

FlannelNZ says:

Love these insights. Keep them coming!

Edward Finkelstein says:

Christian, you are a true pioneer and one of the most brilliant minds in the world. If only I could afford one of your masterpieces my life would be complete. you are an inspiration and have broken the mold set by the inferior competitors. Thank You for kicking the VW Bugatti in the teeth

Joey B. says:

You HAVE to love and admire Christian’s mindset. “Oh, this is a great solution someone else thought of? Let me make it even better.”

That One Weird Kid says:

This guys my hero.

Auto-Motive says:

Their engineering is incredible

Adam ChnnL says:

very knowledgable he is,,

chimoo22 says:

As a former Student Audi Kinematics Engineer…… This is AMAZING!

Kevin Yeoh says:

People are so amazed they even forgot this video had a 1 minute intro.

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