Car Tech – Koenigsegg Regera
Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg rolled out the Regera at the 2015 Geneva auto show — and it just might be the most powerful plug-in hybrid production car.


Kian Lai says:

The front looks like a Ferrari fused with a Lamborghini

Hoerkelis says:

Looks like a Porsche Carrera GT mixed with a Lamborghini Aventador.

Syuna says:

Thats a sexy car

Aadharsh Pannirselvam says:

+PewDiePie sweden for the win!!!!

John Richards says:

I think it’s ugly, and I wonder how many people actually purchase this manufacturer’s cars. How do they stay in business?

A parting shot: The claim of 1500 hp from this AMG/Mercedes engine is consistent with their (I suspect) wildly exaggerated horsepower claims for their other models.

CP Toddertaws Gaming says:

0-250 mph in 20.0 seconds!

LDKR says:

Did he say 1500 bhp 0-0″

MultiTerpen says:

NOT 1500hp…. it is 1786hp!

Cloxxki says:

How can you forget to mention the lack of a gearbox on a car that does 400pkh in under 20 seconds, while all the hype of late  is about 8, 9 and 10 speed cars?

sam noroozi says:

This car is just beautiful…

Greg AC says:

Idiot. It produces 1722 BHP not 1500.

whiteandnerdytuba says:

the biggest point about this car is that it doesnt have a transmission. first gas car to not have one. every single other reviewer mentioned it, how could cnet of all people forget? time to start beating a dead horse with the cooley comments again

sameeramadushanka says:

The wheels look gross.

Miles Trevonne says:

Does this car have a chance to overtaking the Bugatti as the fastest production car?

Calm Down says:

Yeah it’s a beauty, but where are you gonna use those 1500 hp ?

At 180 mph , things are different ,way different

Eric Von says:

Koenigsegg does not make super cars, but hypercars.

ac0pt says:

1800Hp not 1500!

SweetWife84 says:

It is probably sold out already

TheStuntdude12 says:

It has 1800hp not 1500hp 1100hp from its petrol v8 engine and 700hp from its electric why talk about something you have no knowledge of

Raul Polanco says:

Did he just say 1’500 horse power? Omg!!!!

Royson Tong says:

They don’t just make supercars and megacars they also make hypercars .

JPer says:


zhbroder says:

this journalists rudimentary knowledge about what he’s presenting is very unCNET like.
at least learn to pronounce it correctly.  Hard “g” in regera. 

0n1LY_B3AsT says:

I’m proud I’m Swedish!!!!!! Sweden ftw!!!!

DRIVECLUB-is-timeless says:


Alessandro Filippi says:

1500 HP ?!!? Holy crap!

hasib faryabi says:

R.I.P LaFerrari.
R.I.P P1.
R.I.P 918

This car pushes production cars to a whole new level.

Victor K says:

no doubt that the other koenigsegg models look way better

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