Christian von Koenigsegg interview Geneva Motor Show 2016

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McLaren 918 Spyder says:

I wonder if Christian watched this…..

Robert Vogt says:

1:24 ‘EGGciting’ Hahaha

Iv Pashentsev says:

Хах. все таки подарил Полугар))))

SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering says:

Two legends meet. .. Hilarious interview.

SvenC72 says:

Mr.Koenigsegg is a genius, I love the Regera!

And awesome interview Boris! :p

MDKSuperCars says:

Really good question about that one of one! Again really nice vid!

CockatooDude says:

Hahahaha 18 gear shifts in the quarter mile to satisfy F&F fans, that is so true. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

f3d0r1 says:

Lmao shmee and blue cake XD

CarsonmyMind says:

EGGsactly hahaha made my day!

Lisa Green says:

Yes they need to build a mini-egg….. Oh boris I love you and your channel and your style. The car scene has needed you for so long

Exygo says:

Boris, where can I get sunglasses like yours ?

Ken Grand says:

would their be a track focus version of the regera?….or a more aggressive version perhaps

Amg lover says:

haaa cool man

De online garage says:

he kameraad, kom je ook naar japfest 8 mei in Zandvoort?

Markus Andersen says:

Amazing (☞゚∀゚)☞

pumpuppthevolume says:

the videos of spotters from car week….. got fucking nothing on Boris

Dmitry L says:

Крутое видео! С Шми посмеялся в конце 🙂

Oliver Vincent Roed says:

such an awesome video carmrade keep up the good work 😉

Bombstar says:

fantastic as usual

Miguel Tejada says:

I love the level of awkwardness this entire interview. He was so down to earth and patient lol.

icebreakertech says:

A full carbon Lada ^^

Derpmaster says:

wow Christian von Koenigsegg is a really cool guy

Audiman says:

Christian is just a genuinely nice guy with a serious passion for cars. I’d love to meet him one day

mrawesomelemons says:

You have the best interviews XD

Vinay Gopal says:

hahaha…. i never laughed this hard while watching christian or a live interview of this genre… amazing stuff… keep up the good work…. cheers for the vodka though 😛

London Motorsport says:

Definitely want to go to the show next year! Keep it up bro!

Shubhkaran Manchanda says:


Christoph Dreyer says:

Christian van Koenigsegg is the coolest owner of any car company! I mean he stands there himself answering questions

Fysy998 says:

epic video! 😀

Robert Vogt says:

4:10 ‘EGGsactly!’ Hahaha

bimbeano says:

Great interview ! Mister Von Koenigsegg is a nice guy and a genius.

David Goldner Yhlen says:

This is brilliant

Goran Kovačić says:

What a great video! Can’t wait to see your other videos from Geneva!

Em@il says:

WOW this is awesome 🙂 great video.

jordan K says:

3:03 that guy kinda sounds like RoyalJordanian

ayyub aghazada says:

love your videos man try to make them longer tho cant get enough of it! #carmrade #teamboostedboris

Meryem Celik says:

Look at his glasses 6.03

BlaZe iT says:

LOL this video was so funny

Victor Alhilali says:

5:40 is the important info… the rest is just fucking around

George Papadopoulos says:

Best interview ever ..! na zdarovie!

ohedd says:

“I’m a good driver”

hahahaha CvK is not only an engineering genius, he also has the charisma.

car_spotting_tx says:

3:04 yes we do, we do need a drop panties button

Brandon Herrera says:

Lmao hilarious interview. I need those dickhard sunglasses.

driftestonia says:

“I’m a good driver”- I’m pretty sure that you can say it to a girl even if talking something else than driving a car 😀 😀

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