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[PART 2] Koenigsegg’s founder talks about the hypercar startup’s origin story, how it survived a global economic crisis, the massive growth in the multimillion-dollar sports car business, and new technologies changing the auto industry.

Watch PART ONE of the Christian Von Koenigsegg interview here:

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GrodTheAlmighty says:

Legend says he shaved his eyebrows to save weight and increase aerodynamics.

Jakob Holgersson says:

I think that the reason young people don’t buy the entry level cars that are being made is simple: those cars aren’t desirable.

Bischlarbo69 says:

Get this man a Dos Equis commercial.

Jason Holtkamp says:

I’ll bet he reads the economist. Does anyone know if he has an MBA? Talks more like a business school grad than an engineer.

Matthew Shepard says:

This man is my role model.

Karl Traunmüller says:

Leuchtturm notebook, like ’em

The Gladiator says:

the next thing that car makers should make is an autonomous driving bed with glass roof. I hate the fact that nowadays your self doesn’t evolved with driving or parking a car. Maybe in the future all these good everyday drivers will day due to autonomous driving

DollarDiego HD says:

This guy is a legend

Ramdomcom Films says:

9:22 that guy

Keyur Monpara says:

i hit like before watched….Respect Mr.Von

xBrocleyx says:

the journalist is hard to understand

Jon Jones'barber says:

this guy literally has no hair on his body

Shane Ruff says:

One question I have wondered for a long time is if an autonomous car crashes into another vehicle who is liable? the car manufacturer? or the driver? Would it be a different answer if they actually remove the steering wheel in these cars.

Crazy to think that it’s not that far off. I personally like to drive but on a 12 hour trip it would be nice.

Paul Dude says:

someone get this man a race team so he doesnt lose sight of pure driving excellence..

Thomas Christopher White says:

Love how this dude is not out of touch at all.

Bosefuss DaBrun says:

Autonomous vehicles are like a horse drawn cart. Only worse

Alexander Eriksson says:

This man is a genius, a very humble genius!

TwoTacosForPaco says:

He just try to say millennials care less about cars? What a stupid question, if anything (here in the US) most people around my age want/need a car. It’s a status symbol, good for transportation, social stigma for owning one, and other reasons that Christian included.

Robert Xavier says:

Autonomous cars should be a Punishment on Drivers who break the law. Allowing good drivers the right to enjoy the driving experience.

luckycordel says:

I don’t care for automatic transmission, definitely won’t like autonomous vehicles. I love to /DRIVE!!!

favthings says:

crystal ball

BJK1715 says:

Why is no major manufacturer using Free Valve? There must be a good reason. Why doesn’t he use it in HIS cars?

Patrick Rollins says:

Great interview, JF. I’d love to see you in the videos more.

Christian Sheva says:

i’d like to work in Koenigsegg company, as a test driver. and they don’t even need to pay me.

ben smitheram says:

A giant among men in the car industry, Such a likeable guy too.


What seems odd is every auto journalist despises the “numbness” of the driving dynamics of the Corolla, yet are super super super excited about cars which drive themselves. Auto journalists beg for Toyota to listen to their insistences that the Corolla provide them the same feel for the road as, say, a Mazda 3, yet await with baited breaths for a car they don’t need to drive.

Daniel Filippus says:

6:42 very smooth to squeeze in the McLaren F1 to a. C. von Koenigsegg interview. He does not like that car at all because it did what he wanted to do in the 90s. Made it very hard for the CCR to break the speed record and also took some original ideas like central steering position etc.

drealm says:

That is one dashing civilized gentlemen. I’ve never seen such a priestly man in such plain clothes!

Just for Fun says:

Who cares, things changing fast that’s the only true and whoever cannot adapt will vanish.

Brandon Chodkowski says:

I love how he is 100% aware of the markets and he knows if he just keeps doing the things he’s doing he will be well off in every market he is in

Sheik Yerbooti says:

I like Von Konigsegg. The millennial interviewing him not so much.

Gizmoriderful Ye says:

When a first family dies because of fault in autopilot mode, it’s end of “autonymous cars”. I would not board a aircraft either without pilot, because then “no one is responsible” for unexpected computer error, everyone just raises their hands, like shit happens with computers sorry about that.

Csaba Kiss says:

What an intelligent man. The interviewer is also very good.

James 1:19 says:

I don’t know if the dude that did this interview will see this comment. But I would like to thank you. This is the 1st interview I have see with Christian that wasn’t just the same old crap. Again Thank you for doing a real Q&A with a Brilliant man.

Robert Xavier says:

Drivers of autonomous cars, may become more dangerous behind the wheel of manual cars.

Vivian the Ice Princess says:

christian, can you make a car that more “natural”..??
driving supercar naturally is what people need.

gm92845 says:

Looks like Rick Harrison shaved his beard.

Uriah Siner says:

If car companies want to appeal to the new, young enthusiasts, they need to produce a minimalist vehicle that is easy to work on and uses parts that already have a big following.

Guy Sly says:

This guy is a very good interviewer. He asks very good questions and listens and follows up with better questions. The questions were also unique (not all but a good amount) and incisive. Good job.


none of the autonomous tech is being driven by consumers. The industry is selling it as “safety”, and sure, there could be benefits. like with any tech. But the underlying design of all this is central control of travel and populations. insurance will be tied in to it, and then government mandating. Agenda 21, or Agenda 35 now, is the UN blueprint….

Caygill's says:

Finland is allowing autonomous vehicles by law, and is basing is entire new traffic code on #MaaS, Mobility as a Service.

aditya ramesh says:

How many of u think that the world of autonomous driving will be apocalyptic,,as in not be able to drive.The thing I like most about car is driving them by myself l,I really don’t care about getting from A to B its the journey between the 2 points thats matters to me the most,be it a weekend drive or the daily commute to work or a 6 to 10 hours drive on the highway.Aside from driving I really don’t see the point of owning a car, we can develop brilliant and cheap public transport which will take care of the job of moving people.Please comment below,,how many of u feel the same way.I want to know if I am lonely thinker in aspect.

igalbog says:

Great interview, although I’d prefer listening to Christian talk about his company’s technologies and hyper cars rather than the future of autonomous driving. Either way, always interesting to pick this man’s brain

lukalukic1 says:

Ask him why no Koenigsegg on The grad Tour ? 🙂 Or what is next Koenigsegg car will be ?

Daniel privat says:

What would be your choice in a Koenigsegg, sitting in the Driver seat or the passenger seat? Personally i would choose the driver seat. Why? because i’m certain it’s a fun car to drive. In regards to a autonomous Koenigsegg, it would be the same to sitting in the passenger seat.

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