CNET On Cars – Road to the future: Understanding Koenigsegg’s Direct Drive system
Swedish car maker Koenigsegg envisions a drive system without a multigear transmission. Brian Cooley explains how the technology works.


Ira Albucher says:

That’s very cool. Wonder if they can squeeze that into a Camry one day?

game2heart says:

Wouldn’t the future of cars just eliminate gasoline combustion engines completely? Seems to me like everything here less the gas engine and its components has already been developed by Tesla.

smonkey001 says:

A very fast Prius.

Fadil Karim says:

So when driving at high speeds, the engine is just spinning at redline and stays at redline?

joeboxer216 says:

The only way I see this working is if the fuel map modulates with the speed of the vehicle and the position of the accelerator pedal simultaneously, so it can economise at higher rpm’s.

Ben Dover says:

i don’t think you’ll see gas powered cars without transmissions for a very long time

D T says:

cooley is great

roguedogx says:

only Koenigsegg could come up with something like this…. and they have stated they are putting in a sedan version of this car because Koenigsegg.  Oh, and they are looking to get rid of valve too because why not.

Gurkirat Bhatti says:

this means amazing 0-60 times

MANXAN H says:

Whats more expensive a transmission or a battery? well a prius battery cost 4,000$
Now u can rebuild a transmission its cheaper and requires break in but depending on the tranny my c6 transmission cost 1100$ to rebuild and it’s better for the environment cause its all mechanical u cant rebuild a battery only replace it. a tranny especially a manual will last a good 10 years depending on ur habits of driving that many batteries will cost alott and I just make it more and more expensive even rich people won’t keep paying for batteries

IAmReal_LSV says:

This still confused me.

Adil Zia says:


Ed says:

Isn’t this similar to how Tesla has it’s drive train since 2012?

Matt Nicassio says:

What is the MPG on something like this?

John Baldwin says:

Hope to see a review on ‘ionic fluid’ technology in transportation as it also has viable potentials…
Any chance to do a review on the QUANT nano flow cell autos being the QUANT E, QUANT F and the QUANTiNO…?

Ronald Hamieh says:

Brian reminds me a lot of breaking bad’s Walter white

JaySee5 says:

That’s only a half explanation. You have to explain how the various motors drive at varying speeds.

hyylo says:

2015 and we still talking about combustion engines. the auto industry must hate Tesla.

planetbintang says:

Geez, can we just called this tech.. A hybrid machine

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