Explained: How does the Koenigsegg Regera work with only ONE GEAR???

With the new Koenigsegg Regera released today, I have received a few requests to explain how it works without a multiple speed transmision. In this video (which has quite a bit of maths…) I explain exactly how and why it works at low speed and high speed, and why at this power level you don’t need a gearbox for maximum performance

Table of Contents:
0:40 – Overall System Layout and description
2:09 – Gearing description
2:49 – Fundamentals of torque converters
3:48 – How the gearing works at high speed
6:13 – How it works at low speeds and the traction limit
10:45 – General comments on the drivetrain

Thanks for watching!

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Raman says:

Damn man you gotta learn to use video editing software. Or at least make a powerpoint and then dub your audio and post it.

Web crawler says:

why do Formula One cars have 8 gears then?

Mahir Fredericks says:

lol this is a video for people who are really dumb… and then you get the people who don’t get the explanation lmao

but the math was unnecessary all you needed to say was, they used a ratio similar to the 7th gear and the electric power provides the torque at lower speeds to make up for the torque the engine lacks at 1000-2000rpm…
so they don’t break the motor under the low end strain even though there is a extra few kW on the crank available instant.

but i liked the math… ill be building my own koenigsegg tomorrow lol

ianiva says:

Nice man, thanks. A simple way I had understood it is that they use a high gear (say for example 6th or 7th) for the ICE and the electric motors fill up the torque gaps in lower rpm. But if I understood your video that’s a mistake and instead they use a type of torque converter to bring the transmission closer to 1:1 between the electric motors and the ICE?

Crash X says:

I do not understand what he was talking I’m not a scientist:(

Onkar Indurkar says:

dont say thats all of me today you should say
“thats lot of me today!!!!”

SaintMarneusCalgar says:

as far as i know the car will lock up over 40 km/h i think he says that in one of the videos abut the car

jakob curse says:

only me who thoght it was a machine gun on the back of the car on the thumbnail? xD

Ellenor Malik says:

tl;dr, efficient torque converter

Raman says:

What if the battery is drained? Do you have to push it to 30mph to get going.
I remember i had a prius parked and needed to go reverse to get out, but the batteries were drained so it wouldn’t go backwards. I had to wait for the engine to charge the battery.

Haglub Grossevideo says:

The thing is if u’re in a Porsche staff and tell ur boss, no more gearbox… It’s as if u say to him, no more work for my fellows of the gearbox design dept. And u become an ennemy inside Porsche, u really become dangerous for ur own people… So now with this Koenigsegg monster, the ennemy is not inside, it’s outside !

Catalin Barbu says:

You are not a lefty. Thanks,nice video, a little to simple, but..

Yofef says:

Thanks so much for this, it helped a lot. I was quite confused about how a car with One gear has the acceleration of 0-400@19S and have over 1500BHP, amazing engineering, pretty interesting stuff there mate.

Sorry-but-i'm-ITALIANO says:

Fuck, only english

casualobserver77 says:

I really wanted to watch this but I can’t hear a word you’re saying

Dennis Wulfert says:

Your Videos are Great!
The question now is:
Wich Car would accelerate better, have a better top speed and a better corner performance, if one car weights about 1000kg with 500 horsepower and the another one weights 2000kg with 1000 horsepower?
Hello from Germany !

Werner Heenop says:

Great video! Just one thing: stick to SI units, never talk about mph and horsepower.

Aktenverwalter says:

Let’s be honest: while I appreciate your effort in trying to explain the mechanical basics of this concept, in my opinion you fail miserably in making the audience being able to follow your thought process.
a) cut all the side infos that confuse more than they help
b) maybe explain the principle or idea of the gear box first before you start tossing around numbers and ratios
c) have a more structured way of writing down formulas and connect the dots – plane ratios do not help at all
d) make it short FFS

I say this as a mechanical engineer myself who is not into cars. While I get the principles, I did not find the energy to follow through the whole video.

However, thank you.

Bill Strathearn says:

This video is insanely informative and a really good explanation of a fascinating new drivetrain design. thanks so much for diving into all the details and making it accessible to everyone

Jeremy Wendelken says:

Nice video but the Regera does not have a torque converter. Watch some videos of Koenigsegg explaining it…

Paul Knittel says:

What a boss. Nice one!!!

Brianna Watkins says:

Huh? I don’t get it? So. To simplify, it is like a torque converter that’s somehow connected to the differential and when the rpm increases centrifugal force expands the components hence rotating the axle? Yeah?

Party International says:


Nikos Stupinski says:

im sorry but you cant draw for shit

Max Chong says:

Hi man! thanks so much for sharing, I have a question. what CFD program do you recommend to start in flow simulation? 🙂 thanks again.

Félix Audet says:

Is it a plug in hybrid or a brake regen hybrid?

Patrik Pålsson says:

Clear as glass. Thx
A tip, since the background is mostly white the exposure control on your videorecorder will underexpose since it thinks its grey, just manully bump it up 1-1.5 step and your good.

Romello Jones says:

I kind of get it

XShadowHazeX says:


Richard Bell says:

I really want to listen and understand this but I keep nodding off

Félix Audet says:

Why not simply use a big clutch instead of a torque converter?

Colin Griffin says:

Yo man, you got a yellow smudge on your old school over head projector

Zacery Hammond says:

In the first min you already made yourself look like an idiot That’s a differential that converts the driveshaft energy to the axle energy :/

Delavega Champs says:

I don’t know what’s in all the numbers that it makes me so drowsy.

Samen spender says:

does the regera use a planetary gearing or cvt? i didnt want to listen his slow ass explaining

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