FIRST LOOK: Koenigsegg Regera with Christian von Koenigsegg

An exclusive first look, in detail, at the new Koenigsegg Regera megacar, with none other than company founder, Christian von Koenigsegg.

Despite the wintery conditions at the factory in Angelholm, Sweden, the development model of the Regera is prepared with the winter wheel and tyre setup for us to take it out on the local roads. Christian walks us around the car touching on an introduction, you can see more here: – before we then jump in and go for a drive revealing some first impressions and thoughts about how this works.

We also experience demonstrations of the ‘Show Mode’ with the car fully opening using the hydraulics like a transformer, the wing raising and lowering, and many more aspects of this truly special car.

Regera is running an inaccurate prototype speedometer, no readings can be taken from this video, full performance videos will follow as the weather improves.

Thanks for watching, Tim



Riley Sperbeck says:

Am I the only one who could never drive this ? Do you not understand the concept, you don’t hit top revs unless your also hitting top speed: 260km/hr!

Michael Rogers says:

Found it SHMEE150. You are lucky to get to drive these cars. Are the Koenigsegg even legal here in the states?? I know they tested the newest one last month in Nevada.

Stephen Wysocki says:

I love this car!

Emad Ahmed says:

Wow, this car is unbelievable!

Salah Aldeen Al Ayoubi says:

It looks like a dream

Rudy Rotz says:

I hate the back lights of the regera
But the rest of its body is fkn beautiful

ivan moody says:

What is wrong with your face

Anspar Anspaugh says:

Koenigsegg doing awesome automotive development!

Car Fans says:

Happiness has a name hahaha one day I get there

Scar says:

the back is ugly imo.

Peter Gruhn says:

Why is Tim so excited about a light dusting?

Ben Pache says:

How much money does this guy have?

SkyGaruda says:

Now imagine how Enzo Ferrari opens the door for you and gives you a ride)). Don’t get me wrong I’m a big Ferrari fan and all… But we all know how snoby and demanding he was. On anothe hand this guy, down to Earth like most of the swedish people. I like that attitude

Sam cribbs says:

Koeniggsegg is one of the coolest car companies in the world. I love the Regera.

Mark Jorgensen says:

This car is the future. And now it is the past. What will Koenigseeg think of next. I see $$$$$$$$.

Sports car photography of Melbourne says:

Not sure if any of you noticed but there was a Tesla Roadster (Previous-gen) in the back

GuntPulp says:

*I can’t wait until the time we must insert a 4 inch carbon fiber needle through the forehead straight into the pinneal gland for a complete interface with the car’s computer systems. You will require an IV antibiotic drip and aerodynamic colostomy bags before being transplanted backwards and face down into the car.*

John Burns says:

A nice piece of engineering to couple electric motors an internal combustion engine and a simple torque converter, so both electric and internal combustion power is managed by one flexible gear. But rather late in the day as the fastest car around the Nurburgring is a full EV. What will this applied engineering do for normal road cars? That is the real question.

Sharknado and Girly girl says:


Master Chief says:

One day I want to meet you Christian von Koenigsegg!

John Burns says:

Unfortunately, It lacks in the looks stakes.

Ladrica Norfleet says:

guys remember Christian is still a human

Gee says:

almost 2 mil and I have to look at that stupid windshield wiper staring me in the face ?

Ryan L. says:

I need this car. *looks in bank account* …

Stephen Wysocki says:

That thing sounds like it has a lion in the engine. Rarrr.

Uashizaki says:

Good job Christian

Mike Asterios says:

That moment when you decide to open up your own company and just start making the world’s fastest and most technologically advanced cars like its no big deal

Denise Titus says:

Christian would make me extremely nervous with that dead lock eye contact

stevenminix says:

Just a final drive, no gears at all. I find that very, very weird and just so so crazy because the only gear is a final drive of like 2.73:1 ans in a normal car that be so flat. The way that gentleman get it to accelerate with such tall of a gear is nothing absolutely short of a genius and since it accelerates so hard and quick he has to be some sort of the smartest gentleman in the world. I am still puzzled, I mean no gears? Definitely a genius!

Stinky ol' mexican says:

its nice that has a V8 engine, and a dubble electric engine

Alookks says:

10/10 wish I could afford

Tpli says:

Can’t believe this, at the start of the vid I hated single gear… but it took only 15 mins to make me fall in love with lol

rideordieguy rideordieguy says:

shit system/ that car will live in the repair shop. listen i we want a day to day buy a Merc

Leonardo says:

Definitivamente uno de los mas increíbles vehículos jamás creados

Stephen Wysocki says:


Luke Grandgenett says:

first of all- Christian is truly brilliant
secondly, I like how he casually drives around and takes his hands off the wheel like he’s not driving a car worth millions of dollars

Leandro Valdez says:

Beautiful and weird at the same time

Aventador says:

Bro! The car nearly looks fake like some kind of video game! But its real all right and its surely beautiful!

McLaren MP4-31 Boy F1 says:

Alright let’s ask to use the Regera
*Asks Collector To Use the Regera*

Devin Heggins says:

*Ad pops up*

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