Freevalve Update Camless Engine — /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

What’s the latest on the revolutionary Freevalve camless engine? Get the latest from Christian Von Koenigsegg. The goal is independent control over each valve by replacing the camshaft with pneumatic actuators and software to run it.


cassidy curl says:

I would love to put this on my b235r saab 9-5

Gerald Bennett says:

what about longevity and repair costs?

checkmate says:

I’ve wondered for many years if it would ever be possible to eliminate camshafts using solenoid-controlled valves, but I had never considered pneumatic actuation triggered by solenoids, which potentially solves the problem of designing a solenoid powerful enough to directly actuate the valve, particularly at high revs where magnetic coil saturation would complicate things even more. Once perfected, this is going to increase power-per-liter drastically, as well as lower the car’s center of gravity and increase clearances under the hood. This is going to be way bigger than EFI was.

Otis Jocko says:

Innovation in motion, love to get to know this guy!!!!

aussi3212 says:

the twin port design is the way to go one port kind of small, the other port moving 400cfm and only use one port on idle and small lift and duration and then when you give it a boot 1 pro stock lift and duration lol.

Peter Kroeker says:

Insane tech I can’t wait for more cars to benefit from it

Thommy Two Toes Times Three says:

Yes regards increasing compression ratio ….two cycle engines incorporate a de-compression valve to aid in start-up. Why would this not be a possible option.?

taffrider says:

Very clearly explained. Well done!

Dorian Golej says:

Theory was simple, Solenoid control valves , less mechanics

TGLymantaiste says:

I love this stuff

katana dark says:

At 7:00 employee shows BS on bossman

Dean Naguib says:

Don’t deal with the Chinese. You will never win.

Richard Reaume says:

This I’m sad to say that this is not new technology, I invented the camless engine in the early 1960s, it was sold by me to the Us military.

Gordon Anderson says:

It’s too bad this company will not talk to me about my HOPE engine, I am trapped in the USA and would really love to move back to the land my Grandparents came from – so I can build my new “hyper-engine” which needs no valves at all. It can not be done in the USA since they exhaust pure water, and the turbo drives a electric generator for drive and brakes; yes I do remember the man with the German accent (from mersadies) who I told that idea to, just before their “hybrid” F1 car had 3 dominant seasons, and as always I do not get one penny for it!

engines energy says:

check this out guys:

sickasso72 says:

I wonder why they didnt go for the Coates Engineering spherical valve head set up instead? A-lot less moving parts

Dorian Golej says:

I was wondering when this would be done, only mentioned it a few times

Dale olson says:

What if you coated the piston and cylinder head combustion surface with a coating that reacted with microwaves and this ignighted the fuel in the combustion chamber all at once ?this would increase the efficiency and power while eliminating waste

Richard Goldman says:

Wait, the ic motor is supposed to be dead, it should’ve never been allowed to happen in the first place. The biggest mistake of the 20th Century was developing the ic engine.

Redline RR says:

The drawbacks I see are pretty straight forward. Even modern cars now with variable VALVE timing driven off of oil pressure are a huge beast and a burden. When they work properly theyre a godsend, but when they don’t work properly they are very hard to diagnose. Oil gets dirty, engine oil controlling expensive valve solenoids doesnt sit right with me, it will break down and break down fast, meaning more oil changes and possible dangerous solenoid failure if it gets clogged (meaning a valve has the possibility of staying open and doing damage to the piston if its an interference motor). I would much rather deal with mechanical failures then electronical.

If there was a possibility the valvetrain oil could be kept separate from engine it would be very promising.

But who am I, im no engineer, but i’ve dealt with many issues with oil controlled variable valve timing, and this is a step beyond. Don’t think this would be readily accessible to a normal consumer. Each valve and solenoid combo would be expensive.

Dorian Golej says:

I was wondering when this would be done

facundo jp says:

Guy in the back at the begginning isn´t doing shit… just acting. Nice system anyway…!

///ALEX C says:

put 2 of those together and make an affordable agera for us!

Virtuoso80 says:

That poor guy in the back has to work with a giant clock in front of him the whole time. “No gonna look at the clock, not gonna look…crap it’s only been 15 minutes.”

dwhess504 says:

Wow change a cam with a tune!

Dale olson says:

Don’t get me wrong I think they are on the correct track ,but the learning curve is do big I hope he can afford this

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