Here’s Why the Koenigsegg Agera RS1 Is Worth $10 Million



This is the Koenigsegg Agera RS1 — a special version of the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Today I’m reviewing this Agera RS and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of the Agera RS1. I’m also reviewing the driving experience of the Koenigsegg Agera RS1.

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Snack Crack says:

The wiper water jets should have been in the crest design too

silvermark04 says:

The Koenigsegg crest looks like a trilobite

abrowncitizen says:

mechanical car vs tesla? Tesla seems far more futuristic

Torkelson428 says:

Idgaf about your “Doug Score”

Paul Nielsen says:

I can’t believe it’s an automatic! 🙁

김태준 says:

I’ve had more expensive vehicles than that…I had 4 M1 Abrams Tanks.

Alissa Milton says:

I’d rather have a Carolla

Einsteinnr2 says:

What if your hair gets trapped when the windows goes up… :O

Dacster says:

My love for Koenigsegg has increased by 1,000,000%

John Condon says:

Give it to samcrac at least he would floor it

D B says:

Ive seen these in person. They look like nothing, Ugly. Nobody looks twice at a Koenigsegg. Shitty design, especially the rear, and a completely idiotic price tag. Id take an Aventador SV Roadster any day over this Swedish shit and save over $9 million

Jonayofsweden says:

It costs $10 million. It’s not worth $10 million. No car is worth $10 million.

Osama Morgan says:

A single V8 engine! While Bugatti has two V8’s in one bonnet!!

Otto Schlosser says:

I don’t know, Grandma is going to hate getting in and out of the Agera. I can just here the complaints now!

Saad Ismail says:

I notice 1 thing dough is not expert he just see price of car and start appraising it for example noise of car he is appraising when he did review of Mitsubishi mirage he said oh too much noise reason is clear he think price is quality. honestly I’m not amazed by price of this car. this car coat 10 million but can’t beat even Ferrari

Potterfanz says:

Why am I watching a video about a car I will never in my whole life be rich enough to own

Time breaker Bardock says:

Owning this car in general must make you feel like the second coming of Jesus Christ lol pull up on all the girls that rejected you in high school in a Koenigsegg to just flex lol

malayaleeking says:


Josiah Cannon says:

If I had a dollar for every time he said “EMERGENCY HAMMER!!!!!!!”

tomtalk24 says:

Doug is the type of guy who performs foreplay on the center console using his fingers before going balls deep with some rough car play action.

John Condon says:

I think i wasted 32.07 mins of my life before you drove it and drove it poorly.

gunmetal says:

Everything about this car from the price tag to the doors screams ‘this is completely unnecessary and kind of much but we do it just because we can.’

ascendence says:

its königsegg

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