How The Koenigsegg Jesko Could Be The First Car In The World To Break 300 MPH

Koenigsegg Jesko is the first car in the world designed to break 300 mph. The Koenigsegg Jesko debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The $2.8 million car is a replacement for the Agera RS, which is in 2017 broke a world record achieving a speed of 277.9 mph.

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How The Koenigsegg Jesko Could Be The First Car In The World To Break 300 MPH


stickloaf says:

Jesco? oh come on…they really made up a name thats somehow worse than Koenigsegg…no one ever says “i wish i had a Koenigsegg” its like me making a new car and calling it the stickloaf special…actually thats still not as bad as Jesco

SpittersPUBG says:

Lol don’t even bother telling me this my country is just bad you know when i say bad it’s about traffic everywhere is traffic

Navneet Parihar says:

But can it run crysis ???

Billy Bob says:

I can run 600 mph on a plane

Curry God says:

The old guy was so boring, but that’s cool

Satwik V says:

Isn’t the reason for Bugatti not to try a world record with the Chiron that the tires can keep up with the immense velocity numbers they get with the speed?

BlairBear says:

@5:15 so being less aerodynamic means more speed?

Sombody notice me says:

*I would’ve become poor if i bought that right now*

Zenn Lozanno says:

Simple, put 300mph sign and run over it

Grancellfullgorilla 20443 says:

Como no fuera mío y les presumo a todos alvrg

Guillaume Canuel says:

Bruh i hate his voice

Throngdorr Mighty says:

Wait. Didn’t you upload this video already yesterday? Why the reupload?

Larry Summers says:

Just ordered mine… Just got to wait now….

Alex Renotte says:

I like how he said the old car set a record of 277.9 mph but you can clearly see the speedometer going up to 278.1

KudosK says:

Hennesy is crying in the corner

chance powell says:

*Bugatti has left the chat*

Newby Ton says:

It’s just really fast

Polar Bear says:

Why is this just been re uploaded?

George Joseph says:

This breaks the silence – Another tremendous product in the making!

ReaperCheGuevara Alexander says:

No car will ever be cooler than the McLaren F1.

Pedantic Pete says:

Its pronounced “yesko.” No J sound.

ZAHIDEE9 says:

Cool gonna preorder this

Justin Huang says:

Top speed = How to burn a tank of gas in less than 20min.

alexlion0512 not alexlion0511 says:

That’s hot

Hyper Vanilo says:

For you numb brains out there who thinks Jesko is a stupid name, it’s named after Christian’s father. So before you make yourself like a bunch of idiots do a research first then talk.

Andromeda Kai says:

Now THIS is a fast car.

Scot Fretwell says:

Why on earth would you need a +300mph car? If you are in that big of a hurry just fly instead.

Kitty's Metal Detecting says:

This will be the fastest car

Steve says:

John Hennessy is way smarter then these fools making this POS car!!!!!!

codycast says:

How many “omg he used horsepower and miles per hour and not Newton’s and KPH. REEEEEEE” comments are there?


I bet those British boys at McLaren are up to something

Homo Quantum Sapiens says:

And be useless

Neil Nebu says:

Why Jeskause

Ammon Herrera says:

This narrator sounds like a middle schooler trying to make his voice deeper to impress the ladies

Satwik V says:

Now for Doug to review this beast!

Shaun Lobo says:

vroooooooooooooooooooooooom vrooooooooooooooooooooooom vrooooooooooooooooooooom

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