IN DEPTH: Koenigsegg Factory Tour with Christian von Koenigsegg

We take a look around the ever-growing Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm, Sweden, now building the Agera RS, a limited run of 25 cars and gearing up to commence production of the hybrid megacar, the Regera.

I’m joined by the company founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, who still to this day has a vast knowledge and understanding of his cars and the engineering processes that go into creating them, for a look around the facility. From the production line with Agera RS models moving through, to the development of Regera, and how the cars start out initially with carbon fibre processes.

This is a particularly special and rare opportunity to look behind the doors in this much detail, so a huge thanks must go to the Koenigsegg team for making it possible. I’ll also be getting fully under the skin of the Regera, so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching, Tim



Jeff Higgs says:

I mean you really do suck

Joe April says:

I wonder where all these cars will be in say, 50 or 100 years? In a collectors home? museum? amazing,,

Vinicius Martinelli says:

And that’s why the Koenigseggs are the best cars in the world, they just know what they are doing and they love it.

Mattias Amorsen says:

27:32 Watch this with your eyes closed

viisteist says:

does anyone know why do i get really depressed by watching all of this surreal fukin shit ? -____- like these dudes are the real damn monsters :Q

Ruvimbo Munyavi says:

The quality of your vids, the organisation, the scripts, its top shelf. You are on your own level man keep it up!

João Silva says:

Amazing video!

aaah tex says:

Christian von Koenigsegg, this man, is an absolute genius.
He LOVES his work.
Non other even compares.

Jason M. Farrant says:

great video , thank you for sharing!

Stacy boulderdash says:

But Mr. Bond, Goldfinger!

Raccoon x says:

Toy cars not fast …

Sonny Moon says:

especially fine seeing Mr. Koenigsegg speaking !!! In person ! thanks Shmee !!!

rocker85675 says:

What’s a brake job gonna cost me, 40-50K?

Shaik Ahmed says:

Hyper car white Agera was astonishing with Shmee150.
May I know your full name,and your native land.
I am watching you from Bangalore Silicon city of India.
Shaik Ahmed Kabir

gaurav kumar says:

Bugatti factory: I would not let you film
Ferrari factory: Never
Lamborghini: Not until the unveil
Koenigsegg: Sure why not

Stacy boulderdash says:


FlyingSpoon4657 says:

Well, I’m gonna build my own Koenigsegg now, I’ll be back in 17 years


Koenigsegg and Pagani. A step above all others…

John Dalecki says:

Imagine the cost and time it would take to get parts.

G2TheG says:

Är jag den enda svenska som kollar?

Alex Lloyd says:

the audio on this video frustrates me, left, right, left left, right…. ugh

Dome Nik says:

Such a likeable company and person! Not that arrogant and posh as you would expect them as for example Bugatti is. Very appreciated!

Greg Gregoriou says:

with unlimited founds I would never buy any eggs, but it seems like you had a great time and the CEO is a nice guy

Harry Cornwall says:

So what he drive now?

Kristian Johansson says:

How many parts is it in a koeningsegg? Hehe count it Piece by piece

Sid Ali says:

I just love how he knows the engineering aspect of the whole car and explains every part thoroughly. A true passionate

Dead Set says:

The next Batmobile must be a Koenigsegg.

ryan says:

he’s a very passionate person who knows the intricacies of every aspect.

Johan ousback says:

As a swede I think it’s pronounced Rejera ie To reign

Nolemira Junee says:

I do not say this very often, but Mr Koenigsegg makes me proud being a fellow Swede.
His philosophy, vision, humbleness and absolute attention to details in his craftsmanship is undoubtedly inspiring, even to beginners in the world of motors.
This was an absolute delight to watch, even though I am usually not that interested in cars. I mean, I have interest and know some basic mechanics. But I am not an enthusiast in any way and would fail most quizzes about cars miserably. But I can totally relate to the passion of Mr Koenigsegg as a writer, where I put effort and thought into every letter and word I write, every row and string of words, every formulation, in whichever language it may be; much like himself with his pieces of mechanics, interior and what not in terms of cars.
I would say that his cars are absolutely his own in terms of style, his very own original creations, as he knows them through and through, and even puts art and his spirit into it.
I totally respect that, and tips my hat to him and his team.

Thanks a lot for sharing this video!
I enjoyed it!

Mohd Othman Ridzuan says:

o my hand bocut que terro

Jeff Higgs says:

Your interview skills suck

DaGuyWhoLikesToPartyWithDrunkRussians MEME says:

Jag är stolt att jag är en svensk och har besökt fabriken i Ängelholm nära flygplatsen

TheCarLovingSwede says:

I just wanted to look at the comments on this video, and accidentally started to watch the video. And even though I didn’t want to watch it (again) you just can’t stop when you have begun!

ZakarooNetwork says:

The Carbon work looks great but the Tig welds are Arss. May I please have a job as Metallurgy Inspector? Derbess clome cardin Furver Shouver…

HoudBla says:

This guy and Horacio Pagani are my 2 favorite modern car-manufacture founders ever.

Fredrik Barnelius says:

“Ängelholm” Is Angel Island in English. Fun fact! 🙂

The falcon Eagle says:

I live in Sweden

Ged M says:

lol the line 6:55 design and made in China

John Espinosa says:

oh man


Some Guy says:

Christian von Koenigsegg is just a thoughourly fascinating guy.

frederic delias says:

Ta geuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllle !!!!!!!!!!

Tully says:

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

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