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Episode 6 of 9, Inside the Brain of a Swedish Bombshell

Inside Koenigsegg provides for the first time, a look behind the scenes at Koenigsegg and examine how innovation within the highest echelon of sports car manufacturers will affect the broader automotive world. Company founder and principal, Christian Von Koenigsegg, hosts this nine-part series, which was produced at Koenigsegg headquarters in Angelholm, Sweden.

In the sixth episode, Koenigsegg’s E-Controller Developer Mattias Rosengren shows us the elegance of the bespoke electronic controllers that comprise the brain and soul of a Koenigsegg.


Tan Thien Nguyen says:

Wozu brauchen Wir Geschwindigkeiten…..Lernen & Arbeitpläzen…Anwendungen…..Für jedes Jungs & Mädchen…Männer & Fräuen…
Varters & Mütters …..Opas & Omas…….Ganzen Weltweit….Telecomukation…..?

Lawnboy Richie G says:

christian’s passion reflects the outcome of his dream, I am much impressed. Great job

JC B says:

I like how these are supercharged and not turbo like everything else. These cars are just cleaning house. I mean going by anything like it’s standing still. They finally figured away to make 13 to 1400 H.P. work. The car is super light and it hooks and weighs half of what a Bugatti weighs. I’m so glad because i have always hated Bugatti’s!!!! Probably because all the rappers that don’t have a clue about cars buy them all the time. If i was going to buy any car in the world it would be the Porsche GT 2 RS 620 H.P. And just the nastiest looking car ever or the new purple GT 3 RS!!!

TheIronDuke W. says:

That is true. When Ferrari had economic difficulties in the 60’s he offered his car division for sale and Ford came close to a deal. After reading the contract Enzo realized Ford wanted control of the racing division too and felt so offended he basically slammed the door on Ford’s men. Henry Ford II felt offended too and set out to beat Ferrari anyway, first in LeMans with the GT40 and then in F1 with the legendary Cosworth V8 (financed by Ford and officially called Ford V8)

Fiat later bought..

Joachim SR says:

i love the introduction. Goosebumps from 0:35

MrBrown400 says:

imagine if they got together to make a car

carspotter11 says:

3:26 happy fish

Client915 says:

I believe he is not saying CAMPUS, but rather “CAN bus”. Its when he is talking about being able to communicate quickly between all the controller boards. “CAN bus (for controller area network) is a vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer”

JayRicci7891 says:

I love Ferrari and Lamborghini.

But you get the feeling that people like Christian Von Koenigsegg (and Horacio Pagani) just want to build a great car. No coporate BS.

nitroxide91 says:

They seem so happy and passionate. 🙂

Archoir says:

Mr. Koenigsegg talks so calm and peacful and yet is cars are so extremely agressive

MrJugglingbear says:

The founder of Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari) actually heted that he had to sell cars to “regular” people. he only did it to fund his formula one team.
So I 100% agree with you when you say that companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini has too much corporate BS. Koenigsegg has a kind of soul that few other car companies can match.
Now I can honestly say that I have never driven either of the cars mentioned, however, one is still allowed to dream, right? 🙂

El Jim says:

The tires where developed with Michelin for the Agera.

Elvis G. M. Quiquio says:

The engine of this car has broken 6 world records

/watch?v=NzVc13UF2s8&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLHa6PXrV-yIgnXSYFT07BouKhEhyFuWnf 6:52

FearCycle says:

I thought bombshell meant hot chick. Damn it, I’ve been had.

Ikuorai says:

So.. just go and watch a video of it driving? Dumbest comment of the month!

Otto Knabe says:

I have that mouse O_o

Arvin Adilaksono says:

I wonder what would happen if Pagani teams-up with Koenigsegg in the future ?

Rob BasicModelling says:

Beautiful cars.. 🙂

Melanee Davis says:

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Danny Fallas says:

This is awesome………..

TheZakon says:

sweden owns the need for speed! bra gjort grabbar!

Visionofmylife says:

i just realized he has no eyebrows

Hans Wurst says:

dear santa…

samstealth7 says:

Soon we won’t need cams in our cars.

çağrı Yetkin says:

That man, that manufacturing, quality and all give inspiration, exactly. Respect

Craig Buckingham says:

Never ever considered or tried auto routing. Glad to see I wasn’t off track.

Ben Gaudreault says:


Electrum says:

Smile, Matthias!

Tan Thien Nguyen says:

Macht nicht….Wenn ein Menge Jungends….Umschulen müssen…Höffenlich jemanden mich es Verstanden…..Beschiessen Erfinder..
Träümen Sie es nicht Wohl…..Nicht Wolh…es haben…….?

John Handcock says:


John Kang says:

Starts from assembly code, PCB, carbon body, engines….
Holy crap, these guys do everything in house, that’s some serious dedication.

Pedro Zak says:

what’s the name of the intro music?

John Viggiani says:

You know that when you start hearing that a source of power for driving an ‘engine’ will be air…then you can imagine future generations looking back quizzically at the historical use of gasoline to power vehicles. Koenigsegg rocks.

bahrm4 says:

Great series!

famuzz says:

it’s a veery good documentary and very well made, but please use other cameras than DSLRs. the skin tones are *yikes*.

samstealth7 says:

But haven’t f1 been using air power valve tech. For a while..?

Bennett Turk says:

We should be taking this as an example as how teamwork and thinking as a whole can be more effective than outsourcing everything and losing sight of goals.

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