Koenigsegg and NEVS Have Partnered: What’s Next?

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Koenigsegg and NEVS have agreed to a future partnership, attempting to capitalize on a “untapped market.” What does this mean. and what’s my theory on it? Check the video to find out!

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Isak Johansson says:

I dont know what koenigsegg and Saab has done together but i know koenigsegg used a Saab (9-3 if i remember it correctly) to test thier freevalve unit

olli vac guy says:

Koenigsegg was a big bidder when SAAB went under, Koenigsegg lost to Spyker for legal reasons.

Stephen Davis says:

Love the drilling down on the possibilities… I was going to buy an Opel Insignia because I believe the 2l turbo 4WD version has a lot of SAAB DNA still in it – alas GM sold Opel off to the Frogs who will ruin it…. SO I will do a mid life restore of my 2006 9-3 SS to keep it on the road longer… I also have a 9-5 Aero like your fathers which is possibly the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven…


I Agree that they should be able to come up with something very unique. Using the old Saab engineers or Saab’s old building assemblies, Didnt koengisegg come out with an engine that has no cams (FREEVALVE SYSTEM), it just uses individual timing for each valve or some sort.. dont qoute me on it but this been out for a while and using Saab Tech/ military Tech… systems will destroy the car market.click on the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3cFfM3r510 I give props to Nevs by rolling out the red carpet. I cant wait till the new cars come to Canada if not the USA

Matt Dicus says:

I hope everyone watching this video already know who is Koenigsegg.

Ashtree81 says:

Great match

David Lim says:

They are probably bring the SAAB futuristic concept as an EV and put their own spin to it with more design elements~

Frank Miano says:

Ugh as much as I do not like nevs cars because they’re electric… this does excite me very much that the cars will be performance. As long as it’s a quirky Swede I’m okay!

Pim YT says:

Should have been earlier, with Saab 😉

Derpy Neon Turtle says:

Would be nice to see a turbo charged nevs to keep Saab legacy going yes it would be cool to see a fast electric Saab but ppl would want to tune there nevs since am only 15 still in high school I worry that there won’t be any nice Saab’s like 9-3X or a 9-5 aero B235R etc other wise I hope nevs get recognized and makes a nice profit other wise they might go bankrupt or something bad will happen

cesteres says:

Electric pick up? Tractor? Motorcycle? Ultra light plane? Tow truck? Limo?

I am Rusnak says:

There are many things interconnected. Koenigsegg wanted to buy SAAB (Automobile AB) years ago, not as a company, but as a group, consortium, with a Chinese backed corporations, still using Koenigsegg’s name for the group itself because, well, it has the sound. They failed to do that at the time. Would be pretty risky still.
Next thing worth mentioning is, that Koenigsegg is using SAAB cars for testing their technologies in development, the most SAAB related (if I can even say it this way) is Freevalve, simply electronically operated valve timing, instead of chain-driven camshafts. Which gives it incredible options in individual timings, huge amout of settings, resulting in less emissions, higher effectivity of the engine and therefore lower fuel consumption while delivering more power.
You mentioned that NEVS did something with Koenigsegg previously, and that cooperation probably is related at least to the test track, but could be also for technology NEVS has, because SAAB EV-93 was in development at least since 2007 I believe.
You also mentioned RIMAC, and as we know, Koenigsegg is cooperating with RIMAC quite closely, namely on Regera hybrid technology.
Also, 51% owher of NEVS – Evegrande, owns 58% of CENAT, a large battery maker, so this will have a huge meaning for both NEVS and Koenigsegg and their new joint venture.
We should also mention Koenigsegg very special torque converter, which caused complete absence of transmission for the internal combustion engine in the Regera, which is incredibly innovative approach.
Combining those above mentioned things with Koenigsegg professional experience with Carbon and composite materials, we may assume that new product can easily be a premium hybrid car, with (reasonably small 4-cylinder) combustion engine running freevalve technology with no transmission but torque converter, mated with electric engine(s) and battery under the very light-weight monocoque cabin, most probably with some higher autopilot level. This is just a pure speculation, but it covers all tie pieces of the puzzle of technologies that all joint companies bring to the table.

Attack444 444 says:

Untapped huge segment= affordable family electric cars.. The one who gets a good model out first is gonna be huge and I hope nevs is gonna be the one. Thats my guess

Bernard Hammonds says:

I hope they bring an every day electric car…. hit that true 30k mark

Freddy Mihigo says:

Not a big fan of EV but I hope Saab gets back in making vehicles.

Samuel Joensuu says:

Rimac has actually worked together whit Koenigsegg with some parts on the regera. I havet heard anything about Nevs and Rimac working together.

Andrew Robertson says:

A carbon tub 9-5 wagon with their V8, funky torque converter and electric motors would be nice. 😉

Renato Paoli says:

All these grand visions from NEVS. Who cares about supercars we cannot afford. NEVS just start producing normal cars!
It’s been almost seven years now without any car out on the roads. I’m loosing my patients here. And I really do love SAAB.
(but great video btw)

Saabrito says:

Super car saab sedan woohoo

Chris Budde says:

koenigsegg has owned nevs for a few years they have been working to make this happen to start the process,That Koenigsegg emblem is the family Crest

cetterus says:

Koenigsegg gets easy ways into mass electric niche (which they consider future), NEVS gets media boost and probably high-end model which will help them sell cheaper ones. You always send highest tier new model (best equipment, battery, sun roof, the biggest motor…) for recension. This is what NEVS is doing here. 9-3 wouldn’t be selling so good on its own. Koenigsegg-NEVS- super-ultra-mega-blah…something… would get a lot of media coverage, few buyers/investors… and technology (at least some of it) would end up in NEVS 9-3, thus boosting final product and getting NEVS 9-3 good rep. That is what I think is going on. Rimac would still be a better choice.

andree.pez says:

With the new economic stability, thanks to evergrande and the joint venture with Koenigsegg, do you believe SAAB AB would feel like giving NEVS a second chance of using the brand name “Saab” on future services and cars?

And do you think that NEVS would like to regain the “Saab” brand once again or is it more likely that NEVS want to build their “new” brand name and keep focusing on that progress?

Keep it up man! Big ups from Sweden/Norway

Anders Sjöström says:

Koenigsegg where intrested to take over SAAB before there crash….or just after…

J Pogera says:

koenigsaab 9-3

E-Series says:

Nevs Aero-X?

seppo nurmi says:

I say wtf, i have so many ideas and they go to kina, whats wrong with them?

Ben Service says:

Koenigsegg have some extremely advanced battery technology, far more advanced than Tesla, as far as being able to pull so much power from a battery slot quicker, they make hybrid cars too

Gustav Bertlin says:

Either this is wonderful, or terrible for the swedish automobile industry. My views on NEVS hasn’t been optmistic. I’m getting a feeling that NEVS only exists to squeeze money from the chinese government, since EV cars is what China currently focuses on in the car industry. The chinese government pays huge money sums to companies that’s willing to make EV cars for the chinese market, just what NEVS has ”ambitions to do”. But they still haven’t produced a single car in years as they’ve promised to do every year. If NEVS is a legit company it’s great that they bought 20% of Koenigsegg, because it makes NEVS feel more connected to Sweden, and they can use Koenigsegg technology to improve their cars. If NEVS is not a legit company, this is horrible news for Koenigsegg. It wouldn’t feel safe at all that they own a part of Koenigsegg, the last swedish car brand that’s still actually swedish.

Christian von Koenigsegg is an intelligent man, I hope he knows what he’s doing.

Alex Saab says:

Nevs still won’t make any cars

Jonathon Deeds says:

Christian von Koenigsegg said him self that he want to prove to the world that the combustion engine can play a part in fighting global warming he strongly believes that a super efficient next generation combustion engine can be carbon neutral and polution free.
He said They are going to achive this with a combination of technologies, key to achiving this is their Freevalve camless valve system combined with their gearless transmission and electric hybridization.
Christian is a real generous I have far more respect for him than I have for Elon Musk.

Kevin Boyle says:

while that’s exciting news for Nevs. it may mean a departure from our beloved 93 95 shape. a sport combi ev is still first on my fantasy shopping list

Auto_Kevin97 says:

Now this will be an interesting subject. Would love to see a high performance hybrid or electric car with Koenigsegg technology and NEVS tech too (Also Saab technology too). If these 2 companies can bring back the Saab brand, then that would be glorious af!

I’m dreaming over this. Imagine if they started off where GM/Spyker cars left off and continued from there. Imagine if all those Saab concept cars made to production under the Saab marque or NEVS marque (or some other marque in general that fits these cars). Either way, we’ll all rejoice whenever they bring back the Saab brand in some shape or form.

Mx5Wagon says:

I did not like NEVS. It felt wrong, Saab as another weird ev from Asia, but this changes things. I feel like NEVS is now more connected with Sweden and Saab, hopefully they will make a quirky performance ev that we could call the next gen Saab.

DJ Fehlen says:

Sweet shirt

joel lofquist says:

Maybe the Phoenix won’t be a concept car anymore and we will see some great cars coming out

cetterus says:

Exactly what i was saying. Just different company.

Eduardo Ruiz says:

> Last night I heard about this great news. It was my hope and my dream back in 2011 when GM destroyed the first acquisition attempt and shows interest on the part of the great Christian Von Koenigsegg. the filth and the destructive arrogance of GM I finish to knock down this project. today is the beginning of a new dawn. saab as the phoenix bird will reign and will be the nightmare of the finished GM. Hopefully SAAB technologies allow if it is still possible to return the SAAB brand name now that koenigsegg is an ally and partner.

Clément Aut says:

An electric Sonett IV ahah ?

Ian French says:

‘We also had a new platform, Saab “Phenix”, which was supposed to be the main one since 2012. She belonged to us. And the main platform is a set of knowledge, intellectual property, and not a metal frame, on which a motor and iron are mounted.’ – Vladimir Antonov.

It seems to me that the Phoenix platform sounds more like an ideology than something developed in a physical form. Sometimes I wonder if Jason Castriota didn’t leave Saab with much to work with, maybe just a few concept drawings, but no manufacturing blueprints. It may explain why we have not yet seen any Phoenix like vehicles emerge from NEVS.

Sebastian Wilkey says:

I talked about something like this on a Facebook Saab page like a year ago. I had a Detailing Client go to Sweden and he mentioned that his detailer (me) is a Saab owner and some people at the old Saab location said a very rich car guy in Sweden is in the works to bring back Saab in the future and this news comes out.

J Pogera says:

great deal for sweden

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