Koenigsegg deescribes Freevalve – camless engine

#Koenigsegg has been hard at work creating an engine without a camshaft. Christian von Koenigsegg founded the #FreeValve subsidiary and now has released a detailed video describing its advanced new engine


carlos perry says:

Mr. koenegsegg have done so much for the super cars he should create something really cool for Swedish military vehicles

JesusKing says:

Too bad electric cars will come before this technology

SBeckerDTD says:

So much room for shit to go haywire -.-

Lokanje Loka says:

Looks Khaput

indefinity says:

Now how do I replicate vtec on the settings…

Salty Slappy says:

Koenigsegg is undoubtedly a genius, but electronically controlled valves seem a bit vulnerable in my eyes. but still, it is quite a feat.

Adam A. says:

Been talking about this tech for YEARS with my buddies, nice to see someone has actually done it.

I wonder how durable the actuators are compared to regular cams.

Gavin Sprague says:

you may have freevalve but wheres the vtec

Edson Bugatti says:

Oh boy more electronic shit, battery takes a dump on yah, you’re fucked.

Edvards Zakovskis says:

Fuel companies hate him… 😀

Coddy Copeland says:

This is cool, but I can’t imagine a world with camless engines, and right now engines without pushrods blow my mind.

Nenmeu 2 says:

Sweden is go8ng nuts

LiVe Life Lol says:

I can see the oil leaking into the electrical system

Emmett Whisenhunt says:

At first I thought this was retarded. But on second thought. Downloading your cam profile sounds pretty awesome. Bet they’re prone to failure and they never make a type you don’t have to remove the head to fix outside of boat engines.

Gage Wilson says:

It’s just like a distributor but for valves

ChrispE says:

That’s pretty sweet but how much will it cost when one of the valve’s goes out, short circuts, or stops working for some reason?

sean henderson says:

Takes a pretty serious amount of money to do, it’s not GENIUS by today’s technology, F1 was doing this concept in the 90s, they have been and mostly will be the true test bed for innovative technology

Gino Listo says:

What’s the song

Bri guy20 says:

Great idea but if there is some kind of electrical error at all then that could be a costly fix

Lorcan Maher says:

Just more parts to replace when they break. Stick a turbo on an e34 m5 and blow past them all

bragee says:

A single valve failure in open position should cause big damages no? Like when you brake the distribution chain..

DeadJuice says:

next engine in the FIA ban list

Sicofmysin says:


Ruslan Kostenko says:

Oh nice a 2 stroke

Nick Mandolfo says:

I’m just wondering how reliable it really is. Replacing a solid metal cam with electronics just brings another point of failure.

srinitaaigaura says:

So if you can run a V12 as a V4 or even V2, how much fuel can you save when you don’t need as much HP?

TEXASBOYZ 4069 says:

Chrysler uses this technology in their 2.4 MultiAir engines… it uses oil pressure to open and close the valves… that why they required 0W20 full synthetic oil only

peta hertz58 says:

Insane tuning ability, sharp cam profiles in effect, could be good for high rpm and a constantly changing vtec?

Sorry my english is so suck says:

I love how they deeescriped the whole thing completely

Jacques Fontein says:

When the world comes to an end i will still be driving my carburetor car. Lol. In anycase that is brilliant.

Caleb Nation says:

You know if/when this becomes mainstream, muscle car guys will just download a “tune” that makes it sound like a traditional lumpy camz

Riddim Dubstep says:


Kameron James says:

Someone better patent that son of a bitch.

spencerific93 says:

Well I’m sold. I’ll take two, please.

Mississippi Mud Team says:

Kinda reminds me of a two stroke

DonTHEhandsome1 says:

F1 has been using pneumatic valve forever. Make it relatively “affordable” for even supercars then we can applaud you.

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